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APO/RMPO TRAINING. Presented by Colorado NAPUS 2013. Each office will have different issues depending on: Current staffing: OIC who leaves day of the transfer to APO Postmaster. Postmaster/PMR-new, relatively new or long time employee. 2 or more PMR’s splitting days of the week they work.

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apo rmpo training


Presented by Colorado NAPUS



Each office will have different issues depending on:

  • Current staffing:
  • OIC who leaves day of the transfer to APO Postmaster.
  • Postmaster/PMR-new, relatively new or long time employee.
  • 2 or more PMR’s splitting days of the week they work.
  • In any case you now are responsible not only for your office but also responsible for your new RMPO office.
  • This training is to help you be prepared for what you are responsible for and what might happen.

Day of Transfer:

  • It is important that when the RMPO Office is transferred to you that you:
    • Get a key to the doors, Arrow Key and combination to the safe.
    • Get Fedstrip number.
    • Get Employee’s phone numbers.
    • Verify the PS 3977’s are current and filled out correctly including passwords for the Ace Computer, credit card machine and a duplicate key for Main Stock. Information on how to correctly complete PS 3977’s and a copy of the PS 3902 log you can type into on the computer go to: http://western2.fws.usps.gov/sites/cowy/finance/sctr/Additionalwebpages/SecurityKeyAccountability.aspx
    • Set yourself up to use the VeriFone Credit Card Machine. If the Users Manual isn’t there go to the link below: http://blue.usps.gov/corptreasury/quickref.htm
    • Verify the Bait Money Orders and make sure log is current. Link below is to CO/WY Sox compliance webpage/money orders: http://western2.fws.usps.gov/sites/cowy/finance/sctr/Additionalwebpages/MoneyOrder.aspx

Links to Single Drawer Accountability

  • F-101 Changes:
  • http://nfs.usps.gov/NFSweb/documents/HQ/F101SingleDrawerAccountability.pdf
  • Conversion Guide:
  • http://nfs.usps.gov/NFSweb/documents/HQ/SDAConversionGuide.pdf
  • Stamp ordering:
  • PMR in RMPO office orders stamps through eBuy. You approve their order after making sure that this order does not put them over their stamp accountability limit.
  • Make sure that all PMR’s who have eBuy access change their approving manager to you instead of the POOM.

Bill Pay & Supplies ordering:

I asked Daryl Trujillo, CO/WY District POStPlan Coordinator the question-Does the APO Postmaster have one Smart Pay Card for all his offices or one for each office. Answer below:


The direction I am receiving from Finance is to have one Smart Card for the APO which does the purchasing for the RMPO. The general thought is when offices with reduced and limited retail hours need supplies, the APO can procure for their limited needs. If the APO is concerned with TOE as a result, they can submit a request to District Finance Manager for adjustment at end of year.

Thank you,

Daryl A Trujillo

Manager Post Office Operations Area II

Colorado Wyoming District

(303) 853-6701

(303) 853-6033 Fax


Use eBuy on catalog for everything you can and charge to the RMPO

  • Fedstrip and Finance number.
  • PS Form 8230 is Going Awayhttps://about.usps.com/postal-bulletin/2013/pb22361/html/updt_006.htm
  • If you don’t have a Smart Pay Credit Card:Click on link below. Scroll down to the required training. After training
  • complete, follow procedures to apply for a card.
  • http://blue.usps.gov/purchase/operations/ops_impachome.htm

When ordering for one of your RMPO offices you need to change Fedstrip number by clicking on the magnifying glass.





  • Type in the RMPO Fedstrip number and apply filter.
  • Then highlight the office name.
  • Click on Select




  • Type in the Finance number of your RMPO office.
  • Highlight the Office name.
  • Click on Select.

Now that both the “Ship To” Fedstrip and the “Bill To” Finance number have been changed to the RMPO you are ready to submit the eBuy for your RMPO Office.


~zipcode emails for your RMPO Offices.

  • If you are not getting these emails you might miss an important message sent only to that ~zipcode. This might be an accounting error the PMR made that needs to be corrected, a missed scan, mail being sent to Mail Processing incorrectly etc.
  • How to check to see if you are.
  • Who to contact to have you added if you are not.
  • You must be using Outlook in order to check this.

Click on Tools.

Click on drop down box.

Click on address book.


Type ~ then the zipcode of your RMPO.

Click on the highlighted block of your RMPO


If your name is not here

Contact this person.



  • Daily reports: SPMS, CPMS, AM/PM-RMPO Office is responsible for doing these reports BUT you are responsible for making sure they do the reports. So when you run your end of day reports (or earlier) run the reports on your RMPO office(s). Make sure you know their scanning times:
    • Distribution
    • Box Up
    • Dispatch
    • You will need access to their SPMS (eAccess & email Roger Keathley)
    • Make sure eMoves is done by 10 am the following morning. eMoves Training: http://blue.usps.gov/accounting/eMOVES/training-screen.htm
  • Daily Flow Chart: Excel Spreadsheet will be sent to everyone so that you can put in the times applicable to your RMPO office..

Weekly Responsibilities:

Time Cards: It is the APO Postmaster’s responsibility to make sure

RMPO employees times are entered into TACS.

eFlash: Volumes are entered into eFlash weekly. Volumes are

entered in eFlash as pieces.

Attached volume recording spreadsheet-letters and flats

entered in to spreadsheet in inches. Spreadsheet converts

to pieces. Also puts in correct order of entry to make

eFlash entry easier with less chance of error.


Use of Personal Owned Vehicle

  • Problem is-- right now you are not covered by Postal Service Insurance if you have an accident doing postal service work even though you are on the clock.
  • Postal Service Headquarters is working on a solution.
  • Most of us have been using our POV for Postal Service business.
  • If you do use your POV, be sure to use eTravel and be reimbursed for you mileage.
  • 5. Official Letter that states you can not be required to use your POV:

Use of POV to manage RMPO Offices: Official Rule in letter dated March 12, 2004:

If you do use your POV to visit RMPO offices, you do get paid mileage. Be sure to submit through eTravel.


Any questions, issues that come up pertaining to POStPlan, feel free to contact me:

Joan Mallon


Kiowa CO 80117

Silt Office Phone: (thru May 31) 970 876 2250

Kiowa Office Phone: (after June 1) 303 621 2011

Cell Phone: 720 339 8834