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Weslandia. bedlam. noun. Bedlam is wild uproar and confusion. blunders. noun. Blunders are mistakes. myriad. adjective. If there is a myriad of something, there is a numberless amount. shortage. noun. A shortage occurs when there is not enough of something. staple. noun.

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Bedlam is wild uproar and confusion.



Blunders are mistakes.



If there is a myriad of something, there is a numberless amount.



A shortage occurs when there is not enough of something.



A staple is a food that is important and used often.



Something is complex if it is difficult to understand or do.

The students were relieved when Mrs. Carlson helped them with the complex Math problem.

Marty was nervous about playing the melody on his saxophone because it was so difficult. Marty’s saxophone music is _______.

Wesley’s game involved a scoring system that was difficult to understand. Wesley’s scoring system was _______.

Complex or Not?

walking down the sidewalk

completing a straddle pike jump with a ½ turn on the balance beam

1/2(2a + b) – 3(4a – b)

4 + 2 = b

standing on one foot

learning French



A civilization is a group of people who have highly developed agriculture, trade, government, art and science.

The Inca people created advanced calendar and numbering systems. The Inca had a ________.

The Greek people formed highly developed systems of government and military. The Greeks had a _______.

Beth created a complicated agricultural system in her SimCity. Beth created a _______.

Talk to your partner…

What would you expect to find in a civilization?

Sentence starter: “I would expect to find _____ in a civilization.”



If someone is an outcast, they are not accepted by other people.

The foreign exchange student was not accepted by her classmates. The foreign exchange student was an _____.

Sally was not accepted by the other soccer players. Sally was an ______ on the team.

Penny was not accepted by her roommates at camp. Penny was an _______.

Talk to your partner…

What advice could you offer an outcast to make him or her part of a group?

Sentence starter: “I would advise an outcast to ______ to be part of a group.”



A strategy is a careful plan for achieving a goal.

The team’s plan to take their opponent by surprise is their _______.

Susan’s detailed plan for protecting the plants from insects is her ______.

Frank’s plan to raise money for a new bike is his ______.

Strategy or Not?

Brian looked back in his Math book, worked the problem and checked his division.

Stan looked at the Math problem and guessed an answer.

Becky made a list of people she knows and started asking them to buy cookies.

Melinda looked at the 50 boxes of cookies and started playing her video game.



Something is traditional if it is passed down from parents to their children.

The German dancers wear costumes that have been passed down from parents to children. Their costumes are ______.

Paula made a Swedish dessert from a recipe that has been passed down from her great-great-grandmother. Her dessert is _______.

Blake and Eric open their presents on Christmas Eve just like their parents did. Opening gifts on Christmas Eve is ______ for their family.

Word Family







Mary’s birthday ____ is to eat verenika.

Her family’s ____ come from their German Mennonite heritage.

Another ____ German dish is apple perishky.

____ is very important to Mary’s grandmother.

Mary’s mom is also a _____ and wants Mary to learn the family recipes.

Mary’s family ____ celebrates special occasions with German dishes.

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