Axis Mutual Funds
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Axis mutual fund has wide range of schemes to invest in. Invest your money in axis mutual fund @ My SIP online and find latest nav of axis mf , analyse its performance and portfolio.

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Needs for Capital Market


  • Time

  • Expertise

  • Lack of Information

  • Portfolio

  • Volatility

Axis Mutual Funds

Investment considerations
Investment Considerations

  • Liquidity :You get your money back when you want it

  • Safety: You get your money back

  • Plus Convenience:How easy is it to invest, disinvest and adjust to your needs?

  • Post-tax Returns: How much is really left for you post tax?

Axis Mutual Funds

Why mutual fund
Why Mutual Fund ?

  • A mutual fund is the trust that pools the savings of a number of inventors who share a common financial goal.

  • It gives the market returns and not assured returns.

  • The money thus collected is then invested by the fund manager in different types of securities to reduce risk

Axis Mutual Funds

Structure of mutual fund
Structure of Mutual Fund

Axis Mutual Funds

Assets management company
Assets Management Company

  • Asset Management Company (AMC) is a company that invests its clients fund into securities.

  • It matches the declared financial objectives

  • It provides investor with more diversification and investing options.

  • It reduces the market risk by investing money in different assets.

Axis Mutual Funds

Axis mutual fund
Axis Mutual Fund

  • Axis Mutual Fund has a different pattern for investing at every stage of life

  • Axis mutual fund made an incredible growth recently in 2009.

  • It believes that marketing and selling are not only activities , after sales service is also important .

Axis Mutual Funds

Operation flow chart
Operation Flow Chart

Axis Mutual Funds

Funds of axis mf
Funds of Axis MF

Axis Mutual Funds

Top performing funds
Top Performing Funds

Top performing mutual funds have made the clients to earn and carry forward their investments.

  • Axis Mid Cap Fund (G)

  • Axis Focused 25 Fund (G)

  • Axis Equity Fund (G)

Axis Mutual Funds

Top recommended funds
Top Recommended Funds

  • Axis Long Term Equity Fund (G)

Following are the recommended funds provided by experts on the basis of their research

Axis Mutual Funds

Top ranking funds
Top Ranking Funds

Top ranking funds are identified by their CRISIL ranking

  • Axis Long Term Equity Fund (G)

  • Axis Income Fund (G)

  • Axis Banking Debt Fund (G)

Axis Mutual Funds