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NERCOMP 2005 “The Young and the Wireless”: Young People’s Immersion In Technology - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NERCOMP 2005 “The Young and the Wireless”: Young People’s Immersion In Technology. Dan Drath Vice President - TRU 8 March 2005. Teens’ Most Frequent At-School Wireless Phone Activities. Check the time 47% Make calls outside class 24%

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NERCOMP 2005“The Young and the Wireless”: Young People’s Immersion In Technology

Dan DrathVice President - TRU8 March 2005

Teens most frequent at school wireless phone activities
Teens’ Most Frequent At-School Wireless Phone Activities

Check the time 47%

Make calls outside class 24%

Send text messages outside class 12%Send text messages inside class 11%

Play games 10%Use the calculator 8%Access the ‘Net/Web 6%Listen to music 5%Make calls during class 3%

Teens 12-19“Check all that apply”Source: The TRU Study™


  • Millennials: Who Are They?

  • The ‘Net: What’s Been Its Impact?

  • Wireless Phones: It’s Mid-Morning in a New Communication Era

  • Designing “Dorm-o-topia”: the Perfect Dorm Room

  • Technology’s Underbelly:Teens Gone Wild!

Tru teenage research unlimited
TRU - Teenage Research Unlimited

  • Custom Research

    • Trendwatch™ Panel

    • Numerous tech clients

  • The TRU Study™

    • Updated twice a year

    • Quantitative study: 2,00012- to 19-year-olds

    • Measures: Coolest Brands, Teen Spending, Media Habits,Tech Involvement, Device Ownership

Born to be wired actually wire less
Born To Be Wired… Actually, Wireless





Are entertained



Millennials the next big demographic force

106 million Gen Ys:37% of U.S. population

Millennials: The Next Big Demographic Force

Source: US Census Bureau

Tech stats teens 16 18
Tech Stats: teens 16-18

Think it’s Plan to Passingcoolpurchasefad

iPod/MP3 63% 32% 20%

Camera phone 55% 23% 28%

Laptop 70% 45% 5%

WiFi 53% 14% 13%

Palm/PDA 42% 9% 30%

Source: TRU’s Omnibuzz™July ‘04

Impact of this technology
Impact of this Technology

  • Changes who and how they meet

  • Strengthens relationships

  • Creates new outlets for self-expression

  • Builds new communities

  • Levels the playing field

  • Radically changes how they shop

  • Leads them to push limits (and the rules!)

Internet time now exceeds tv time
Internet Time Now ExceedsTV Time

Source: The Born to Be Wired Study, 2003

Media saturation point

All media use: -4%

Radio: -20%

Newspaper: -20%

TV: -7%

Magazines: -24%

Internet: +63%

Media Saturation Point

The millennial online experience
The Millennial Online Experience

Tina’s Life:

With the ‘Net

The millennial online experience1
The Millennial Online Experience

Tina’s Life:

Without the ‘Net

Wireless phone ownership 17 to 19 year olds
Wireless Phone Ownership17- to 19-year-olds

* 18-19 only

Wireless phone ownership 12 to 14 year olds

Including 21% of 12-year-olds!

Wireless Phone Ownership12- to 14-year-olds

* Includes 15-year-olds

Teens wireless phone evolution

Early/Mid ‘90s: Teens want any phone

Teens’ Wireless Phone Evolution

Teens wireless phone evolution1
Teens’ Wireless Phone Evolution

Mid- to late-90s:Having the right phone:Brand, model becoming important

Teens wireless phone evolution2
Teens’ Wireless Phone Evolution

Nokia 5160:The Teen Phone

Teens wireless phone evolution3
Teens’ Wireless Phone Evolution

Late 90s:Color on the outside!

Teens wireless phone evolution4
Teens’ Wireless Phone Evolution

Silver, sleek, and flip:Nokia backlash, Motorola emergence

Teens wireless phone evolution6
Teens’ Wireless Phone Evolution

Features! Cameras, SMS, PIM

On campus tech college bound teens 16 18
On-Campus Tech: college-bound teens 16-18

Extremely/VeryLikely to have

Cell phone 61%

Laptop 59%

Digital camera 39%

MP3 player 35%

Landline 34%

Cell phone, college’s area code 24%

, parents’ area code

Source: TRU’s Omnibuzz™January ‘05

With technology playing such a prominent role in their lives…

…how do they want it integrated?

All this technology… lives…

…always a good thing?

Thank lives…You, NERCOMP!Dan DrathTeenage Research [email protected] ext. 242