Black history our history
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Black History…. Our History - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Black History…. Our History. Black History… Our History. Introductions Black Soul: Which course and What? Why we must … The Expectations The Resources. ‘Black Soul’. Student Engagement and our History.

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Black History…. Our History

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Black history our history

Black History…. Our History

Black history our history1

Black History… Our History

  • Introductions

  • Black Soul: Which course and What?

  • Why we must …

  • The Expectations

  • The Resources

Black soul

‘Black Soul’

Student engagement and our history

Student Engagement and our History

  • 86% of Black secondary students in Toronto are at-risk due to their failing grades in mathematics and English- Solomon and Levine-Rasky (2003)

  • Racialized students in Toronto are expelled and suspended at higher rates - Lawson (2003)

Black history our history

  • Black students are pushed out of the system due to systemic barriers and dropping out is the final stage in their disengagement - Dei (1997)

  • Black students are highly represented in at-risk categories - Ogbu 2003

Black history our history

  • In the 2006 Student Census, 72% of students said they want to learn about their culture; 69% of them said they would enjoy school more if they learned about their culture and 50% said they would feel better about school if they could learn about their history in the classroom.

  • *TDSB Student Survey 2006

Black history our history

Those who have no record of what their forebears have accomplished lose the inspiration which comes from the teaching of biography and history.

~Carter Woodson

Black history our history2

Black History… Our History

A Frame ….

How can you use these resources to enhance existing assignments?

How can you include these resources when you Design Down?

The expectations

The Expectations

Chc 2d1


  • Identify contributions to Canada’s multicultural society by regional, linguistic, ethnocultural, and religious communities

Chc 2d11


  • Describe Canada’s and Canadians’ contributions to the war effort overseas during World War I and World War II

War veterans arriving home 1946

War Veterans Arriving Home 1946

Gr 10 chc2d

Gr. 10 CHC2D

  • Identify the major groups of immigrants who have come to Canada since 1914 and describe the circumstances that led to their decision to emigrate



Chc 2d12


  • Analyse the similarities and differences between current and historical patterns of immigration to Canada, making reference to changing immigration policies and pull factors that were in effect during different periods.



  • Explain how the labour movement has affected social, economic, and political life in Canada.

Sleeping car porters

Sleeping Car Porters



  • Explain how pacifist groups, human rights organizations, and the civil rights movement have influenced Canadian society

Chc 2d13


  • Assess the contributions of selected individuals to the development of Canadian identity since 1914

Rosemary brown

Rosemary Brown

Image: Rosemary Brown (1930-2003) was a social worker, academic, politician, and feminist who with "unwavering single mindedness" fought for justice for both women and minorities across Canada (photograph by Barbara Woodley/Labatt Breweries of Canada/Library and Archives Canada/PA-186871).

Black history our history

Portrait of Charlie Owens of Bridgetown where he was a blacksmith and was a drummer in the Salvation Army band. During World War I he served in the No. 2 Construction Corps.*

Archway Photographic Database

Black history our history



  • Analyze cases that have upheld or restricted a citizen’s rights and responsibilities, outlining the concerns and actions of involved citizens and the reasons for the eventual outcome.

Africville, N.S.



  • Analyse Canadian issues or events that involve contrasting opinions, perspectives and civic purposes

Africentric School Debate



  • Demonstrate an understanding of a citizen’s role in responding to non-democratic movements and groups (e.g. fascism, Stalinism..



  • "When you learn, teach. When you get, give. "-- Maya Angelou

  • While the tale of how we suffer, and how we are delighted, and how we may triumph is never new, it always must be heard.-- James Baldwin

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