gatorade invented by dr robert cade
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Gatorade -invented by Dr. Robert Cade

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Gatorade -invented by Dr. Robert Cade - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Gatorade -invented by Dr. Robert Cade. By Nick Keitel. Entrepreneurship. The act of starting out a business or organization by taking risks to create a profit. Why?.

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  • The act of starting out a business or organization by taking risks to create a profit.
  • I selected Dr. Robert Cade because of his drink “Gatorade”. I\'ve used it many times for sports and it is probably the best sports drink out on the market.

Background Info

  • Dr. Robert Cade was born in 1927 and died in 2007 at age 80.
  • He was a professor in physiology and medicine at the university of Florida.
  • In 1965 he came was testing a drink to keep players hydrated, he called it “Gatorade”.


  • Dr. Robert Cade was a very smart man being a doctor in medicine he knew what the body needed to function right in heat. He used this to help decide what to put him his product so it would keep athletes hydrated. Also Cade was in the Navy this gave him dedication and persistence with his product he wouldn’t give up until he perfected it.

Dr. Robert Cade main product was “Gatorade” one of the most well known sports drinks today. Known for its famous electrolytes that kept the players hydrated. This is now the official drink of the Super bowl and the Florida gators. Cade has also came out with other products like the Gatorade energy drink, Gatorade power bars and Gatorade nutrition shakes.


The Spread

  • In 1966 after the gators won their first Orange Bowl word spread about Gatorade. Other teams like University of Richmond and Ohio wanted to be a part of this. They ordered boxes to for their sideline in games. This is when Gatorade started to form into an company.
  • Gatorade was spreading rapidly upon the sports nation to get the word out they started to advertise. Sports teams wanted to get a part of this product so they made it there official drink. These include the AVP, (beach volleyball) NBA, MLB, PGA, professional soccer league and is the official drink of the super bowl. This lead for more advertising from sings to commercials.
the growth of gatorade
The Growth of Gatorade
  • The head football coach for the Florida Gators realized that after a game the players wouldn’t have to pee. This is because of the extreme heat; they were sweating so much that there body didn’t have anything to pee out. Dr. Robert Cade a professor there came up with a idea of a sports drink to keep the players hydrated he called it “Gatorade”. It was basically made up from sugar sucrose and glucose. After winning the Orange Bowl for the first time the drink got more and more popular. Cade never knew it but he made possibly the best sports drink next to water. It grew into a multi billion dollar company that is working extremely successful. Sponsoring the best in sports from Michael Jordan to Derek Jeter to endorse their product.
here are some athletes sponsored by gatorade
Here are some athletes sponsored by Gatorade…

LaDainian Tomlinson

Derek Jeter

Michael Jordan

Usain Bolt

Peyton manning

gatorade now
Gatorade Now
  • As of right now Gatorade is a very successful product bringing in about 1.5 billion dollars a year. They are the leader in sports drinks always trying to find the next big idea. They gave just came out with the limited edition Michael Jordan bottle and the G2 witch is less calories for athletes.
work cited
Work Cited
dr robert cade
Dr. Robert Cade
  • As of right now Dr. Robert Cade has passed away; he lived a long and successful life. Dyeing on November 27, 2007 his legacy still lives on.