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Erik Suring ODFW

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Comparison of Winter Steelhead Trap Estimates in Small Basins to Other Escapement Methods and the Representativeness of ODFW Life-Cycle Monitoring Sites. Erik Suring ODFW. Oregon Coast Steelhead. ODFW Salmonid Life-Cycle Monitoring Project

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erik suring odfw

Comparison of Winter Steelhead Trap Estimates in Small Basins to Other Escapement Methods and the Representativeness of ODFW Life-Cycle Monitoring Sites

Erik Suring


oregon coast steelhead
Oregon Coast Steelhead
  • ODFW Salmonid Life-Cycle Monitoring Project
  • Small basin steelhead returns do not correlate to each other or large scale returns as with coho
  • Determining age structure at multiple life stages allow for survival estimates and local freshwater conditions
life cycle monitoring project
Life-Cycle Monitoring Project
  • Ten years of adult and smolt data
  • ODFW Habitat Surveys
    • Compare distribution of habitat conditions
life cycle monitoring project1
Life-Cycle Monitoring Project
  • Seven sites in the OC DPS
  • Non-random selection
  • Representative of DPS based on habitat metrics
  • Coho returns highly correlated with ESU returns
nested basins
Nested Basins

Coho: R2 = 0.92, p < 0.001

lcm versus the dps
LCM versus the DPS
  • Relationships between LCM and large scale abundance are not as strong for steelhead as for coho
    • Steelhead numbers have not varied as much as coho over the course of monitoring
  • Weak trap to trap correlations indicate local freshwater conditions play a larger role in steelhead recruitment
steelhead survival estimates
Steelhead Survival Estimates
  • Monitoring multiple life stages
  • Use scales to track brood year for smolts and adults
    • Estimate marine and freshwater survival rates
  • Currently in our first or second year of adult scale collection
    • Also measure size and timing of smolts and adults
freshwater survival
Freshwater Survival
  • Single year of smolt scale data applied to all years:
  • Ward and Slaney (1993) Average 0.84%
marine survival
Marine Survival
  • Smolt and Adult scales at WF Smith
  • Ward and Slaney (1988) Range 7-26%
survival estimates
Survival Estimates
  • Identify factors that affect smolt and adult abundance
    • Look at local variation in survival
    • Reveal trap to trap relationships
  • Other data we should collect?
  • Adult returns to LCM basins do not correlate to larger areas or each other
    • Local freshwater conditions obscure a common ocean signal
  • Describing smolt and adult age structure will allow for survival estimates and reveal differences between LCM sites