Kind of sports of winter olympics
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Kind of sports of Winter Olympics PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Kind of sports of Winter Olympics. Подготовила: ученица 10 класса МОУ «Гимназия с. Ивантеевка» Табакова Ольга Руководитель: Пичушкина Наталия Анатольевна, учитель физики и информатики. Contents:. What is it? A bit of history Winter Olympic Sports

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Kind of sports of Winter Olympics

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Kind of sports of Winter Olympics


ученица 10 класса

МОУ «Гимназия с. Ивантеевка»

Табакова Ольга

Руководитель: Пичушкина Наталия Анатольевна,

учитель физики и информатики


  • What is it?

  • A bit of history

  • Winter Olympic Sports

  • Sport competitions which no longer held

  • Olympic symbols

  • Informational Resources

Winter Olympic Games it is

  • the biggest international competitions in winter sports that are held once every four years under the auspices of the International Olympic Committee. Winter Olympic Games were started in 1924 as a supplement to the summer Games.

  • Since 1994, the Winter Olympics are held with a shift of 2 years from the Summer Olympic Games.

History of the Olympic Games

Ancient Greece is the birthplace of the Olympic Games, namely the Greeks revered sanctuary of Olympia, located in the western part of the Peloponnese . First reliably known Olympic Games were held in 776 BC. This year is considered to be the start date . We even know the name of the winner of the first Games. Let us remember him . With this name begins History of the Olympic movement. So Koroibos , the athlete from the city - the polis of Elis .

Olympic Museum, opened in 1993 in Lausanne, the largest repository exhibits depicting the history of the Olympics

Entrance to the stadium in Ancient Olympia

Chariot races

White marble stadium in Athens, which hosted the first modern Olympic Games.

James Connolly - the first champion in the history of the modern Olympics

Winter Olympic Sports

  • Alpine Skiing

  • Ski racing

  • Ski jumping

  • Nordic Combined

  • Freestyle

  • Snowboarding

  • Biathlon

  • Figure skating

  • Skating

  • Bobsleigh

  • Skeleton

  • Ice hockey

  • Curling

Alpine Skiing

Ski Racing

downhill from the mountains

on special skis

Ski race at a certain distance on a specially prepared track.

Ski Jumping

Nordic Combined

Olympic sport that combines ski jumping and cross-country skiing



Freestyle disciplines are ski acrobatics, mogul, ski crossing, slopestyle.

Descent from the snowy slopes on a special projectile – snowboard.


Figure Skating

movement of an athlete or a pair of athletes on ice with changes to the sliding direction and implementation of additional elements to the music

combines ski race with rifle shooting



overcome a certain distance on skates on the ice stadium in circles.

downhill from the mountains on specially equipped ice routes on managed sleigh - beans



Participants should turn special heavy granite shells toward the marked target on the ice.

descent of the ice chute sleigh on a reinforced frame

Ice hockey

a team sport played on ice, consisting in the confrontation between the two teams skating and passing the puck by hockey-stick and trying to throw it in the greatest number of times then the opponent

Sport competitions which no longer held

  • Military patrol - the progenitor of the modern biathlon. The first competitions were held in 1924;

  • Special figures in figure skating were presented only at the Olympics in 1908.

Olympic Symbols


Olympic rings

with the motto:

"Faster, higher, stronger."

Olympic anthem

Emblem of the Russian Olympic Committee

Olympic Charter, a set of laws, which following every sportsman and organazers

Holy Fire

The tradition of lighting the Olympic flame in the stadium has its origins in 1928, the Olympic Games in Amsterdam. And at the Winter Games that took place in 1952 in Oslo. Olympic Torch Relay . The first of which erupts in Olympia, first held in 1936.



Mascot of the Summer Olympic Games in Moscow was bear Misha. I am wondering: what’s mascot will be selected for the Winter Games in Sochi?

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