How to make extra storage with decoration in a home
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How To Make Extra Storage With Decoration In A Home - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This presentation is made by the world’s top notch wallcoverings company based in the Uk, named as “Muraspec”. In this presentation some great ideas has been shared to make extra storage space which should also look beautiful. Put a glance at this presentation and try at your home to get beautiful extra storage space.

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How To Make Extra Storage With Decoration In A Home

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How to make extra storage with decoration in a home

  • In the home, shortage of storage is a big problem, mostly for the small houses. It is not an easy task to make extra storage which should also look beautiful. This problem is mostly with the small houses. First of all you will have to think, where you can make spaces and how can you make them look beautiful too. For that we are sharing some ideas by which you can take help or reference while making extra storage space in your home.

Above The Doors

  • Above the doors, are the perfect space to make them storage place. Storage above the doors will might be difficult to reach, but if you are desperate to need storage, it will not be an issue for you. Making shelves or cabinets above the doors can give you a good storage space. It depends on you how beautiful you can make them, choose colors according to the room and design according to your taste and size according to the space. Make sure that the size of the shelf or cabinet does not look over sized, utilize the space properly.

Look Beneath The Stairs

  • If you have space down the stairs, look closely and think how can you utilize that extra space. According to the size of the space you can make this extra space into a beautiful usable space. If the size is big, you can add doors at the front to close that and inside add shelves or cabinets, if the space is small, directly add shelves or cabinets. The color and design depends on your taste and according the surrounding interior of walls near the stairs. To make it more beautiful add wallcoverings around the wall of the stairs.

In Bathroom And Kitchen

  • For the common accessories used in bathrooms and kitchens, you can add vanity storage, which depends on you and on the space. The vanity storage can be above the sink or below. Add hangers or holders near the sink to hang common required things while working in the kitchen and add hanger or holders behind the doors of the bathrooms, to hang your clothes, towels, etc. Also add wall panels on the small empty walls to make the place more beautiful.

Use The Entrance Area

  • If your home has the entrance area which has a path to walk a few steps ahead to get inside the home, for this type of entrance you can make storage space. Add shelves on both the walls or put a cabinet for shoes and slippers. Install beautiful wall fabrics on both the walls or add wall panels at the sides of the entrance to give more beauty to the entrance. You can add shelves around the wall fabric to give a stylish look to your storage or fix cabinet below the wall fabric, both will look absolutely beautiful.

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