Status report from the executive board
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Status Report from the Executive Board. Sigve Haug, LHEP University of Bern [email protected] ANNEX Address and Names Organizational Chart Assembly Scientific Advisory Council Working Groups Executive Board (EB) Please find the statues and

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Status report from the executive board

Status Report from theExecutive Board

Sigve Haug, LHEP University of Bern

[email protected]


Address and Names

Organizational Chart


Scientific Advisory Council

Working Groups

Executive Board (EB)

Please find the statues and

Strategy documents under



Resources and some Swiss grids

Resulting SwiNG activities.

Organisational movements 2009


Some clusters in swing member institutions mi 2009

This is basic infrastructure for Swiss science which will only grow.

Some of these clusters are interconnected with grid middleware.

Some of these clusters are connected to international grids.

Some of these clusters may want to interconnect to a (national) grid in the future.

The MI handle the resulting

needs with SwiNG.

Some Clusters in SwiNG Member Institutions (MI) 2009

Numbers taken from web sites. May be wrong !

Swing wg the swiss multi science computing grid cms smscg ch giis smscg ch

AAA/SWITCH project with 9 participating institutions. Especially the LHC ATLAS experiment and and EPFL project RSA768 have been using remote resources via this grid infrastructure.

SwiNG WG : The Swiss Multi-Science Computing Grid,

NATIONAL : A future grid portal

with uniform access to most Swiss HPC resources ?

Also desktop clusters can be integrated into a national grid infrastructure swing wg campus grid
Also desktop clusters can be integrated into a national grid infrastructure : SwiNG WG : Campus Grid

The Campus Grid WG serves as an open discussion, coordination, exchange, and standardization forum for ongoing and future projects to build campus-wide grids in Switzerland.

Contact: Pascal Jermini (NEW IN 2009)

Swing wg the swiss atlas grid www nordugrid org monitor org

Did 50k wall time days in 2008. November 2009 it has already doubled.

SwiNG WG : The Swiss ATLAS Grid –

Swiss infrastructure relies on international

middleware. Need to ensure sustained products.

See potential membership in NorduGrid.

Not yet a SwiNG WG: WLCG ( doubled. Some Swiss clusters are EGEE sites : CSCS T2, PSI CMS T3, LHCb in Zuerich and Lausanne)

Take a look at the monitor.

The swiss multi science computing grid cms smscg ch giis smscg ch doubled.

The Swiss Multi-Science Computing Grid,

INTERNATIONAL : Swiss clusters are embedded in

international grids, need for international coordination.

See EGI !

Some central swing activities in 2009

Annual report 2008 ( - Documents – Publications - Reports). A couple of press releases.

Boots at EGEE09, SPS09, GPC09, SPEEDUP09

Talks at GPC09 and AGS09

Delegated the CH-NGI role towards EGI, i.e. the InSPIRE project, until 2010 to SWITCH-UZH-ETHZ

In the process to become a NorduGrid member

Assembly and SAC meetings

Last but not least: The SGS09

Some central SwiNG activities in 2009

Swing wg education and training

The Swiss Grid School 2009 was arranged in conjunction with GPC09.

20 Participants. Several from abroad.

Tutorials on ARC, gLite, Condor (campus grid)

SwiNG WG : Education and Training

Next year : SGS’10 in Lugano. June 22 – 23.

1 2 organigram movements in 2009
1.2 Organigram – Movements in 2009 GPC09.












New SAC chair since the

2009 SAC meeting in June :

S. Gadomski


25 member groups. One new : UniGE enviroSPACE (N. Ray)


The SwiNG Member institutions have growing computing needs. GPC09.

Reflected in a O(10^5) core infrastructure.

Many of these resources are interconnected to a interinstitutional and international grids.

As a result new needs for communication, collaboration, operation and funding rise. SwiNG is here to serve these needs.

New of the year is the delegation of the NGI-CH to the JRU SWITCH-UZH-ETHZ(CHIPP). Also the SwiNG membership in NorduGrid process.

SwiNG will need sustained manpower. A model must be in operation in 2012. This process is being started.


First lhc collisions seen in the atlas control room

Looks like football, but it means some grid work up front . GPC09.

First LHC collisions seen in the ATLAS control room:

Experiment resource requirements
Experiment Resource Requirements GPC09.

INTERNATIONAL : Swiss clusters are embedded in

international grids.

Swing wg grid workflow
SwiNG WG : Grid Workflow GPC09.

The Grid Workflow WG serves as forum for collaboration in the area of grid workflow management research to exploit synergies between existing research groups in the area, and establishes, sustains, and grows the Swiss user community of grid workflows technologies.

Products : JOpera submissions to the SMSCG infrastructure.

Contact: Cesare Pautasso, USI

Annex slides the swiss national grid association 2009
Annex Slides GPC09.The Swiss National Grid Association2009

1 1 address and names
1.1 Address and Names GPC09.

  • Swiss National Grid Association (SwiNG)

  • Postfach 1958

  • CH-8021 Zurich

  • Switzerland


  • [email protected],ch (Executive Board)

  • Handelsregistereintrag : 2007-05-29, Verein, CH-

  • President and Assembly chair : Dean Flanders

  • Scientific Advisory Council chair : Szymon Gadomski

  • Executive Board chair 2009 : Sigve Haug

  • Treasurer : Christoph Witzig

  • Lawyer : Carmen de La Cruz (Egli Partners)

  • Auditor : ROD Treuhand

1 4 member groups and representatives in scientific advisory council
1.4 GPC09.Member Groups and Representatives in Scientific Advisory Council


1.5 Working Groups GPC09.

Active 2009

Swiss Multi-Science Computing Grid (SMSCG), N. Williams, P. Flury.

The Swiss ATLAS Grid, S. Gadomski

Campus Grid, P. Jermini.

Education and Training, N. Abdennadher.

Grid Workflow, C. Pautasso

Proteomics, A. Quandt

In Progress

Industrial, N. Abdennadher.

There are many other grid activities in CH which may want to hook up.


Letter (initiated the organizational structure)

Seed (first infrastructure prototype – see publication)

Infrastructure & Basic Grid Services (transformed into SMSCG)

1.6 Executive Board (EB) 2009 GPC09.

In Bern 2008-11-17 seven board members were elected by the Assembly.

Nabil Abdennadher

Dean Flanders (president of SwiNG).

Sigve Haug (chosen to be EB chair by EB)

Peter Kunszt (Left on 2009-02-04. Duties transferred to Kuonen) Many thanks to Peter!

Pierre Kuonen

Heinz Stockinger

Christoph Witzig (treasurer)

Executive Board 2008

Nabil Abdennadher, Dean Flanders (president of SwiNG), Peter Kunszt, Heinz Stockinger, Wibke Sudholt (chair) , Christoph Witzig (treasurer)

Executive Board 2010

To be elected by Assembly today.