Indico an event management software and more
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Indico: An Event Management Software (and more) PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Indico: An Event Management Software (and more). Outline. Project history Technical details Conference management Lecture/meeting management Planning/Archiving tool Indico: future trends and related collaborative tools. Project History. CDS Agenda: Created in 1999 following a

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Indico: An Event Management Software (and more)

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Indico: An Event Management Software(and more)


  • Project history

  • Technical details

  • Conference management

  • Lecture/meeting management

  • Planning/Archiving tool

  • Indico: future trends and related collaborative tools

Project History

  • CDS Agenda:

    • Created in 1999 following a

      request by ATLAS

    • Stores timetable of events and

      related files

    • At CERN:used by various projects,

      departments, experiments and


    • Available as open-source under the GNU GPL and installed in several places worldwide:

      • IN2P3, NiKHEF, DESY (ILC), ICTP, Elettra Trieste…

    • Is used to create headers of many web pages (CERN, ATLAS, CMS…)


    • Hosts mainly seminars, meetings and small conferences


Project History

  • Indico (Integrated Digital Conference)

    • European project: 2002-2004

      • Partners:

      • Italy: SISSA, University of Udine

      • Holland: TNO TPD, University of Amsterdam

      • CERN

    • CDS Agenda served as basis for writing the user requirements of Indico

    • In production at CERN since 2004 (first time use: CHEP’2004)

    • Currently hosts >45 conferences

    • Usage is growing fast

    • Also available as open-source under the GNU GPL


    • Current migration of CDS Agenda events to Indico

Technical Details

  • main development platform: Python

  • runs on an Apache web application server using the Python module (mod_python)

  • Uses the Zope Object Database (ZODB) for storing conferences metadata

    • Object Oriented database implemented in Python

  • The submitted files and archives are directly stored on the server’s file system

  • HTML 4.0

  • XML + XSLt for timetable generation

  • Interfaces:

    • Web, OAI (Open Archive Initiative) protocol for metadata harvesting

    • Tested on Windows, linux

InDiCo is distributed under the GNU General Public License and is fully open source

Technical Details

  • Software architecture

Conference Management

Conference Management

  • A complex event…



Conference Management




  • …with a lot of processes

> Web Site Management

> Conference Program Definition

> Attendant Registration

> Call for Abstract

> Abstract Selection

> Material Submission

> Timetable Setup

> Electronic Proceedings

> Long term archive

Conference Management

  • Indico helps managing all these processes by providing:

    • A customizable web portal for the conference

    • Dedicated interfaces for all the actors of the conference

    • Fine-granularity protection setup

    • Flexible delegation of responsibilities

    • File storage at all levels

    • Various listings (contributions, authors, speakers, registrants…) and communication means.

    • Export mechanisms (iCal, PDF, XML, Excel)

Conference Management

Conference Management

Meeting Management

Meeting Management

  • Less actors, less processes: smaller complexity

  • Same basis but simplified interfaces

Meeting Management

Meeting Management

Lecture Management

Lecture Management

Lecture Management

Planning/Archiving Tool

  • One server – Many events of various sizes

  • Hierarchical organisation: tree of categories to classify the events

Planning/Archiving Tool

  • Various handy temporal views:



Planning/Archiving Tool

  • Long-term archival of the events metadata and related material

  • Browsing capability

  • Search engine: uses CDSware

  • Export tools: creation of external web pages (ATLAS home page, LHCb…)

Future Trends and Related Collaboration Tools

  • Planned developement:

    • Still a huge task list (> 6000 hours)

    • Interface improvement program (based on the feedback from EGEE and new CERN users)

    • Fulltext search

    • Proceedings creation improvement

    • Internationalization (in collaboration with IN2P3/EPFL)

  • A goal for CERN: Organise the event 100% from Indico (avoiding searching for several tools)

    • Closer integration with other conferencing services: room booking, resource booking, video-conferencing (VRVS, CERN MCUs), audioconference, seminar recording…

    • Does not mean implement everything in Indico BUT regroup all useful tools in a unique and convenient location.

  • Indico live usage:

    • Collaborative features: instant messaging/chat and presence

    • Webconferencing

Future Trends and Related Collaboration Tools









Web lecture object







Multimedia streams



Central Server





  • Making Indico aware of its environment

    • Automatic download of ppt files on local conference room computer

    • Example of a successful integration: SMAC (Smart Multimedia Archive for Conference)

      • In collaboration with EIF (Ecole d’Ingénieurs de Fribourg)

      • Fully automated system for recording lectures, creating web lectures (SMIL)

      • Local recording, centralised processing, several conference rooms can be served

      • Start/Stop recording from Indico, then the web lecture is directly attached to the Indico event.

Future Trends and Related Collaboration Tools

Example of a SMAC web lecture


  • Project web page:

  • [email protected]:

  • Contact: mailto:[email protected]

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