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Al Ahmadi Educational Zone. Al Dhaher Primary School. A Demo Lesson. For. Grade Five. Unit Five. Lesson Three. Prepared by. Asmaa Yousof. Supervisor. Principal. Ashraf Adly. Ghanima Al Ali. H.O.D. Amal Hassan . Mark (√) or (x) : . 1- Both snowstorm and dust storm are

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Al Ahmadi Educational Zone

Al Dhaher Primary School

A Demo Lesson


Grade Five

Unit Five

Lesson Three

Prepared by

Asmaa Yousof




Ghanima Al Ali


Amal Hassan

Mark (√) or (x) :

1- Both snowstorm and dust storm are

dangerous. ( )

2- It snows in Kuwait all winter . ( )

What should you do if you are in

a snow storm?

If you are in a snowstorm, you should…….

have hot drinks

Read and complete the sentences :

If you're ill, you should…………………

go to the doctor.

If it snows, you should ……….

stay in the car.

Turn off

Turn on


He was walking

He fell down.

Listen and answer

Where should you stay in

a dust storm ?

What should you do to

the lights?

I should stay in the car.

I should turn on the light.

Listen again and answer

1-Can dust storms be dangerous?

2- Should you go inside ?

3-What should you do for the brake?

What should you do in a dust storm?

If you're walking outside, you should………………

cover your nose and mouth with a cloth.

If you're driving, you should……….

move the car off the road.

If you're driving, you should………

put the brake on.

If you're driving, you should………………

turn on the lights.

If you're driving, you should……………….

stay in the car.