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foot ball

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Team activity

Competitive (both teams are trying to win)

Directly competitive (your performance can affect your opponents performance.

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  • Objective.

  • The score can be counted.

  • The team that scores the most goals wins.


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  • Playing roles Non-playing roles

    • Striker Referee

    • Midfielder Linesman

    • Defender Spectator (fan)

    • Goalkeeper Ballboy/Waterboy

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  • Formal e.g. Offside rule

    • This is a rule that can be found in a rule book.

  • Informal e.g. swapping shirts

    • The way you are expected to behave.

Examples of Rules

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  • The way the team is set out on the pitch

    • E.g. 4-4-2

    • 3-5-2

    • 4-2-4


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  • The way in which you try to play to your opponents weakness whilst using your own strengths.

  • Decided before the game but can be changed during it.

  • E.g. Width in attack

    • Attacking players spread out

    • Opposition defence has to spread out

    • Defence is weaker

    • Creates space to play through the middle

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  • Speed (wingers)

  • Strength (strikers and defenders)

  • Suppleness (goalkeepers)

  • Stamina (all players)

Aspects of fitness

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Methods of Learning Skills

  • Gradual Build-up

    • When skills are practiced bit by bit.

    • Each practice gets more difficult with each stage you do.

    • E.g. Shooting

      • a dead ball into an open goal

      • A moving ball into an open goal

      • A moving ball into a goal with a keeper in it

      • A moving ball with a goalkeeper and a defender in front of the goal

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Methods of Learning Skills

  • Whole-Part-Whole

    • The whole skill is shown.

    • Part of the skill is practiced. It is normally something the player finds difficult.

    • The whole skill is performed.

    • E.g. Playing the whole game

    • Volleys are a weakness

    • Partner feeds up ball

    • Performer volleys it into an open goal

    • Play full game again

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  • Warm-up

    • Before doing any activity you must warm-up.

    • Warm-up in 3 stages.

    • Start with gentle exercise to raise your body temperature and heart rate.

    • Do stretches to make sure you don’t get injured.

    • Practice skills e.g. shooting, passing, heading the ball. This helps you to prepare mentally and physically for the game.

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  • Techniques

    • How you perform a skill.

      e.g. Shooting; volley, half volley, overhead kick.

      e.g. Passing; through ball, cross, long ball.

      e.g. Tackling; slide, block.