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Semester Projects. Transporation Study- Traffic Flow- Semi Circle Traffic ControlLegacy Project- Weather Station- Pendulum . Traffic Flow Project. Project Leader: Amanda GrayTeam: Johnny Malgeri and Landon Ohta. Transportation Study. Overview: Jefferson and Tecumseh traffic pours into t

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Lafayette School Corporation

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1. Lafayette School Corporation Johnny Malgeri Landon Ohta Amanda Gray Sunny Dadlani

2. Semester Projects Transporation Study - Traffic Flow - Semi Circle Traffic Control Legacy Project - Weather Station - Pendulum

3. Traffic Flow Project Project Leader: Amanda Gray Team: Johnny Malgeri and Landon Ohta

4. Transportation Study Overview: Jefferson and Tecumseh traffic pours into the same street at the beginning and end of the day. Due to the chaos this causes parents fail to abide by traffic laws and barriers.

5. Objective To alleviate traffic congestion around Jefferson High School and Tecumseh Middle School. Create an environment that is not only safe for the entire student body but also for the surrounding Lafayette Area.

6. Jefferson High Map

7. Intersection (Jeff. and Tecumseh)

8. Gantt Chart

9. Semi – Circle Traffic Control Project Project Leader: Kriti Yadav, Siddharth Kacher Team: Sunny Dadlani, Kriti Yadav, Siddharth Kacher

10. Objective To ensure the safety of special needs students as they are dropped off to Jefferson High School. Goals: Our purpose is to help give our project partner a much safer and organized Jefferson High School, in terms of traffic. This project will also lessen congestion on the main street and the visitor parking lot.

11. Overview Eliminate traffic problems in the semi-circle driveway at Jefferson High School The solution will be a way to only allow buses for special needs students and visitors into this area. Normally during morning and afternoon, parents tend to drop off their children or pick them up in this area Eliminate unwanted traffic in this area

12. Semi-Circular Drive

13. Gantt Chart

14. More about the project Community Partner: Mr. Roger Francis, LSC Stakeholders: The project partner, students, parents, faculty, community, the Lafayette School Corporation The Department of Transportation for the city of Lafayette will be interested in being informed of the project’s progress as well Jefferson High School.

15. Conclusion Design begins in Spring 2006 Completed by mid Spring 2007 Brainstorm various possible solutions Test the solutions Conceptualize a final solution that is best fit for LSC and meets the given budget and specifications

16. Legacy Projects Project Leader: Rabia Qaseem Team: Siddharth Kacher, Kriti Yadav, Sunny Dadlani, Johnny Malgeri

17. Weather Station Objective: Maintenance of the Weather Station Weather Station Overview: The weather station is a console that collects weather data such as high/low temperatures, humidity, barometric pressure and precipitation. LSC has provided web access for the weather data to the students and it keeps the data updated by hosting the information on the LSC server. Our goal is to maintain the station throughout the semester.

18. Pendulum Project Objective: To complete the Pendulum Project by building the reed switch circuit and constructing and assembling the pendulum parts. Overview: To provide a tool to educate high school students about the physical concept of pendulum motion.

19. Tasks for the Pendulum Project Build the reed switch Get a compression fitting to attach the bob with the shaft Design a proper bob that will allow the pendulum to change weights Design a way to attach the suspension spring with the wooden frame and the shaft to the suspension spring Improve the stability of the base Make the pendulum presentable

20. Breakdown of project Project is divided into two “components” Mechanical - how the actual pendulum is going to look like - Conceptual Design Electrical – the circuit that drives the pendulum.

21. Pendulum Design

22. Pendulum Design

23. Pendulum Details Pendulum shaft – aluminum - Aluminum arrow - 33” long, 23/100th” diameter Shaft to hold weights - aluminum shaft with threads Bob – Steel - manufactured in Purdue Machine shop Weights – hex nuts Suspension Spring

24. Reed Switch Reed switch - consists of two magnetic contacts in a glass tube filled with protective gas.

25. Gantt Chart for the Legacy Projects

26. Conclusion Tasks to be completed: To attach a bob to the shaft To attach a shaft to the frame To place a circuit on the frame To test the design and make the pendulum presentable Expected delivery time: Spring 06

27. Questions or Comments?

28. Thanks for your time!

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