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Nebraska State Accountability

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1. 1

2. Nebraska State Accountability 2011 NeSA-Writing Grade 11 Online Pilot Test Administration Training January 10-11, 2011 2

3. Agenda Introductions Testing Window & Other Key Dates General Guidelines Online Testing Procedures Demo: NeSA Online System Questions & Answers 3

4. DRC’s Nebraska Project Team Patricia Johnson, Program Director John Born, Senior Project Manager Rachel Lappe, Project Manager Valerie Cook, Customer Service Representative 4

5. 5

6. Customer Service 6

7. WebEx Rules of Engagement Submit questions as we go using Chat. During the Q & A period... Use the “Raise Hand” button under the participant list to indicate you have a question. The Host will un-mute your phone so you can ask your question. 7

8. 2011 NeSA-Writing Training – Grade 11 January 10-11, 2011 2011 NeSA-Writing Online Test Administration Training – DRC January 18-20, 2011 WebEx Technology Coordinator Training – DRC 8

9. 2011 NeSA-Writing Training – Grade 11 (For DAC and 11th grade teachers) Focus on 11th grade analytic rubric and classroom instruction January 7 – Scottsbluff January 12 – Kearney January 13 – Lincoln Information on the NDE website: 9

10. Testing Window 10

11. 2011 Key Dates NeSA-Writing – Grade 11 11

12. General Guidelines Scheduling the Test Online NeSA-Writing Test – one 90-minute session Flexibility during the 3-week window Untimed Recommend scheduling early in the window Recommend avoiding Mondays and Fridays Make-ups NOT required 12

13. General Guidelines Accommodations Student’s IEP or 504 Plan to include the appropriate accommodations. Large print and Spanish versions of the Writing test prompt are NOT available in 2011. ELL students are required to take the NeSA-Writing test and should be included in the pilot whenever possible. See NDE website for the Approved Accommodations Document. 13

14. General Guidelines Accommodations 14

15. General Guidelines Reporting Students Not Tested This year, the Grade 11 online NeSA-Writing Pilot Test is optional. You may provide a not tested reason selected from the dropdown menu for any student who was pre-registered to test online and doesn’t take the NeSA-Writing Pilot Test. 15

16. General Guidelines Preparing Students for Testing Inform students of the scheduled test in advance. Explain to the students why they are being given the test. Students should realize that doing their best is important. Complete the NeSA-Writing Practice Test. 16

17. General Guidelines Preparing Testing Locations Plan ahead – check schedules Organize test materials Lighting, seating, temperature, noise Remove visual aids/clues Post Sign – “Testing: Do Not Disturb” 17

18. General Guidelines Test Security for Test Administrators Test not to be viewed by anyone prior to administration. Test Security Agreements: signed and faxed to NDE by principals and District Assessment Contacts by January 24. Test Session Tickets may not be reproduced. No coaching or feedback of any kind with regard to content. Move around the testing site and be aware that students are following instructions. Never leave students alone while testing. See administration manuals for comprehensive test security information. 18

19. General Guidelines Test Security for Students Electronic Devices: cell phone, beeper, pager, PDA, stop-watch, etc. Recommend one assistant/proctor per 12 students, in addition to Test Administrator. Student cannot take Test Session Tickets out of the testing site. 19

20. Accessing Management Tools via eDIRECT Practice Test Test Preparation Test Administration Test Wrap-up 20

21. Management Tools are accessed through DRC’s eDIRECT web portal 21

22. Online Management Tools Management Tools available January 17. District Assessment Contact access to Management Tools will be activated in eDIRECT on January 17. District Assessment Contacts can add Management Tool permissions to existing or new District, School, and/or Test Administrator users in eDIRECT according to district policies. 22

23. Secure Log On is Required District Assessment Contacts can set up accounts with District, School, or Test Administrator access. 23

24. District Level/Role – Intended for District Assessment Contacts Create new District, School, and Test Administrator accounts in eDIRECT. Access the system for all schools and students in the district. Only level that can assign a student to another school within the district. School Level/Role – Intended for School Test Coordinators Access the system for the school or schools specified by District Assessment Contact. Has access to information for all students enrolled in the assigned school. Test Administrator Level/Role Identical to School Level for this administration. 24

25. Questions/Answers 25

26. Live Demonstration NeSA-Writing Online Practice Test 26

27. Online Practice Test 27

28. Online Practice Test 28

29. Online Practice Test 29

30. Online Practice Test 30

31. Online Practice Test 31

32. Online Practice Test 32

33. Data Tools Add a Student Student Editor Testing Main Page Print Tickets Monitor Status Reactivate Tickets (same day) Student Status Spreadsheet View Results Audit Spreadsheet 33

34. Online Testing Preparation Primary Test Preparation Tasks View/Edit Student Data Add new students Print Test Session Tickets 34

35. View Pre-registered Student Data via Student Editor Start by searching for student records. Searches can be narrowed based on specific criteria and filters. Select how many student records to display per page. 35

36. Student Editor 36

37. View and edit student data via the Student Editor tabs. Identification Location Demographic Not Tested Accommodations – IEP/504 & Visual Linguistic Support – ELL Edits made to student data will NOT be updated in NSSRS. Notify the NDE if you find incorrect student information. 37

38. Student Editor 38

39. Student Editor 39

40. Student Editor 40

41. Student Editor 41

42. Student Editor 42

43. Student Editor 43

44. Add a Student Add New Students via “Add a Student” Students can be added any time after Management Tools open and before the Testing Window ends (January 24-February 18). If students are added after Test Session Tickets have been printed, tickets for individual students can be printed. Make every effort to match new student data exactly to the data on file in NSSRS. 44

45. Add a Student 45

46. Add a Student Use caution entering new students. Errors to name, grade, and school can prevent the correct ticket printing for that student. The Student ID must pass an algorithm that all valid NSSRS IDs pass. Changes or edits made to students in Management Tools are not applied to NSSRS. Remember to indicate accommodations, linguistic support flags, and/or not tested code flags for new students, if applicable. 46

47. Select Test Administration Functionality available Print Tickets Monitor Status (and Reactivate) View Results Audit Spreadsheet 47

48. 48

49. Available Monday, January 24 Tickets are secure test materials. Recommend printing tickets one week prior to testing. 49

50. Print Test Session Tickets 50

51. Choose a school (District-level Users Only) Choose the Subject/Grade for which you want to print tickets 51

52. Print Test Session Tickets Test Session Ticket Download Options   Downloading Tickets for Specific Students 52

53. Print 12 per page Ticket Packet includes: Instructions, Summary page, Tickets Example of Standard Test Session Ticket 53

54. Test Session Tickets flagged for students using Visual Accommodations tools. Make sure students’ computers comply with extra system requirements for Visual Accommodations tools. Example of Visual Accommodations Test Session Ticket 54

55. Print Test Session Tickets 55

56. Monitor Status of Test Sessions View/Print Student Status Spreadsheet Reactivate Test Session Tickets Review Audit Spreadsheet View Results 56

57. Monitor Status 57

58. Monitor Status Monitor Test Sessions Color coded testing status icons View/Print Student Status Spreadsheet Excel-compatible format of status screen Status, test duration, start and end times by test session for each student 58

59. 59

60. Test Session Tickets (login passwords) are only active for 90 minutes after a student logs into test. Tests are not timed and students will never be forced out of a test. Pause functionality (15 min) Inactivity of 90 minutes during testing will cause the system to log student out of test. Internet connectivity issues and unexpected interruptions can happen (fire drill, emergency, computer freezes up, power outage). 60

61. Reactivation of ticket will be required if it has been more than 90 minutes since login. Rules: Approval by School Test Coordinator Same day only Expires at the end of the day if not used Procedures and exceptions: District Assessment Contact email NDE at 61

62. Reactivation: Same day reactivation only 62

63. View Results 63

64. View Results Districts and schools can save, view, and print typed responses for students who take the NeSA-Writing Pilot Test online. 64

65. 65

66. Audit Spreadsheet Use this report to verify that all students in your district, school, or grade have been tested. Report is updated nightly. 66

67. Live Demonstration NeSA-Writing Online Testing Software Student Editor Testing Main Page Options 67

68. Return Test Session Tickets Ticket is a live, secure material and must be distributed and collected as such. School Test Coordinator to collect and destroy. Online Manual for Test Coordinators and Administrators Posted on NDE website, eDIRECT Documents, and Documentation on CAL’s NeSA Main Page. Provides information for test preparation and administration directions for testing day. 68

69. Questions/Answers 69

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