European ecostars consortium meeting 5 ostrava cz 18th september 2013
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European ECOSTARS Consortium Meeting 5: Ostrava, CZ 18th September 2013 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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European ECOSTARS Consortium Meeting 5: Ostrava, CZ 18th September 2013. City of Ostrava - intentions for 2014 +. Problem Areas. environment. employability. transport. education. Quality of Life. social inclusion. s ustainable economic growth and innovation.

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European ECOSTARS Consortium Meeting 5: Ostrava, CZ 18th September 2013

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European ecostars consortium meeting 5 ostrava cz 18th september 2013

European ECOSTARS Consortium Meeting 5: Ostrava, CZ18th September 2013

City of Ostrava - intentions for 2014+

Problem areas


  • environment

  • employability

  • transport

  • education


  • socialinclusion

  • sustainableeconomic growth and innovation

European ecostars consortium meeting 5 ostrava cz 18th september 2013

The term "quality of life" covers a range of areas, and in the case of a complex representation can ensure the satisfaction of the population in the city. Here we perceive the quality of life as a separate subject in relation to the relaxation and recreation of the population and as a topic of framing all activity ITI


Education, Education

purity of

health care




Political and economic stability


job security

The rate of GDP - material satisfaction, etc.

European ecostars consortium meeting 5 ostrava cz 18th september 2013

Model of Ostrava

Current and future risks

Current and futurerisks

  • air quality

  • Future high unemployment

  • low competitiveness

  • social balance

Quality of life in ostrava in relation to relaxation and recreation residents and visitors

Quality of life in Ostrava in relation to relaxation and recreation residents and visitors

Absence of interactive elements in parks, especially for elderly people (trainers, etc.)

The lack of space for leisure adolescents

The lack of attractive activities for all ages and all social groups

Lack of rest and interactive areas for families with children

Lack of tourist attractions and low touristrate

Poor quality housing in many parts of the city

Long-term lowattractivenessof

Residents of rides for attractions outside Ostrava / region

Low interest of investors (including FDI) on the business activities in


Long-term netmigration

Quality of life


Ivotn prost ed

Životní prostředí





Poor air quality

Deterioration of the health status of the population


Unsustainable prosperity and development of the region

Proposed measures


  • greening of transport - clean buses, trolley buses, cars diversion from the city center, parking outside the center, bike trails

  • remediation of old environmental burdens - brownfield regeneration

  • support responsible businesses and residents relation to the environment - compliance with limits incentives for SMEs, promoting low-carbon strategies

  • restructuring of heavy industry in the eco industry - ecological production, innovation - "clean technologies",

  • incentives for eco-oriented company with TX. value-added

  • eco culture - planting trees and plants, recycling, sports infrastructure, culture in the streets

  • creation Medical School - Research in the area of ​​respiratory diseases, improve the health of the population - health monitoring

  • systematic monitoring of substances most harmful to human health - agent identification of resources, the proportion of pollution, publication of results, sanctions

  • Cooperation projects on both sides of Silesia

The opportunity for the city

The opportunity for the city?

Research in the field of environment

Reducing environmental performance of external insulation

Promoting the use of waste


Green City


Bike paths in Ostrava

Greeningof transport





Nižší poptávka po produkci



Pressure management of the ecological production




The growing dependence on heavy industry

The decline in the attractiveness of Ostrava

Less revenue in the budget of City

increase in crime

Proposed measures1


  • Support diversification of industry, continued support of investors coming with an emphasis on employment - should be urgently

  • Investment incentives for companies with high added value

  • Investment in education (from kindergarten to lifelong) and re-

  • Investments in the environment and improving the competitiveness of Ostrava

  • Revitalization of brownfields for subsequent use

  • Search for and promotion of new forms method utilizing the workforce

Applications for projects of city

Applicationsforprojectsof city








Lowereducational performance population

A further increase in outflow of educated

People from Ostrava and MSK

Tax loss of Ostrava and related lower support educational activities

Lack of integration curricula and labor market requirements

The low cultural quality of life - reading, culture, interest in information

Proposed measures2


  • The possibility of attracting educated foreigners mainly from Eastern Europe

  • Enhancing the attractiveness of the city for students

  • Further development of cooperation between universities and technical fields

  • Merging Technical University and the University of Ostrava - mutual cooperation?

  • Improving wages and working conditions for teachers at kindergartens and primary schools, reduce class sizes, improve the quality of teaching

  • Entice scientists and renowned teachers in Ostrava universities

  • Support for school modernization projects and to educate. system at all levels

  • The emphasis on the emergence of lifelong learning programs, their strong promotion and other efforts to promote education among the population of

Aplikace na projekty m sta

Aplikace na projekty města

Life Science Centre

Development and sustainability of university




Science and students

Language learning at all educational levels

Support disciplines in the field of environment

university Campus

Support equipment for schools at all levels

Social issues


  • The high concentration of socially excluded localities  problem with unemployment, crime and education in these areas

  • A high proportion of pupils in special schools

  • A large number of people on welfare

  • The tension in the coexistence of minorities with the majority

  • Social stress and frustration

  • Low quality of education

Proposed measures3


  • Prevent further occurrence of excluded sites

  • Integration of marginalized groups by creating suitable conditions

  • Prevention of juvenile delinquency - building better conditions for leisure-skate parks, playgrounds, interactive parks, promotion of culture and sport

  • Investing in the most backward parts of the city,

  • Improving living conditions for underprivileged citizens

  • Improving the quality of public space

Applications for projects of city1

Applicationsforprojectsof City


Link to Education and Employment


Regeneration projects in social housing estates. weak areas



  • Undersized airport and its backwardness for competition (Brno, Katowice)

  • Underdevelopment transport infrastructure mainly in connection expressways in Slovakia

  • High-quality connections between densely populated areas in the region

  • (a regional problem)

  • Insufficient parking capacity

  • Increased emissions in the atmosphere as a result of the increase of au. transport

  • The quality of roads and roadside safety

  • Safety at crossings

Proposed measures4


completion of R47

The greening of transport, CNG transport

Drawing financial resources from the Structural Funds for the reconstruction and construction of new transport networks

The development of rail transport in the transport corridors

P + R system, residential parking - the system of the city, transport - transfer terminals

Intelligent Transport Systems

Applications for projects of city2

Applicationsforprojectsof City

Modernizationof tram bridge

greeningof transport





Integrated transport system

Sustainable economic growth and innovation

Sustainable economic growth and innovation

  • Persistent negative structural trends and processes

  • Loss of resource outflow of skilled / educated workforce

  • The worst and least efficient business environment in the Czech Republic

  • The region is heading towards greater economic efficiency, not because of the heavy industry sector, but a gradual restructuring

  • Unilaterally oriented industry and poor representation services - the promise of sustainability

  • The problem of duality "environment versus economic environment"

  • Low innovative activity

  • The low number of researchers and underrepresented sector R & D

  • Small cooperation between universities, companies, research. organizations and between regions

  • The great barrier restructuring and transformation of the region could be a tendency to re-open coal mining in Frenstat!!

Proposed measures5


  • Focusing on information and communication technology (Anselm), Materials Engineering (tradition - the use of existing industries), Precision Engineering (tradition - the use of existing industries), indicating specific industries products to improve the environment (conditions for verification) and Tourism

  • The presence of "advanced producer services" - banking, marketing, legal and accounting services determines the position in the hierarchy of cities (Sassen, 1994)

  • Support for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) the same incentives as the major foreign investors

  • organizations that entrepreneurs provide legal, financial and administrative support - their media presentation

  • Building the image of Ostrava as a center of culture and education

Thank you for your attention

Thank you for your attention

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