Algebra and fractions
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Algebra and Fractions. Dr. Laura McLaughlin Taddei. Learning Goal: Students will develop and present various examples of developmentally appropriate math experiences for young children.

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Algebra and fractions

Algebra and Fractions

Dr. Laura McLaughlin Taddei

Learning outcomes

  • Learning Goal: Students will develop and present various examples of developmentally appropriate math experiences for young children.

  • Learning Goal: Students will develop, implement, assess, and modify curriculum and lessons for children from Pre-K through 4th grade using PA state standards and National standards if applicable.

  • Learning Goal: Students will plan, implement, and adapt for all children appropriate developmental, cultural, and linguistic instructional practices and strategies.

Learning Outcomes

Algebraic reasoning

Algebraic Reasoning

Three strands of algebraic reasoning

Three Strands of Algebraic Reasoning



Practice stop and reflect

Practice – Stop and Reflect

Finding games to teach math

  • Let's Be Pattern Detectives teach children generalizations – what tools would you use to teach this?

  • NCTM Illuminations Activity - Patch Tool

Finding games to teach math

Properties of operations to teach children

Properties of Operations to Teach Children



Big idea fractions

Big Idea - Fractions

Introducing fractions

Introducing Fractions

Common core state standards

Common Core State Standards

Meanings of fractions

  • Introducing children to part-whole – shading part of a whole that has been partitioned into equal parts

  • Equal Sharing – initial instruction on fractions should focus on this – children have experience with this – create an equal sharing problem

  • Measurement – Common Core standards recommend limiting measuring in K-2 to whole units, however, fractions emerge naturally – this also includes time – telling time to half hour or quarter hour and relating an hour to 60 minutes

Meanings of Fractions

Fractions are numbers too

  • Partitioning – splitting or cutting a quantity equally whole that has been partitioned into equal parts

  • Connecting informal knowledge of fair sharing to more formal fraction concepts is key to providing effective initial fraction instruction in K -2 grade

  • Iterating – counting a repeated amount (unit or fraction)How many fourths are in one whole?

  • Using models to teach fractions is important

Fractions are Numbers too

Create a fraction activity

Create a Fraction Activity


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