Export controls national experiences
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TH IL ND. A. A. Export Controls : National Experiences. Backdrop of 1 st ISM: Global. Optimism on disarmament : US / Russia commitment towards nuclear-weapon-free world and positive atmosphere and progress in relevant international arenas

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Export controls national experiences




Export Controls:

National Experiences

Backdrop of 1 st ism global
Backdrop of 1st ISM: Global

  • Optimism on disarmament : US / Russia commitment towards nuclear-weapon-free world and positive atmosphere and progress in relevant international arenas

  • Concerns on proliferation : States and non-State actors

Backdrop of 1 st ism asean
Backdrop of 1st ISM: ASEAN

  • WMD-free Southeast Asiaenshrined in the ASEAN Charter

  • Increasing interest in nuclear energy for peaceful purposes

  • Address nuclear safety and security in an integrated manner

  • Nuclear safety addressed in AMEM, ASEAN+3, ANSN, FNCA

  • Nuclear safeguard and security addressed in SEANWFZ

Thailand chairmanship of seanwfz
Thailand: Chairmanship of SEANWFZ

  • SEANWFZ (Southeast Asia Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone)

    • Participated in the Meeting of Focal Points of NWFZ, Mongolia, April 2009

    • Promoting accession by all NWS

    • UNGA Resolution on SEANWFZ at the 64th UNGA

Role of ism and arf
Role of ISM and ARF

  • Fill a niche in regional cooperation on WMD non-proliferation

  • Promote policy dialogue on WMD non-proliferation and disarmament

  • Promote coordination and cooperation

  • A forum for consultation, networking and sharing of best practices

Thailand commitment to wmd non proliferation
Thailand: Commitment to WMD non-proliferation

  • Party to

    • NPT

    • CWC

    • BWC

    • Safeguard Agreements

  • Signatory to

    • CTBT

    • Additional Protocol

  • Participation in CSI and Megaport Initiative

Thailand export controls
Thailand: Export Controls

  • Regulating Legislations

    • Nuclear:

      • The Atomic for Peace Act (1961)

    • Chemical:

      • The Hazardous Substance Act (1992)

    • Biological:

      • Pathogens and Toxins Act (2001)

      • Disease Control Act (1980)

    • Conventional arms:

      • Exportation of Arms, Armament and War Implement Act (1952)

      • The Munitions of War Control Act (1987)

    • Dual-use goods

      • The Export and Import of Goods Act (1979)

Thailand export controls1
Thailand: Export Controls

  • Regulating agencies

    • Nuclear: Office of Atoms for Peace, Ministry of Energy

    • Chemical: Department of Industrial Works, Ministry of Industry

    • Biological: Department of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Public Health

    • Conventional arms: Ministry of Defence

    • Dual-use goods: Department of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce

Thailand export controls dual use goods
Thailand: Export Controls (dual-use goods)

  • Compelling reasons for developing export control of dual-use goods

    • Facilitate trade and investment

    • Comply with UNSC Resolutions

    • Prevent transfer of dual-use goods for non-peaceful purposes

Thailand export controls dual use goods1
Thailand: Export Controls(dual-use goods)

  • Steps taken

    • Established (March 2008) a working group to setup a dual-use-goods export control system

      • Comprises 14 agencies

      • Both public and private sector

    • national control list (based on EU list) in process of submission to Cabinet

Thailand export controls dual use goods2
Thailand: Export Controls(dual-use goods)

  • Steps Taken (2)

    • Establishment of a national export control committee (NECC) in process of submission to Cabinet

    • Once established, NECC will

      • Formulate and review policy and strategy

      • Monitor and oversee development of the national control list, implementation and law enforcement

      • Inter-agency coordination

Thailand export controls dual use goods3
Thailand: Export Controls(dual-use goods)

  • Steps Taken (3)

    • Capacity building and Outreach

      • Training for officials / private sector

      • Seminar and industry outreach

      • Visits

Thailand export controls2
Thailand: Export Controls

  • Challenges and Constraints

    • Monitoring and control

      • effective coordination mechanism / systematic inter-agencies cooperation required

      • adequate resources and capacity

    • Developing a national export control list

      • determining national tariff nomenclature

    • Private sector’s concerns

      • Speed of licensing procedure

      • misperception on export requirements

Thailand export controls3
Thailand: Export Controls

  • Sources of Assistance

    • The United States: Export Control and Related Border Security (EXBS) Program, Department of State

    • Japan: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Thailand export controls4
Thailand: Export Controls

  • Recommendations

    • Capacity building for countries in need

    • Sharing of best practices

    • Development of common control list (may start from ASEAN, based on EU list)

  • Way forward for ISM

    • Develop contact points

    • Develop work plan

    • CSCAP recommendations can be used as inputs