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General Information. These notes provide guidance and instructions for Express Invigilators’ who will be supervising and conducting public examinations for exam centres and other educational establishments. The Invigilator.

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General Information

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General information

General Information

These notes provide guidance and instructions for Express Invigilators’ who will be supervising and conducting public examinations for exam centres and other educational establishments.


The invigilator

The Invigilator

  • Is the person responsible for conducting examinations in the presence of all Candidates in the examination room.

  • It is the invigilator’s role in upholding the integrity of the examination taking place on the day of the exam.


What can go wrong

What Can Go Wrong?

  • Fire alarm

  • Malpractice (cheating)

  • Disruptive Candidate

  • Late arrivals/early leavers

  • Noise outside

  • Problems with the examination paper

  • Candidate asking for special arrangements

  • Student not on the attendance list for the examination

  • Unauthorised people

  • Student has an exam clash


Invigilators arriving for the morning examination

Invigilators Arriving For The Morning Examination

  • Public examinations start 9:00 am (Morning exam).

  • It is the responsibility of Express Invigilators to arrive 8:30 am or before the start of the exam, for the smooth running of all examinations.


Invigilators arriving for the afternoon examination

Invigilators Arriving For The Afternoon Examination

  • Public examinations start 1:30 pm (Afternoon exam).

  • It is the responsibility of Express Invigilators to arrive 1:00 pm or before the start of the exam, for the smooth running of all examinations.


Getting started

Getting Started

  • Arrive at the examinations office 30 minutes in advance to collect the question papers.

  • Read through the awarding body regulations in advance.

  • Go straight to the exam room.

  • Set up the exam room with Candidates question papers and any other material required for the examination.


Cont d


  • Keep all spear question papers and answer books together.

  • Remove or cover up any relevant posters from walls.

  • Keep the Candidates out of the exam room until you are ready for them to enter.


Before you let the candidates enter the exam room

Before You Let The Candidates Enter The Exam Room

  • Announce all mobile telephones are to be switched off.

  • Take that toilet break.

  • Silence in the exam room when entering

  • Bags must be left at the front of the examination room.

  • Candidates take to their desks only the materials specified for the examination.


Cont d1


  • Candidates to display their student cards on the desk. If a student card is not produced, an alternative identity is required, i.e. photographic driving licence or passport .

  • Point out official notices i.e. Fire Exits.


The invigilators announcement

The Invigilators Announcement

  • Announce the Examination Regulations and conditions now apply.

  • Warn the Candidates about the malpractice and disruption during the exam i.e. ringing of mobile telephones, communicating with other candidates during the examination.


Starting the exam

Starting The Exam

  • Candidates should be allowed to enter the examination room in sufficient time for them to be seated and ready to start the examination at the prescribed time.

  • Read out the exam regulations to the Candidates.

  • Tell the Candidates not to start the exam but to fill in their name, centre number, and other details where appropriate.

  • Tell the Candidates to read the instructions on the front of the question paper.


Cont d2


  • Tell the Candidates about any erratum notices.

  • Instruct Candidates about emergency procedures.

  • Allow reading time if appropriate.

  • Write up the Start and Finish times.


Cont d3


  • Establish the identity of all Candidates sitting the examination.

  • Check and tick the seating plan.

  • Fill in and sign the ‘registration attendance list’ and note the Candidates that are absent for the exam i.e. ‘abs’ on the attendance registration list.


During the examination

During The Examination

  • Invigilators must supervise the Candidates throughout the whole time the examination is in progress.

  • Issue additional paper if required.

  • Quietly move around the assessment area at frequent intervals: excessive patrolling is discouraged.

  • Escort Candidates under strict supervision-rules on toilet breaks: 1 invigilator is to escort 2 Candidates at a time (call for assistance if alone).


Cont d4


Express Invigilators are not allowed to answer Candidates’ enquiries relating to interpretation of the actual content of the question paper. Your role and responsibility is to minimise contact and communication to all candidates.


Cont d5


  • Express Invigilators must not carry out any other tasks i.e.

  • Reading a book or newspaper.

  • The use of a mobile phone.

  • Participating in crosswords or sudoku.

  • Holding conversations other than that which is required to operate the examination.


Cont d6


Where a Candidate believes that there is an error or omission on the question paper, the invigilator must not make any comments but refer the matter to the examinations office.


Cont d7


If the Candidate thinks that the question paper has a section missing or that he/she has not been scheduled for the examination and has been entered for the incorrect paper, the Invigilator must report immediately to the examinations office.


Late arrivals

Late Arrivals

  • A Candidate who arrives after 9:30 am for a morning examination or after 2:00 pm for an afternoon examination may be allowed to enter the exam room and sit to the examination. However, the candidateshould bewarned that the awarding body has the right not to accept the script. The examinations office is to be informed of late arrivals.


Candidates arriving after the examination

Candidates Arriving After The Examination

  • Candidates arriving after the scheduled finishing time, invigilators must record the candidate as ‘absent’ and should not allow the candidate to take the examination.

  • The invigilator must tell the candidate that he or she will not be awarded marks for the component.


Cont d8


  • The invigilator is to escort the candidate to the examinations office.


Leaving the examination room

Leaving The Examination Room

  • Candidates must stay under supervision until one hour (or a period equal to the length of the examination, if less than one hour) after the starting time shown on the awarding body’s final examination timetable.


Cont d9


  • Candidates who are allowed to leave the examination room temporarily must be accompanied by an invigilator at all times.

  • Candidates who have finished their work and have been allowed to leave the examination room early must hand in their work before they leave the examination room. Those candidates must not be allowed back into the examination room.


Access arrangements special consideration

Access Arrangements & Special Consideration

  • MUST be arranged in advance by the examinations office.

  • Candidates need to have been assessed by the supported learning unit.

  • Each awarding body has different rules about what can be granted.


Emergencies fire alarm bomb alert

Emergencies – Fire Alarm/Bomb Alert

  • Evacuate the examination room immediately, make sure that all question papers and scripts are left in the examination room.

  • Make sure that Candidates are supervised as closely as possible while they are out of the examination room.

  • To make sure there is no discussion about the examination papers.


Cont d10

Cont’d …

  • Make a note of the time of the interruption and how long it lasted.

  • Allow the Candidates the full working time set for the examination.




  • The invigilator should remove and keep any unauthorised material that a Candidate may have in the examination room.

  • If the Candidate commit malpractice, the awarding body must decide to penalise or disqualify the candidate.


End of examination

End Of Examination

  • Express Invigilators’ staff are to rememberat the end of the examination, it is treated and considered as still in progress from the time Candidates enter the room until all the examination papers have been collected.


Announcing the end of the examination

Announcing The End Of The Examination

  • Announce 5 minutes left.

  • Invigilators must announce end of exam.

  • Tell all Candidates to STOP working and pens down immediately on the desk.

  • Express Invigilators are to remain in the examination room unless been authorised by head of invigilators or by the examinations office to leave.


Collection of examination papers

Collection Of Examination Papers

Invigilators are to announce the following:

  • Make sure Candidates have put all the necessary information on their examination papers, including any loose sheets.

  • Make sure their answers are correctly numbered.

  • Put any loose sheets in the order they answered the questions, and fasten the sheets to the back of their answer books with a treasury tag.


End of examination continued

End Of Examination Continued

  • Invigilators to remain in the examination room until all Candidate/s have handed over the examination paper/s and any other examination materials or equipment to the Invigilator.

  • Collection all examination papers from all Candidates at the end of the examination.


General information

  • Allow Candidates who arrived late, and were allowed the full working time to do their examination, to continue after the normal finishing time and tell them to stop working after the extra time allowed has passed.


Joint council qualifications jcq

Joint Council Qualifications (JCQ)

  • Examinations are conducted and governed under the rules and regulations of JCQ. Inspectors may and can visit educational institutions unexpectedly. Please ensure to apply the examination procedures for these establishments.


General information

The End


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