Arctic roads
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Arctic Roads. A Safety on Roads Project. Linguistic School | 2014. Gubkinsky, Yamalia | Russia. Yamalia Geographical Position. The Okrug Climate. Weather Conditions. Weather Conditions. Arctic Roads Safety Tips.

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Arctic roads
Arctic Roads

A Safety on Roads Project

  • Linguistic School | 2014

  • Gubkinsky, Yamalia | Russia

Arctic roads safety tips
Arctic Roads Safety Tips

  • Try to choose shoes with rough soles and safety protectors not to fall down on a slippery road;

  • Take sand paths when crossing roads - there are more chances you will not fall down;

  • Never hurry when crossing a road! Be careful and take care of yourself;

  • You should wear clothes with light-reflecting elements on them to be more noticeable on the road in winter when it gets dark very early;

Arctic roads safety tips1
Arctic Roads Safety Tips

  • Before crossing a road first look left, then look right. Cross the road only ifyou can see no cars;

  • Do not cross the road in the wrong places especially in the conditions of thick fog - the visibility is very poor and drivers may not see you

The quiz

A small and simple one

  • Click or press on the photo you choose

  • We would advise to choose something like the shoes on the other picture. These fashionable shoes will not be very useful when crossing a slippery icy road on a frosty winter day

  • That is right. The shoes with thick and rough soles and safe protectors are good for the roads are covered with ice and are very slippery

  • Click or press on the photo you choose

  • It is better to take a sand-covered path or crossroad as they are always much safer than those free of sand

  • Good for you! The sand paths and sand-covered crossroads are always safer as the sand ensures additional friction, so there are more chances you will not slip down

  • Click or press on the photo you choose

  • Are you sure? When it is slippery and cold, it usually takes you longer to cross a road. It is better to wait for your next green traffic light in such a situation.

  • You are perfectly right! Always think whether you will have enough time to cross the road when it is slippery.

  • Click or press on the photo you choose

  • In winter when it gets dark very early, drivers may not see you cross a road especially in conditions of poor visibility

  • Right choice! Light-reflecting elements on your clothes will surely make you more visible on the road in the dark, twilight and thick fog!