Uv safety month getting workman comp for being hurt at work from radiation
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UV Safety Month – Getting Workman Comp for Being Hurt at Work from Radiat... PowerPoint PPT Presentation

UV Safety Month – Getting Workman Comp for Being Hurt at Work from Radiation by The Cardamone Law Firm, LLC - http://www.myphillyworkerscomp.com.

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UV Safety Month – Getting Workman Comp for Being Hurt at W...

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UV Safety Month – Getting Workman Comp for Being Hurt at Work from Radiation


The Cardamone Law Firm, LLC

July is the official UV Safety Month. A large number of Americans suffer from skin cancers and so many other skin diseases due to exposure to heat and sun.

Radiation from ultra violet rays can be damaging and can have long term health consequences. Workers employed in jobs where there is high exposure to UV rays and radiation must ensure they have insurance coverage from the employer.

Who is More Exposed to UV Radiation?

Many workers can be exposed to UV radiation, especially those who work in healthcare clinics, nuclear industry workers, dental technicians, pilots, flight attendants, construction workers, and other workers who have to work in environments where there is high exposure to sunlight.

Radiation is involved in many work environments including treatment for cancer, brain scans, locating defects in welds, sterilizing products for safety and health, etc. Doctors, radiologists, and other healthcare practitioners are also highly exposed to radiation due to X-Ray machines and other equipment used for CT-Scan, MRI, etc.

Injuries due to Exposure to Radiation

Workplace injuries due to radiation can be life threatening and result in total permanent disability at times. It can damage your sweat glands, burn tissues, permanent hair loss, atrophy, various kinds of skin cancers, etc.

Mostly, it can cause severe damage to the tissues in your body, especially skin tissues. The severity and seriousness of the injury also depends on a few factors including the length of continuous exposure to radiation over time and the sensitivity of your tissue to absorb the radiation.

Can I Get Workers Compensation for Exposure to Radiation?

  • Yes, you’re eligible to receive workers compensation for a work related injury due to exposure to radiation. It is recommended file for a workers compensation claim as soon as possible after the injury without delay. There may be chances that your employer will create problems for you in accepting your claim. In case your claim is denied, it is best to get in touch with a workers comp attorney in PA.

A workman comp attorney can provide you the legal help you need and also help you through the entire workers compensation process. It is important to search for the best attorney in PA to ensure he or she is dedicated, compassionate and is willing to offer their services without personal gain. Look for a certified and qualified work injury lawyer in PA who specializes in work injury law and is aware of nitty gritty of handling cases related to injuries such as due to radiation.

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