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The stanford declaration
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The Stanford Declaration. June 30, 2010. Timely efforts could make Bhubaneswar the Knowledge Hub of the country: the time is NOW. Chitta Baral, Arizona State University (helped by Nihar Nayak, Stanford University). Preparing for and Getting the Innovation University in Bhubaneswar.

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The Stanford Declaration

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The stanford declaration

The Stanford Declaration

June 30, 2010

Timely efforts could make bhubaneswar the knowledge hub of the country the time is now

Timely efforts could make Bhubaneswar the Knowledge Hub of the country: the time is NOW

Chitta Baral, Arizona State University

(helped by Nihar Nayak, Stanford University)

The stanford declaration

Preparing for and Getting the

Innovation University in Bhubaneswar

Current status

Current Status

  • Two concept papers are made available in MHRD web page

  • Mr. KapilSibal has gone around various countries (US, Singapore, UK, Australia) asking for their help in setting up these universities.

  • No one-on-one mentoring help has been offered.

  • Yale has offered to provide training to the administrators (VC, Deans etc.) of these universities

  • The innovation university bill may come up in the upcoming parliament – draft not available yet

How an innovation university may come to odisha quickly

How an innovation university may come to Odisha quickly

  • Create a small campus (say the size of XIMB – 20 acres and with all amenities for student size of 1000 and faculty size of 150) immediately.

    • This can house the Innovation university for first 3-4 years; i.e. until its own campus comes up

    • After that it can be used as an initial plans for new institutes/universities that will be established in Odisha

      • One every 3-4 years.

  • Some Odisha connected academics may propose a plan to MHRD

    • Nihar and I have some plan in mind for which we may be able to rope in Stanford and Arizona State as mentors.

    • A key question for me is:

      • Will the Innovation University have resources to offer faculty salary that will attract non-Indian Ph.Ds from western countries (say USA)

      • If not, then I don’t see how it will become a top university quickly (in 10-15 years)

      • Model example to follow: Hong Kong Univ of Sc and Tech.

Timely effort needed the time is now

Making Bhubaneswar THE Knowledge Hub of India (by 2015-20), Asia (2020) and the World (2030).

Timely effort needed. The time is NOW.

What to pursue besides vedanta univ 1

What to pursue (besides Vedanta Univ.) -1

What to pursue besides vedanta 2

What to pursue (besides Vedanta) -2

Vedanta u and xavier u will play very important role

Vedanta U and Xavier U will play very important role

Ranking of arts colleges none in odisha

Ranking of Arts Colleges: None in Odisha

Ranking of commerce colleges none in odisha

Ranking of Commerce Colleges: None in Odisha

Ranking of science colleges niser will come in top 10

Ranking of Science Colleges: NISER will come in top 10

Ranking of business schools ximb at 13

Ranking of Business Schools: XIMB at 13

Ranking of engineering colleges nit rkl at 21

Ranking of Engineering Colleges: NIT RKL at 21

Research ranking of technical institutes nit rkl at 20

Research Ranking of Technical Institutes: NIT RKL at 20

Top 25 research universities none in odisha

Top 25 Research Universities: None in Odisha

Why xavier university will play an important role

Why Xavier University will play an important role?

  • Only institute from Odisha ranked in top 15 (some times top 10) in any field in all rankings.

  • Its sister institution XLRI is ranked in top 5.

  • Arts: 4 out of top 5 are Jesuit Institutions (1. Loyola Chennai; 3. St Stephens Delhi; 4. St Xaviers Mumbai; 5. St Xaviers Kolkata)

  • Commerce: 3 out of top 5 are Christian Institutions (2. St. Xaviers Kolkata; 3. Loyola Chennai; 5. Christ College Bangalore)

  • Science: Top 4 are Jesuit Institutions (1. Loyola Chennai; 2. St Stephens Delhi; 3. St Xaviers Kolkata; 4. St Xaviers Mumbai)

  • Xavier University can leap over all these in Arts & Commerce.

  • Other areas that Xavier can be pushed: Law, Social Sciences/Social Work, some day may be even Medical (remember CMC Vellore)

  • Xavier has an international brand name (VERY important)

  • There are 30+ Jesuit Universities in the US and many more in other countries in the world

Odisha government partnering with xavier university

Odisha government partnering with Xavier University

  • Make sure they start programs in Arts and Commerce

  • Push them to start programs in Law, Social Sciences/Social Work, Government and possibly Medicine (remember CMC Vellore)

  • Help build a Xavier International Center

    • Visit and Invite Jesuit Universities and Institutions across the world to set up their academic units in that center

    • Similar to multi-university campuses in China and the Middle East

Comparing indian and foreign universities institutions

Comparing Indian and Foreign Universities/Institutions

  • Annual expenditure

    • Arizona State University

      1.785 Billion USD.8211 crores INR at One USD=46 INR rate.

      3000 crores INR using the purchasing power parity (PPP)

    • Harvard with 20,000 students

      3.756 Billion USD

      6385 crores INR using PPP.

    • Stanford with 18,500 students

      3.65 Billion USD  

    • IISc Bangalore in 2010-11 budget: 221 Crores INR

    • Total 2010-2011 budget for the seven older IITs is 1600 crores.

    • Vedanta University (5000 crore INR from Anil A; 15000 crore total)

      • Could afford an annual budget 1000-1500 crores

Initiation cost for indian and foreign universities institutions

Initiation cost for Indian and Foreign Universities/Institutions

  • A new IIT: 760 crores

  • A new IIM: 210 crores

  • A central university: 300 crores

  • A central university with medical school: 720 crores

  • An IISER: 500 crores; NISER:

  • An AIIMS: 850 crores.

  • Vedanta University: 5,000 crores from AA and 15,000 crores total

    • IIT + IIM + CU + CU-MS + IISER + AIIMS = 3340 crores

Salary comparison of indian and foreign universities institutions

Salary comparison of Indian and Foreign Universities/Institutions

  • IIM-Ahmedabad Assistant Professor: 5.5 lakhs/year

  • Indian School of Business (ISB) Assistant Professor: 20 lakhs/year.

  • Harvard University Assistant Professor: $130K/year = 60 lakhs INR/year == 22 lakhs INR in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP)

  • ISB pays close to Harvard if we take PPP into account.

  • So ISB pays much higher than IIMs, close to what Harvard pays in PPP terms. How is it ranked?

Comparing foreign indian universities institutes

Comparing Foreign & Indian Universities (Institutes)

  • The budgets and salary for Indian Institutes (IITs, IIMs etc.) is normally much smaller than foreign ones, even when one takes into account PPP

  • But when they are close (as in case of ISB) even taking into account PPP, the Indian institutes do pretty good globally.

  • Vedanta’s budget is more in line with budgets of foreign universities and institutes

  • Vedanta can pay salary at the level of ISB

  • The innovation universities need to gather funds to be able to pay at the level of ISB; Otherwise they would be hard pressed to achieve their goal of being world class.

Vedanta university

Vedanta University

  • Vedanta University School of Engineering

  • Vedanta University School of Medicine

  • Vedanta University School of Business

  • Vedanta University College of Science

  • Vedanta University College of Liberal Arts

  • Vedanta University College of Design

  • Vedanta University College of Architecture

What should odisha urgently do vis vis vedanta university

What should Odisha urgently do vis-à-vis Vedanta University

  • Unfreeze the current deadlock

    • CM must meet PM and HR Minister and talk about the importance of Vedanta University and solicit his help

    • CM (and PM) must ask Anil Agarwal to

      • Establish 2-3 graduate schools temporarily in Bhubaneswar immediately so as to address people’s skepticism. Some possible areas of need

        • Mathematics (India produces too few PhDs; A lot of demand; easy to hire top PhDs from abroad; PhDs from Stanford/Berkeley join 4 year colleges and sometimes 2 yr community colleges)

        • Computing (India produces too few PhDs; A lot of demand; Not clear how easy it will be to recruit from abroad; will be a test case)

      • Take some additional steps as outlined in the bill

        • Hire a Pro-vice Chancellor or Chief Operating Officer etc.

Why urgently

Why urgently?

  • Internal sources in Vedanta have conveyed that they have now stopped focusing on the university

  • They will focus on their mining and industry goals

  • So unless we take the earlier mentioned steps urgently, this once in a century opportunity for Bhubaneswar/Puri and Odisha may be lost.

What next

What next?

  • To achieve the goal of: Making Bhubaneswar THE Knowledge Hub of India (by 2015-20), Asia (2020) and the World (2030).

  • We need to think out of the box and be extremely creative and proactive

  • Like What?

Two big ideas

Two big ideas

  • Pursue SPICMACAY University

    • SPICMACAY: Society for promotion of Indian Culture, Music and …

    • CM should approach SPICMACAY, offer them free land and an initial start up of say 10-15 crores for establishing a university with similar aims as SPICMACY

    • This has a high chance of becoming the top Music/Culture University in India.

  • Lord Jagannath World University

Lord jagannath world university

Lord Jagannath World University

  • Why

    • Brand Name: Jagannath and Odissi are most well known globally

    • Like the Jesuit Universities; like the Venkateswara University (in Tirupati) the best way to propagate Jagannath culture is through a university

    • Lord Jagannath has a lot of assets (lands, etc.) all over India.

    • A university will put the assets in good use

    • Because of the association with Lord Jagannath huge funds can be raised for the university

  • How

    • Hire someone globally known; say LalitMansingh and put him in charge to raise 500-1000 crores for this university

    • Goal would be to establish a university that would have all branches (engineering, medicine, management, Culture, Liberal arts, music etc.)

    • Initially at some location near Puri (say Satyavadi); later branches can be established across Odisha and even outside Odisha.

    • Create hype from Day 1 (similar to the hype created for Nalanda University in Bihar); have well known people from all over the world in the executive board of this university.

      • The hype is needed to attract top faculty.

The stanford declaration

Other proactive steps

Pursuing indian billionaires

Pursuing Indian Billionaires

  • BITS Piliani campus (currently they have campuses in Pilani, Goal, Hyderabad, Dubai), perhaps near Bhubaneswar

    • BITS Management School (Late Sir Birla had talked about his goal to establish an IIM type school)

  • BIT Mesra type institute in Jharsuguda (they also have a BIT Patna) - from a different Birla family

  • Reliance University (Mukesh and Nita Ambani; Approach them and offer 2000 acres as opposed to 100-200 acres that they can get in Mumbai/Delhi)

    • Should Rabi Bastia be approached; Perhaps direct CM letter would be best

  • AjimPremji University: He has established one in Bangalore

  • Jindal University: He has one in Haryana

  • Pursue with Tatas: After their Kalinganagar plant is commissioned

From mineral resources to human resources

From Mineral Resources to Human Resources

  • Mineral resources will be eventually gone

  • Saudi Arabia realized it and has focused on

    • Infrastructure

    • Universities and higher education

      • KAUST (King Abdullah Univ of Sc and Tech) - $8 Billion

      • Branches of many foreign universities

  • Odisha must link mineral use by companies with HRD at all levels

Pursuing industries from mineral resources to human resources private ones

Pursuing Industries (from mineral resources to human resources): Private Ones

  • Birla, Jindal, Tata, Mukesh Ambani already mentioned.

  • POSCO – an institute like POSTECH in South Korea

    • Postech is among the top 2 universities in South Korea

Pursuing industries from mineral resources to human resources public sector ones

Pursuing Industries (from mineral resources to human resources): Public Sector ones

  • NALCO: Medical, Engineering and Management colleges

  • NTPC: Medical, Engineering and Management colleges

  • SAIL: Medical, Engineering and Management colleges

  • MCL: Already promised medical college. Should also establish Engineering and Management colleges

Pursuing successful indian societies

Pursuing successful Indian Societies

  • Amrita University (already being pursued)

  • Pursue Sai Baba

  • DAV Society

    • DAV College Chandigarh and Hans Raj College Delhi are top DAV colleges

    • DAV Business school in Bhubaneswar offers BBA (their students get top ranks) and has applied to AICTE to offer MBA.

    • Get in touch with the DAV society and help them make a good college and then grow into a university

  • Loyola – They have a school; Encourage them to make a college with the help of Loyola College Chennai

  • St. Josephs - They have a school; Encourage them to make a college with the help of St. Josephs College in Bangalore

  • ISB Hyderabad – they are making a campus in Chandigarh

  • IIM Kolkata – IIM Ahmedabad is making a campus in Hyderabad

Pursuing the central government

Pursuing the Central Government

  • TIFR east: Original one in Mumbai; Recently a branch in Hyderabad at the cost of Rs 2500 crores (over 12-15 years) has been approved.

  • IIM

  • Upgrade VSSUT Burla to an IIEST

  • National Institute of Design

  • SPA: School of Planning & Architecture

  • National School of Drama

  • Rural engineering institute: Like SLIET (Punjab), ABA Gani Khan Choudhury IET (West Bengal)

  • Upgrade one of the medical college to AIIMS level (besides the new AIIMs-like institute in Bhubaneswar)

  • Regional/National Institute of Paramedical Sciences

  • ESI Medical College in Rourkela (in addition to one in Bhubaneswar)

  • Medical College as part of CUO Koraput

  • ECOR Medical College

  • NIPER (National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research)

Pursuing central government 2

Pursuing Central Government-2

  • Upgrade Regional Institute of Education to National Institute of Education

  • Upgrade IIMC Dhenkanal

  • Upgrade IITTM Bhubaneswar

  • Upgrade ERLC in Bhubaneswar (part of CIIL Mysore)

  • Upgrade RashtriyaSanskri t Sansthan campus in Puri

  • Upgrade BPNSI Puri

  • A Sports institute like NSI Patiala

  • CDAC Center

  • Branch of Indian Statistical Institute

  • Branch of Workers technological university

  • Branch of Maritime University

  • Branch of National Academy of Construction

  • National Library

  • National Archive

Attracting foreign universities to odisha

Attracting Foreign Universities to Odisha

  • Jesuit Universities Complex adjacent to Xavier University

    • Specifically pursue Georgetown University

  • University of Nebraska Medical School

    • Already connected to Asian Institute of Public Health and through them to Ravenshaw University

  • Stanford/Arizona-State-University mentorship of the Innovation University

  • POSTECH South Korea

    • Through POSCO pursue other Korean Universities to set up campus

  • Be in the lookout for opportunities

    • Have facilities ready and available

    • Have private/industrial partners ready

Additional state efforts beyond the hetf report

Additional State efforts: beyond the HETF report

  • Comprehensive Universities

    • Utkal: Add CET and Capital Medical College to create a comprehensive university

    • Ravenshaw: Add SCB and an engineering college (upgrade BOSE to an engineering college)

    • Berhampur: Add MKCG and ParlaMaharaj Engineering College

    • Sambalpur: Add VSS Medical College

  • Upgrading the research in the state universities

    • Ask each department to compare itself with the top 10 in India and aim to be in the top 20. (see the ranking based on publications in quality venues)

  • Metropolitan University

    • Bhubaneswar: Combine government colleges in Bhubaneswar, Cuttack area.

      • Aim to be like Delhi University

    • Rourkela (mentioned in HETF report)

Some state private universities

Some state private universities

  • NIST Berhampur (Among top 2 private colleges; caters to backward south Orissa)

  • GIET Gunupur (Among top 10 private colleges; largest engineering college in Eastern India; caters to backward Rayagada district)

  • Silicon Bhubaneswar (Top private college of the state)

  • CV Raman Bhubaneswar (if they make a medical college)

  • Hi-Tech (Because they made medical college)

  • KISS

  • CEB/Koustuv (If they make medical college)

  • Krupajal (if they make medical college)

  • See “notes” below on how to decide on private universities.



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