“Meet the Info Kittehs!” Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Kendall College Library - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Meet the info kittehs everything you ever wanted to know about the kendall college library
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“Meet the Info Kittehs!” Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Kendall College Library. Who?. Elise Brown Reference & Instruction, & Web Librarian Artist, Makeup Artistry, Singer, Dancer, Art Historian. Don’t Make Me “Shush” You!. Let’s Talk About!. Library Basics KCAD Catalog

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“Meet the Info Kittehs!” Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Kendall College Library

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Meet the info kittehs everything you ever wanted to know about the kendall college library

“Meet the Info Kittehs!” Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Kendall College Library

Meet the info kittehs everything you ever wanted to know about the kendall college library


  • Elise Brown

  • Reference & Instruction, & Web Librarian

  • Artist, Makeup Artistry, Singer, Dancer, Art Historian

Don’t Make Me “Shush” You!

Let s talk about

Let’s Talk About!

  • Library Basics

  • KCAD Catalog

  • MeLCat

  • Information Evaluation

  • Boolean Who? Boolean What?

  • Article Databases

  • All Things Plagiarism

  • Questions?

Library basics

Library Basics!

  • KCAD Library:

  • Located on the 2nd Floor of Kendall

  • Has 3 Full-Time Librarians

  • 22,000 + Items

  • Books & 125+ Print Magazines, Journals & Newspapers

  • CDs, Book on CD, & DVDs

  • Course Reserves

Library basics1

Library Basics!

  • To Use the KCAD Library:

  • Get Your KCAD / FSU ID Card

  • Come to the Library

  • Link your ID barcode to Library Record

  • WHY?

Library basics2

Library Basics!

  • Borrow materials from the Library

  • Borrow materials through MeLCat

  • 24 / 7 - Off-Campus Access to the:

  • The Library Catalog

  • MeLCat

  • Article Databases

24 7 access

24 / 7 – Access

  • KCAD / FSU ID Card

  • LOGIN:

  • My FSU ID + Password


  • Name + Barcode + Pin

Ideal for snow sick lazy days

Ideal for Snow, Sick & Lazy Days!

Library basics3

Library Basics!

  • KCAD Library Catalog

Library basics4

Library Basics!

  • KCAD Library Catalog

  • Books

  • Magazine, Journal & Newspaper Titles

  • CDs, DVDs, Book on CD

  • Course Reserves (Faculty Name)

  • Patron Record

Library basics5

Library Basics!

  • MeLCat is your best friend…

Library basics6

Library Basics!

  • MeLCat is your best friend…

  • Borrow materials from other libraries

  • 380 Libraries State Wide

  • + 44 Million Items

  • Available Items Arrive in 3-5 days

  • 3 Week Checkout (possible renewal)

Information evaluation

Information Evaluation!

My professor said i need to use scholarly resources

My professor said I need to use scholarly resources?

3 levels of information

3 Levels of Information

  • Popular

  • Scholarly

  • Peer Reviewed

Wait how can i tell the difference

Wait! How can I tell the difference?



  • Reviewed by an Editor or Editors

  • Written by Journalists / Reporters / Staff Writers

  • Slick, Glossy & Illustrated

  • Entertainment & Advertising

  • Audience = General Public

  • No citations



  • Reviewed by an Editor & Editorial Board

  • Written by Scholars & Experts

  • Lengthy Articles & Essays

  • Subdued in Appearance; Formal Language

  • Very Few Advertisements & Images

  • Research Oriented; Factual Content

  • Audience = Scholars & Experts

  • Citations, Footnotes

  • Bibliographies

What does peer reviewed mean

What does “peer reviewed” mean?

  • “Peer reviewed” refers to a review process of publication.

  • Specialists and experts submit research and writing for publication. These materials are reviewed by other experts.

Information evaluation1

Information Evaluation!

I found this great web source

I found this great Web source…


C r a a p

C. R. A. A. P.

C r a a p1

C. R. A. A. P.

C = Current:

  • When was the site/page last updated?

  • When was the material published?

  • Is the information current enough for your topic/subject?

C r a a p2

C. R. A. A. P.

R = Relevant:

  • Appropriate for college-level work?

  • Is the information related to your topic?

C r a a p3

C. R. A. A. P.

A = Author:

  • Personal, Professional, or Business

  • Business, Company, Organization, Government - For or Non-Profit

  • Author? Credentials? Authority?

  • Publisher?

  • Domain / URL?

    .org, .gov, .mil, .edu, .net, .com

C r a a p4

C. R. A. A. P.

A = Accurate:

  • Documentation: Footnotes, Endnotes, Links Verification

  • Does the information match up?

  • Typos, Spelling and/or Grammatical Errors

C r a a p5

C. R. A. A. P.

P = Purpose:

  • “ Tone?” - Point of view?

  • Educate, Inform, Factual, Data

  • Sell, Entice, Advertise

  • Persuade, Opinion, Biased

  • Propaganda, Misinformation

How do i sort through this hot mess

How do I sort through this hot mess!?

Boolean who

Boolean Who?

  • Plain and simple, a basic search strategy using connectors

  • AND

  • OR

  • NOT

Boolean and

Boolean - AND

  • Retrieve all the results where both terms appear

  • To narrow or reduce too many search results

  • AND will give you the smallest number of results

Boolean and1

Boolean - AND

Section in the middle shows the results of a

search for Cats AND Dogs

Boolean or

Boolean - OR

  • Retrieve all the results where either term appears

  • To expand or increase search results

  • OR will give you the largest number of results

Boolean or1

Boolean - OR

  • Cats

  • Dogs

  • Cats & Dogs

Google wikipedia vs databases

Google & Wikipedia VS. Databases!

Article databases

Article Databases!

Provides access the contents of

  • Magazines

  • Newspapers

  • Journals

  • Trade Publications

Article databases1

Article Databases!

Contents provided include:

  • Citations

  • Abstracts

  • Full-Text

What is a citation

What is a Citation?

  • Exact details of a published source of information

  • Books, Periodicals, Web pages, Lectures, Interviews, Photographs, Images, Movies, Music, Performances, Letters, Email, etc.

What is an abstract

What is an Abstract?

  • A brief description or summary of the content of an article, essay or paper

What does full text mean

What does Full-Text mean?

  • Electronic format of an article or essay:



    Copy & Paste

    Download & Save


Other types of databases

Other Types of Databases?

  • Images - ARTstor & CAMIO – IMAGES

  • Reference - Encyclopedias & Dictionaries

  • Subject Specific

    Example: Grove Art Online / Oxford Art Online

General onefile

General OneFile

Multi-Subject Database

+ 100 Million Articles (1980 – 2011)

Art · Business · Computers · Current Events ·

Economics · Education · Entertainment · Environmental Issues ·

Health care · Humanities ·

Law · Literature · News · Politics ·

Sciences · Social Sciences · Sports ·


Lexisnexis academic

LexisNexis Academic

Multi-Subject Database

+ 350 News Sources

+ 300 Magazines & Journals

Business & Legal Sources

Opposing viewpoints

Opposing Viewpoints

Multi-Subject Database

+ 14,000 Pro / Con Essays

+ 5000 Topic Overviews

+ 5 million Magazine, Journal & Newspaper Articles

Avoiding plagiarism

Avoiding Plagiarism

Avoiding plagiarism1

Avoiding Plagiarism


To take and use as one's own (the thoughts,

writings, or inventions of another person);

To copy (literary work or ideas) improperly

or without acknowledgement.

What is a bibliography

What is a Bibliography?

Bibliography / Works Cited

A list of CITATIONS for the information resources

you used in your paper, presentation, project, etc.

Books, Articles, Web sites, Images, & Other Media:

Email, Interviews, Letters, Movies, Music,

Peformance,Video, etc.

Do i have to cite images

Do I Have to Cite Images?


How do i cite stuff

How do I “cite” stuff?

MLA – Modern Language Association

Format and Style Guide ~ 2009Edition

OWL – Purdue University


When in doubt ask

When In Doubt…Ask!

Don t delay start today

Don’t Delay! Start Today!

Any questions

Any Questions?

Stuck stumped overwhelmed

Stuck?! Stumped!? Overwhelmed!?

The info kittehs say visit the library

“The Info Kittehs say…Visit the Library!”

Images captions

Images & Captions

Kitty images:


Kitty Captions: EJB – Yours Truly!

The info kittehs say thank you

“The Info Kittehs say…Thank You!”

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