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Centre of Continuing Education (CKU) in Krakow . „Adult education” and „continuing education” are often used interchangebly. The term „continuing education” is defined as „education activities directed towards personality development.

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„Adult education” and „continuing education” are often used interchangebly.

The term „continuing education” is defined as „education activities directed towards personality development.

Continuing education should take into account the needs of the labour market”

Jan Matejko Centre of Continuing Education (CKU) in Krakow was founded in 1979.

At present the Centre is located at

os. Szkolne 21.

The aim of the CKU is education of adults in different school forms (secondary schools)

and non-school forms (courses, trainings).

Since 2004 the centre of Continuing Education has had the Quality Certificate according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 norms as well as Accreditation of Ministry of National Education (MEN) to non-school forms.

We ensure qualified pedagogical staff and well-equipped teaching base. The CKU administers computer labs, a language lab, a simulation workshop workshop of catering industry, salesman workshop, photographic laboratory and many others.

The staff for our students.

The staff for our students.

The School Board:

  • 43 Full- Time Teachers

  • 10 Part- Time Teachers

  • 60 Members of National Examination Commissions

The staff for our students.

  • Financial Department - 2 persons

  • Administration and service - 16 persons

The Students for our students.

  • About 2000 students learn in our Centre

  • From the age of 18 to .... There is no upper age limit

Adult vocational training and for our students.

adult general education

can be provided in

the school


the out-of-school


School forms
School forms for our students.

Post secondary school
Post-secondary school for our students.

  • technician of landscape architecture

  • computer technician

  • technician of tourism services

  • technician of advertising organisation

  • technician of catering industry

  • beekeeper technician

  • technician of audio-visual aids

Technical school
Technical school for our students.

  • mechanic technician

  • electrician technician

  • electronic technician

Qualification commisions
Qualification Commisions for our students.

Examination Boards for qualified worker and master in the following jobs:

  • beekeeper

  • farmer

  • gardener

  • cook of catering industry

  • car painter

  • car tinsmith

  • car mechanic

Courses for our students.

the out-of-school


Language courses
Language courses: for our students.

  • English

  • German

  • Russian  

Course "Organisation of office work"   for our students.Course "Small firm activity from A to Z"  Course "Proffesional salesman"  Course "Cash register service" Course "Making promotion materials"  Course "Cook of catering industry"  Course for camp counsellors  Course for camp managers  

Computer courses
Computer courses: for our students.

  • Office software service

  • Projecting and creating web sites

  • First steps on the Internet

  • Computer design

  • Projecting of relation data bases - SQL

  • Linux service

  • Programming in Java language

In 1999 school centre of proffesional advice was created in our centre
In 1999 School Centre of Proffesional Advice was created in our Centre

In School Career Centre you will be given essential information and advice on:

  • situation in the labour market, its risks and perspectives

  • possibilitiies of education and re-training

  • choice of proffesion

Thanks to the help of proffesional adviser you will be able to
Thanks to the help of proffesional adviser you will be able to:

  • plan optimal way of carreer development

  • know methods and techniques of active searching for jobs

  • prepare properly to an interview with future employer

  • know yourself better, your own talents and professional predispositions

  • make proffesional documents according to standards

  • take advantage of advice on labour law and health and safety-at-work legislation

Simulation firm
Simulation firm to:

It is a firm of a touristic and trade character, acting on a simulation market. In this firm practical classes and practice of post-secondary school take place.

Distance education
Distance education to:

We have educational platform and we are going to start distance education in September, 2006.