Federal and foundation funding for public media
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Federal and Foundation Funding for Public Media. Presenters. Meegan White Project Director, APTS Amie Miller DEI Foundation Development Advisor. The Grant Center. A Partnership of:. Funded by:. The Grant Center. Public Broadcasting’s Premier Source for Grantseekers

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Federal and Foundation Funding for Public Media

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Presentation Transcript

Federal and Foundation Funding for Public Media


Meegan White

Project Director, APTS

Amie Miller

DEI Foundation Development Advisor

The Grant Center

A Partnership of:

Funded by:

The Grant Center

Public Broadcasting’s

Premier Source for Grantseekers

Our mission is to connect

public broadcasting stations

with federal and foundation funding opportunities.

Federal Funding Outlook

  • FY 2011 budget process was one of the most difficult fights in public broadcasting’s history

  • However, public broadcasting had tremendous success in final FY 2011 bill.

    • CPB level funded with a two-year advance of $445 M

    • CPB Digital cut from $36 M to $6 M

    • Ready To Learn level funded at $27.3 M

    • Rural Digital level funded at $4.5 M

    • Unable to save PTFP

Federal Funding Outlook

What to expect in FY 2012:

  • More of the same, heavy focus on growing budget deficit

  • Contentious budget negotiations that will likely not result in consensus

  • A series of Continuing Resolutions (similar to FY 2011) which will jeopardize small programs

  • “Non-traditional” federal funding more important than ever

Foundation Trends

  • 2000 – 2010: Foundation giving up overall by 31%

  • 2008: 17% decline in assets

  • 2009: $45.8B -- record decline in giving (-2.1%)

  • 2010: $45.7B -- giving flat, partly due to new foundations and infusions of cash

  • 2011: 2-4% growth in giving projected

Foundation Priorities

  • Top giving priorities by $ invested (2009):

    • Education: 23%

    • Health: 23%

    • Human Services: 13%

    • Public Affairs/Society Benefit: 12%

    • Arts/Culture: 11%

Increasing Competition for Grants

  • Fewer multi-year and capital grants

  • Emphasis on:

    • Partnerships

    • Evaluation

    • Outcomes

    • Multi-platform or “transmedia” production

Grant Center: Accomplishments

  • Online clearinghouse with searchable database of 280+ funding opportunities

  • Funding alerts and policy updates

  • Monthly webinars/conference calls connecting you with funders and peers

  • Email, newsletters, Twitter, RSS feed

  • Custom prospect research to 100+ stations and LJCs

  • Station Advisory Board

Accessible to:

  • All public radio and television stations

    • All station staff, including:

      • Senior staff

      • Education directors

      • Outreach staff

      • Development staff

      • Engineers

      • You!

  • Login

    • Contact APTS or DEI for login information

Foundation Opportunities

Funding Profiles

  • Name of grant and agency

  • Description and fit for public broadcasting

  • Eligibility and anticipated funding

  • How to apply and resources

  • Links to the grant program notice and the agency/foundation website

  • History of previous station funding

Foundation Opportunities

Search by Topic

Arts and Humanities


K-12 Education




Rural Development

Science and Technology

Workforce Development, and more

Custom Research

  • Who funds equipment in my state?

  • Who might fund health content?

  • Who funds coverage of aging issues?

  • Who provides general operating support in my region?

  • Which funders are interested in dropout prevention?

  • Who could help fund local news reporting?

Recent Webinar Topics

  • Federal Funding Prospects and the President’s Budget

  • Signature Obama Administration Grant Programs and Public Broadcasting

  • Meet the Knight Foundation

  • Researching Grant Opportunities

  • Models for Funding Local News

  • Grants from the National Endowment for the Arts

  • Grants from the National Science Foundation

  • Advice on Broadband Funding Applications – BTOP, RUS and ARRA

Upcoming Webinar Topics

  • DEI’s Gifts & Grants webinar series

  • Seeking foundation funding for dropout prevention projects

  • Gearing up for the Race to the Top – Early Learning Challenge (RTT-ELC) grant program

  • Federal funding and the shift toward transmedia production

  • Grantwriting basics


  • Grant planning and writing resources

  • Sample proposals

  • Agency-specific tutorials and guides

  • Topical research to build your case

Grant Center Goals

  • Increased awareness of grant opportunities

  • Increased grant readiness

  • Increase in grants requested and secured

What’s Next

Maintain current services, plus:

  • Increase policy updates and funding forecasts

  • Create case studies and share with stations and funders

  • Cultivate relationships with key funders

  • Build a forum for station grantseekers

  • Highlight current research to help craft strong proposals

How You Can Help

  • Share your expertise with the station community

  • Successes: future case studies?

  • Obstacles you encounter in eligibility

  • Sample proposals

  • Stories of partnership development

Upcoming Opportunities

Race to the Top – Early Learning Challenge

  • New early learning initiative is a partnership between Dept of Education and Dept of Health and Human Services

  • $500 M of the $700 M appropriated is now for early learning

  • Seeking bold, comprehensive state plans

  • Priorities include serving underserved, outreach to families and professional development

  • NOFA expected later this summer – contact your state and partners now!

NEH – Bridging Cultures Through Film

  • Funds documentaries on international topics

  • Highly competitive

  • Natural fit for public broadcasters

  • Awards range $75,000 - $800,000

  • Last year, WNET was awarded $405,710 for Women, War & Peace: The Balkans

  • Deadline: June 29, 2011

NEA – The Arts in Media

  • Formerly known as The Arts on Radio and TV

  • Now looking at transmedia strategies

  • Shift toward community engagement and innovation

  • Awards range $10,000 - $200,000, require match

  • 2010 awards funded many public tv and radio projects

  • Deadline: September 1, 2011

NSF – Informal Science Education

  • Longtime funder of public broadcasters

  • Supports public engagement with STEM

  • Recent awards include production of SciGirls, Cyberchase, PBS NewsHour

  • Also funds multipedia initiatives like KQED’s Quest and WGBH’s LOOP

  • Youth Radio funded for DO IT!

  • 60 new awards from a pool of $28M

  • Preliminary proposals due August 12, 2011

NSF – Advanced Technological Education

  • Possible fit for distance learning and workforce development

  • Emphasis on two year colleges

  • Fundable activities include teacher training, curriculum development

  • Recent awards (including one to WGBH) include video components

  • 45-60 new awards ranging $25,000 - $300,000 (from $64M pool)

  • Deadline: October 20, 2011

Finding Funding for Dropout Prevention Work

Finding Funding to Serve the Older Population


  • “Thank you so much for this great research. It provides me with many new prospects that we have not pursued. This is a great service!”

  • “I know that [the Grant Center’s] work has already taken a load off and helped individuals at stations streamline their grant seeking and writing process!”

  • “I can’t imagine doing my job without the APTS Grant Center!”

Thank you!


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