Local transportations map and time tables
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Local transportations, map, and time-tables PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Local transportations, map, and time-tables.

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Local transportations, map, and time-tables

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Local transportations map and time tables

Local transportations, map, and time-tables

This document contains information on local transportations depending on dates and locations between three recommended hotels (Miyajima Morinoyado Inn, Aki grand hotel, and Miyajima Coral hotel) including meeting cite and also provides a convenient map and time-tables.

The local transportations between three recommended hotels are rather complicated depending on dates and occasions. To simplify the following explanations, let us first define symbols as indicated in the map in page 2. Please take a look at the symbols so that you are familiar with these symbols. You can check recommended paths in pages 3, 4, and 5 for arrival day Sep 25, Sep 26-29, and departure day Sep 30, respectively.

A map inside Miyajima-island (page 6) and time-tables for ferries (page 7) and a public minibus (page 8) are also available.

Connections between three hotels


Miyajimaguchi ferry port




Connections between three hotels





Miyajima ferry port







Fu/d ferry up / down

P0 ferry port

H1 Miyajima Morinoyado Inn

(meeting site)

P1 ferry port

Su/d private ship up / down

P2 private ship port

H2 Aki grand hotel

Bu/d shuttle bus up / down

H3 Miyajima Coral hotel

Tu/d Taxi or shuttle bus up / down

Transportations on sep 25

Transportations on Sep 25

For those who arrive at H1 on Sep 25, H1 sends shuttle buses to transport you to H1. Please wait for the bus at the waiting room inside P1. The buses arrive at P1 at 16:00, 17:00, 18:00, 19:00, and 20:00. And also H1 sends buses on your demands till 23:00 on Sep 25. Please send your requests to ISMD2011 DESK ([email protected]) in advance.

For those who arrive at H2 on Sep 25, H2 sends a shuttle bus Td to Miyajimaguchi station between 15:30 and 18:30 every 30 minutes. If you arrive at the station after the last shuttle bus 18:30, you may ask ISMD2011 DESK ([email protected]) so that a special shuttle bus from H2 or taxi is arranged in advance.

For those who arrive at H3 on Sep 25, you can directly walk to H3.

Paths to individual hotels are summarized as follows;

  • to H1

  • Miyajimaguchi station→walk(5min.)→P0→Fd(10min.)→P1→Bd(7min.)→H1

  • Miyajimaguchi station→walk(5min.)→P0→Fd(10min.)→ P1→walk(20min.)→H1

  • to H2

  • Miyajimaguchi station→Td(5min.)→H2

  • to H3

  • Miyajimaguchi station→walk(5min.)→H3

Transportations on sep 26 29

Transportations on Sep 26-29

  • Going to H1 (meeting site) during Sep 26 (Mon.) and Sep 30( Fri.)

  • from H2: H2→shuttle bus(5min.)→P0→Fd(10min.)→P1 →walk(20min.)→H3

  • from H3: H3→walk(2min.)→ P0→Fd(10min.)→P1 →walk(20min.)→H3

  • For returning after the night session on Sep 26 (Mon.) and Sep 28( Wed.)

  • to H2: H1→walk(4min.)→P2→Su(10min.)→H2

  • to H3:H1→walk(4min.)→P2→Su(10min.)→H2→Tu(5min.)→H3

  • to H3:H1→walk(20min.)→P1→Fu(10min.)→P0→walk(2min.)→H3(Sep 26 only)

  • For the excursion on Sep 27 (Tue.)

    (see http://home.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/ismd2011/excursion.html for more detail)

  • to P0:H1→walk(20min.)→P1→Fu(10min.)→P0

  • For the symposium dinner at H2 on Sep 29 (Thu.)

  • to H2: H1→walk(4min.)→P2→Su(10min.)→H2

  • For returning after the symposium dinner on Sep 29(Thu.)

  • to H3:H2→Tu(5min.)→H3

  • to H1:H2→Sd(10min.)→P2→walk(4min.)→H1

Transportations on sep 30

Transportations on Sep 30

  • For returning to Miyajimaguchi station

  • H1→ Bu(10min.) →P1→Fu(10min.)→P0→walk(5min.)→Miyajimaguchi st.

  • H1→walk(20min.)→P1→Fu(10min.)→P0→walk(5min.)→Miyajimaguchi st.

  • About Bu/d

  • Notethat shuttle buses Bu on Sep 30 from H1 will be arranged on demand.

  • In addition to shuttle buses from H1, public bus Maple Liner is available between P1 and Miyajima aquarium (see page 6), though it is not frequent. The time-table of the Maple Liner is shown in page 8.

Local transportations map and time tables


H1: Miyajima-Morinoyado Inn

(Meeting cite)

P1: ferry port

P2: Aminoura port

“Aki Grand Hotel” and “Miyajima Coral Hotel” are located in the mainland.

Local transportations map and time tables

Time-tables for ferries between Miyajimaguchi (P0) and Miyajima (P1)

Note that you may choose either JR or Matsudai at your convenience.

Matsudai ferry (170JPY)

JR ferry (170JPY)





Light pink color indicates ferries with different course near O-Torii Gate.

Duration time is same as that of normal course (~10 minutes).

Local transportations map and time tables

Time -tables of Maple Linerbetween ferry port (P1) and Aquarium



“Maple Liner” is a minibus and escort you between ferry terminal and Miyajima Aquarium.

Cost: 300 JPYPassenger Capacity: 8

The meeting site, Miyajima-Morinoyado Inn is located very near from the aquarium (within 1 minutes by walk).

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