Vertical markets
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Vertical Markets. Education, K-12 School. K – 12 Education Solution. Voice Mail - What can it do at school?. Voice Mail Call Screening Outbound Notification Call Announcement Mail Box. Voice Mail Call Screening.

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Vertical markets

Vertical Markets

Education, K-12 School

Voice mail what can it do at school
Voice Mail - What can it do at school?

  • Voice Mail Call Screening

  • Outbound Notification

  • Call Announcement Mail Box

Voice mail call screening
Voice Mail Call Screening

  • Incoming calls answered by the Auto Attendant reducing the workload on the office staff

  • Voice Mail greeting can be used to make announcements about events or activities

  • Calls for teachers can be routed to the teacher’s telephone or to the teacher’s voice mailbox depending on the time of day or telephone status

  • Messages for teachers and staff are accurately recorded by Voice Mail – no more illegible or inaccurate hand written notes

  • Save Calling Party Number (if provided from the telephone company) for Return Calls

  • Opt-out features let caller speak to live person or sound night ringing after school hours

Outbound notification what is it
Outbound Notification – What is it?

  • Makes outbound calls from a stored database

  • Dials calls from a text file

  • Delivers recorded voice message

  • Allows response via voice reply of DTMF dialing

  • Activated from telephone or Voice Mail management screen

    • Secure – User ID or password required to activate

Outbound notification applications
Outbound Notification – Applications

  • Absentee Notification - Notify parents when child not in school

  • Notify parents to consult teacher when child grades not meeting standards

  • School closing or school activity notifications

  • Substitute Teacher Locator

  • Paper Trail of Notifications

    • Log calls in report

    • Call Results file with auto print option

    • Status of Notification calling displayed on-screen

Announcement mail box
Announcement Mail Box

  • Plays announcements to callers

    • “School is closed today December 1, due to snow”

    • “The welcome home pep rally for our victorious team will be at 3:00 PM”

  • Announcement can be recorded from anywhere – after entering appropriate password

  • Schedule special greetings for holidays and weekends

Security a priority for schools
Security – a priority for schools

  • Off-Hook Duress – send alarm when classroom telephone remains off hook without dialing

  • Call Recording for security, record threatening or malicious calls – 2 options

    • NVM Voice Mail

    • VSR ( Voice Security Recorder )

    • Analog recording device (connected to PGDAD)

  • E911 support

Emergency 911 compatible
Emergency 911 Compatible

  • E911 Out Dialing

    • Sends number of extension that dialed 911 to identify location of problem

    • Requires ISDN or CAMA trunk

    • Compatible with 3rd party CAMA trunk interface

  • Dial 911 for Emergency Call. No need to dial trunk access code or press a any key.

    • Users not familiar with system to easily make Emergency calls

  • 911 Priority - Always has access to outgoing trunks

    • Overrides existing call if necessary to make outgoing call in an Emergency

  • Displays alarm at designated telephones. Displays extension number that dialed 911

  • Sounds alarm at designated telephones or to paging system

Network schools and administrative offices
Network schools and administrative offices

  • Networking allows units at different locations to function as a single telephone system.

  • Voice Announce and Handsfree ICM across the Network

  • Common features and procedures at all locations – Feature Transparency

  • Share a common Voice Mail system from all network sites – reduces cost for Voice Mail

  • Share Trunk Facilities among sites

  • Unified numbering plan throughout the network.

Network options
Network Options

  • Uses IP or PRI trunks

  • Up to 50 sites can be connected to the network

  • Network Aspire S to Aspire M/L

Multi mode operation day night etc
Multi Mode Operation– (Day, Night, etc.)

  • Operations very depending on time of day.

    • Call handling –

      • Redirect calls to different extensions or Voice Mail after school hours

      • Call Forward Off Premises late at night

    • Access to trunks

    • Toll Restriction

    • Ringing

      • Play Ringing to Page Zone after hours so custodial staff can answer

      • Universal Answer allows call to be answered from any extension

Wireless telephones
Wireless telephones

  • For administrators and security personnel, calls can be routed directly to their mobile wireless telephone.

    • No need to locate by paging

    • Don’t have to locate an extension telephone in order to respond to the page

  • Handle calls easily with multi button wireless telephones

  • Security personnel able to quickly make calls from anywhere in emergency.

    • Don’t have to search for telephone to place a call.

Limit telephone usage manage telephone costs
Limit Telephone Usage – Manage telephone costs

  • Toll Restriction

    • Control what type calls extensions can make

      • Long Distance calls, Local calls or None

    • Restrict extensions by time of day

  • Long Conversation Cutoff

    • Telephones in public areas

    • Limit student conversations

  • SMDR keeps track of telephone usage

    • For a single site, Ultra CallAnalyst generates telephone activity reports

    • In Network installations, CallAnalyst Enterprise tracks and consolidates call data from multiple sites.

User convenience features
User Convenience Features

  • Softkeys provide guidance - makes features easy to use

  • Directory Dialing – search on-screen directory by name

  • Call Log Display

    • Shows Missed Calls (if Caller ID received)

    • Shows Dialed Calls

  • Call Announce Options

    • Call Announce with Handsfree Answer

    • Voice Over to Busy Telephone

    • Reverse Voice Over

  • Flexible Numbering Plan – match extension numbers and room numbers

Caller id
Caller ID

  • Requires Caller ID service from telephone company

  • Sent to Digital Key telephones for display

    • See who is calling before call is answered

    • Show calling number and name (if received)

  • Sent to Analog telephones for display

  • Sent to Voice Mail for Call Back (Return Call)

  • Sent to Call Log for Missed Call display