Black history our history
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Black History…. Our History PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Black History…. Our History. Black History… Our History. Introductions Black Soul: Which course and What? Why we must … The Expectations The Resources. ‘Black Soul’. Student Engagement and our History.

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Black History…. Our History

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Black History…. Our History

Black History… Our History

  • Introductions

  • Black Soul: Which course and What?

  • Why we must …

  • The Expectations

  • The Resources

‘Black Soul’

Student Engagement and our History

  • 86% of Black secondary students in Toronto are at-risk due to their failing grades in mathematics and English- Solomon and Levine-Rasky (2003)

  • Racialized students in Toronto are expelled and suspended at higher rates - Lawson (2003)

  • Black students are pushed out of the system due to systemic barriers and dropping out is the final stage in their disengagement - Dei (1997)

  • Black students are highly represented in at-risk categories - Ogbu 2003

  • In the 2006 Student Census, 72% of students said they want to learn about their culture; 69% of them said they would enjoy school more if they learned about their culture and 50% said they would feel better about school if they could learn about their history in the classroom.

  • *TDSB Student Survey 2006

Those who have no record of what their forebears have accomplished lose the inspiration which comes from the teaching of biography and history.

~Carter Woodson

Black History… Our History

A Frame ….

How can you use these resources to enhance existing assignments?

How can you include these resources when you Design Down?

The Expectations


  • Identify contributions to Canada’s multicultural society by regional, linguistic, ethnocultural, and religious communities


  • Describe Canada’s and Canadians’ contributions to the war effort overseas during World War I and World War II

War Veterans Arriving Home 1946

Gr. 10 CHC2D

  • Identify the major groups of immigrants who have come to Canada since 1914 and describe the circumstances that led to their decision to emigrate



  • Analyse the similarities and differences between current and historical patterns of immigration to Canada, making reference to changing immigration policies and pull factors that were in effect during different periods.


  • Explain how the labour movement has affected social, economic, and political life in Canada.

Sleeping Car Porters


  • Explain how pacifist groups, human rights organizations, and the civil rights movement have influenced Canadian society


  • Assess the contributions of selected individuals to the development of Canadian identity since 1914

Rosemary Brown

Image: Rosemary Brown (1930-2003) was a social worker, academic, politician, and feminist who with "unwavering single mindedness" fought for justice for both women and minorities across Canada (photograph by Barbara Woodley/Labatt Breweries of Canada/Library and Archives Canada/PA-186871).

Portrait of Charlie Owens of Bridgetown where he was a blacksmith and was a drummer in the Salvation Army band. During World War I he served in the No. 2 Construction Corps.*

Archway Photographic Database


  • Analyze cases that have upheld or restricted a citizen’s rights and responsibilities, outlining the concerns and actions of involved citizens and the reasons for the eventual outcome.

Africville, N.S.


  • Analyse Canadian issues or events that involve contrasting opinions, perspectives and civic purposes

Africentric School Debate


  • Demonstrate an understanding of a citizen’s role in responding to non-democratic movements and groups (e.g. fascism, Stalinism..


  • "When you learn, teach. When you get, give. "-- Maya Angelou

  • While the tale of how we suffer, and how we are delighted, and how we may triumph is never new, it always must be heard.-- James Baldwin

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