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Quest notes migrator for sharepoint
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Quest Notes Migrator for SharePoint. Steve Walch, Senior Product Manager. Blog: November, 2011. Partner Training Webcast Series - Session 5 Migrating Application Designs . Partner Training Webcast Series. Migration Basics with the NMSP Designer Client

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Quest Notes Migrator for SharePoint

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Quest notes migrator for sharepoint

Quest Notes Migrator for SharePoint

Steve Walch, Senior Product Manager


November, 2011

Partner Training Webcast Series - Session 5

Migrating Application Designs

Partner training webcast series

Partner Training Webcast Series

  • Migration Basics with the NMSP Designer Client

  • Analysis and Automation with the NMSP Migration Console

  • Advanced Content Migration Jobs

  • Tool Deployment, Domino.Doc and QuickPlace / QuickR migrations

  • Migrating Application Designs

  • Tips and Tricks for Managing Large Migration Projects

  • Even More Advanced Content Migration Jobs

    (Product demos using NMSP 6.1 beta)

Today s agenda

Today’s Agenda

Migrating Application Designs

  • Overview of design migration capabilities (and limitations)

  • Migrating Notes schema to custom lists

  • Advanced SharePoint column provisioning

  • Migrating Notes forms to InfoPath list forms

  • Migrating Notes forms to InfoPath form libraries

  • Migrating Notes views to SharePoint views

  • Migrating Notes schema to Content Types

Where the tools can help with design migration

Where the tools can help with Design Migration

  • Migrating Notes Schema

    • Provision Lists with similar schema to Notes application

    • Generate Content Types based on Notes Forms

  • Migrating Notes Forms

    • Generate InfoPath Document Forms (for XML Form Libraries)

    • Generate InfoPath List Forms

  • Migrating Notes Views

    • Generate SharePoint Views from Notes Views

  • And (of course) content, security, etc…

Where the tools do not help yet

Where the tools do not help (yet)

  • Building SharePoint Designer (ASPX) forms

    • But Quest web parts can help!

  • Migrating workflow logic and code

    • Agents

    • Button code

    • Form events

  • Migrating application navigation

    • Outlines

    • Navigators

    • Frame sets

  • Web design elements

Provisioning sharepoint columns

Provisioning SharePoint Columns

  • Column settings can be defined in Target Data Definition

    • Name, Type, Multi-value

    • Read-Only columns

    • Required columns

    • Data Validation formulas

    • Add column to All Views

    • Add column to All Content Types

    • Is Title Column

    • Auto-populate terms and choices

  • Most columns can be provisioned at migration time

    • New lists or new columns in existing lists

    • Existing columns will NOT be upgraded

    • Managed Metadata columns must be provisioned manually

Populating target column definitions

Populating Target Column definitions

  • One at a time

  • Copy from Source

    • Uses Schema of Source Data Definition

    • Quick way to clone your Notes schema in SharePoint

    • Rename / reconfigure column settings as desired

    • Data definition remembers column mappings

  • Load from existing SharePoint List

    • Helpful when list schema has already been developed

    • Add additional columns as needed

    • Optional: Specify default mappings

Migrating notes forms to infopath forms

Migrating Notes Forms to InfoPath Forms

Generating infopath list forms

Generating InfoPath List Forms

  • For SharePoint 2010 only

    • Form Services required

  • Migrate List schema first

    • NMSP migration job required

  • SharePoint generates starter InfoPath form template

    • Data schema is bound to your SharePoint list

    • Save form template to disk

  • Use NMSP Form Migration Wizard

    • Adds Notes design to starter form

    • Utilizes mappings in your migration job

  • Publish new InfoPath form to List

Notes form migration wizard

Notes form migration wizard

  • Specify source Notes form

    • May be prompted to resolve computed subforms

  • Specify elements to be migrated

    • Read mode vs. edit mode

    • Notes vs. web

    • Elements with hide-when logic

  • Option to create sections around certain elements

    • Useful for implementing conditional logic in InfoPath

  • Specify default control sizes

  • Specify column mappings

Form migration artifacts

Form migration artifacts

  • Generated InfoPath form template

    • Customize in design mode as needed

    • Publish to SharePoint from InfoPath Designer

  • InfoPath form with developer markup (optional)

    • Preview in “fill” mode

    • Shows all hidden text

    • Hover over icons for developer information

  • Migration report (optional)

    • Shows all migrated and non-migrated elements

    • Use a checklist for developer to complete the form

  • Debugging information folder (optional)

    • Log file and intermediate files for Quest support

Generating infopath document forms

Generating InfoPath Document Forms

  • For use in SharePoint Form Libraries

    • SharePoint 2007 or SharePoint 2010

  • Use NMSP Form Migration Wizard to create InfoPath form template from scratch

    • Existing library or migration job not needed

    • Target form services or InfoPath client

    • Specify more complex schema and field mappings

  • InfoPath Designer publishes form template to SharePoint

    • New or existing Form Library

    • Content Types

  • Optional: Import form template into content migration job

    • InfoPath XML document generation to be discussed in session 7!

Migrating notes views to sharepoint views

Migrating Notes Views to SharePoint Views

Migrating notes views to sharepoint views1

Migrating Notes Views to SharePoint Views

  • Define new views in Target Data Definition

    • Also access from Tools menu

  • View migration wizard reproduces Notes Views as closely as possible

    • Side-by-side mapping of View elements

  • Provision views at the start of migration job

    • Newly defined columns provisioned first

  • Re-provision views as needed

Side by side mapping of view elements

Side-by-side mapping of View elements

  • Column mapping

    • Matches existing columns

    • Recommends new columns

    • Formula editor for creating Calculated columns

    • Adds columns to target data definition

  • Grouping and Sorting

    • Preserves Notes definition as closely as possible

    • Warning! SharePoint views only allow 2 levels of grouping

  • Totals

    • Most (but not all) Notes totaling options supported in SharePoint

  • Filtering

    • Manual translation of selection formula required

Provisioning content types

Provisioning Content Types

  • Define new content type in migration console (Database properties or Technical Class)

    • Start from a Notes form

    • Start from an existing migration job

    • Start from an existing SharePoint List

    • Add / modify column definitions as needed

    • Set Content type title, group and parent content type

  • Provision Content Types at site level

    • On demand or as part of “Migrate to SharePoint” action

    • Provisions or reuses existing Site Columns as appropriate

  • Adding content types to Lists

    • Specify in migration jobs (Discussed in session 3)

Related resources on declarative development

Related Resources on Declarative Development

  • Webcast recording: Migrating Notes Applications to SharePoint with Fewer Development Resources

    • Ira Fuchs– SharePoint Technical Strategist, Microsoft

    • Steve Walch – Sr. Product Manager, Quest Software


  • Book: Enterprise Application Development in SP 2010

    • Creating Enterprise Class Applications in SharePoint without Code


    • 30% discount coupon code: QUESTDISC

Notes migrator for sharepoint 6 1 beta program

Notes Migrator for SharePoint 6.1 Beta Program

  • Beta in progress now!

  • Go to

  • Sign in with your Quest Community ID

    • Or register to create a new one

    • Use corporate email (No gmail or hotmail accounts)

  • Press the “Ask To Join This Group” button

  • Once approved, log in and download

    • Reviewers Guide

    • Product Installer

  • Expected release: January 2012

Quest notes migrator for sharepoint

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