the interactive whiteboard in the mathematics classroom
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The interactive whiteboard in the mathematics classroom

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The interactive whiteboard in the mathematics classroom - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The interactive whiteboard in the mathematics classroom. Dr Geoff Tennant [email protected] Approximate plan…. Introductory activity What an interactive whiteboard is and what it can – and can’t – do Bringing bearings to life Use of Geogebra and Geometers sketchpad

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approximate plan
Approximate plan…

Introductory activity

What an interactive whiteboard is and what it can – and can’t – do

Bringing bearings to life

Use of Geogebra and Geometers sketchpad

Use of Autograph

introductory activities
Introductory activities

Single best place to start looking for IWB activities for maths that I know:

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives:

Starting points:

Number and operations -> 9-12 -> Circle 21

Algebra -> 9-12 -> Coin Problem

Algebra -> 9-12 -> Peg Puzzle (also see

Algebra -> 9-12 -> Towers of Hanoi (also see


Could we have done these activities without an IWB?


All an IWB is is an enormous mouse pad. In principle, everything we can do on an IWB we can do without.

Towers of Hanoi – with actual disks

Frogs (pegs) – with people

Coins and circles – with pen and paper.

but an iwb
But an IWB…

Can bring an immediacy to the situation

Bring things to life

And children love coming and using it!

For some associated research, see

on a technical note
On a technical note…

This board is a Smartboard with a soft membrane, don’ t need a pen to use it.

As the signs say, do not use ordinary whiteboard pens on this board as this will damage it irreparably!

Also available are Promethean boards, which are hard and do need a pen for use. Better not to use ordinary whiteboard pens but not quite so disastrous as for Smartboards!

if using iwbs with children
If using IWBs with children….

Make sure you practise actually in the room first! All kinds of things can go wrong. Note – all of the activities I’ve done so far need an Internet connection.

As with all lessons, key thing to decide is what you are wanting children to learn, ie. what are the lesson aims? IWB may or may not be the best way of achieving the aims.

consider underlying pedagogy
Consider underlying pedagogy

Nothing magical about the IWB. Consider this website:

What is the underlying teaching model here?

before we leave the nvlm
Before we leave the NVLM
  • Go to balance scales
  • …and then negatives
  • Consider:
  • Would you want to use this with children? Why (not)?
  • What would be the benefits?
  • What would be the potential pitfalls?
  • Remember:
  • There’s nothing magical about the use of the IWB;
  • No third party software ever quite does what you want it to do.
a brief break to show you one of my favourite websites
A brief break to show you one of my favourite websites

I am about to show you a leaf in Florida

Incidentally, for web resources for mathematics, single best place that I know to start is:

software with iwb
Software with IWB

Why would you want to use this rather than go about things some other way?

Consider also the use of bearings


Free software available at:

Angles in a triangle

Angles in a quadrilateral

Joining midpoints of the edges of a quadrilateral



Reflections, rotations

Quadratics with sliders

formal statement of quadrilateral problem
Formal statement of quadrilateral problem

Points P, Q, R and S are midpoints of each side of quadrilateral ABCD.Prove that quadrilateral PQRS is a parallelogram.

Please note: use of Geogebra and IWB no substitute for proof!

But may be really helpful in giving a clear sense as to what is going on before engaging with formal mathematics.

geometer s sketchpad
Geometer’s sketchpad

Introduction to differentiation

Vorderman, C., Porkess, R., Budd, C., Dunne, R., Rahman-Hart, P., Colmez, C. & Lee, S. (2011). A world-class mathematics education for all our young people. London: The Conservative Party.

so to conclude
So to conclude….

IWBS are a great resource in bringina an immediacy to the maths classroom

There is nothing magical about them, what you are going to do needs thinking through

Please do make sure you practise their use and have a back up plan if things go wrong

Thank you for coming!