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Meanings Of Healing Stones:
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Meanings Of Healing Stones:

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Meanings of healing stones

Meanings Of Healing Stones:

Energy derived from the crystals are highly helpful in the maintenance of the balance of the

body. From a large number of years, most ancient civilizations have used this power to treat their

own ailments such as some release of mental illness, spiritual and physical blockage and

ultimately all of them helped in the facilitation of the flow throughout the entire body. In order to

analyze every power of Crystals NYC, here we have the list of crystals that are easily available

at our spiritual bookstore NYC. Moreover, if you are looking for the palm & aura reader in

NYC, then it is the best shop to visit. Have a look at these amazing crystals with amazing


1.Agate: being one of the oldest known stones, it is known as the stone of strength. In

order to achieve the victory in the war, these gemstones were placed on the chest as it

enhances the confidence and self strength.

2.Aquamarine: just like clear water, this stone is used to clear the mind and emotions. It is

highly helpful in the provision of courage as it is connected with the chakra in the heart.

3.loodstone: this healing stone is valued for many years because of its healing properties. It

helps in the detoxification of the blood and it grounds all the negative energy that you

have in your mind.

4.Citrine: this is the stone of happiness and light. The major benefit of this healing crystal

is that it doesn’t have any negative energy. This stone brings the clarity of the mind and it

enhances the imagination power with powerful and positive outlook in the life.

5.Moonstone: this is considered to be the stone of destiny. This stone is highly connected

to moon and it is highly beneficial for women as it maintains the health and protection. It

also aligns the production of hormones with metabolism and other different things.

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