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We pointed out in our other article this morning the strength in the US dollar versus other currencies and this could very well be playing a role in the weakness in gold and silver. After the US dollar levels out against the other currencies we could see an opportunity to move in and make a trade or two, but until then it is difficult to trade these names simply on a currency and/or inflation trade. The inflation trade is at least a year off and with the US dollar showing the strength it has it will be a while before all the money the Fed has injected into the economy can play a role in pushing up some of these names which have been taken down sharply. We would rather be bullish the equities than the underlying commodities at this point as a strong US dollar tends to attract capital to US bond, equity and other markets. Commodity prices this morning are as follows: • Gold: $1578.70/ounce, up by $6.40/ounce • Silver: $28.74/ounce, up by $0.25/ounce • Oil: $90.53/barrel, down by $0.15/barrel • RBOB Gas: $3.1239/gallon, down by $0.0047/gallon • Natural Gas: $3.426/MMbtu, down by $0.03/MMbtu Oil & Natural Gas SandRidge Energy (SD) beat estimates at the end of last week for their latest quarter but also guided down for their 2013 numbers. The stock once again was taken lower as shares fell $0.29, just over 5%, to close at $5.41/share on higher than normal volume of 29.7 million shares. The company's CEO Tom Ward once again reiterated his belief that the company is undervalued and stated that they would continue to grow via the drill bit. The bad news for shareholders was the company's new estimates for the recoverable reserves from the Mississippian play as they pertain to oil, something we have been discussing and has been out there for a while now - especially with the latest results from the trusts associated with the company's fields.

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