Using free gimp software to create value portraits juli fraher pontiac district 429 pontiac il
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Using Free GIMP Software to Create Value Portraits Juli Fraher Pontiac District #429 Pontiac, IL - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Using Free GIMP Software to Create Value Portraits Juli Fraher Pontiac District #429 Pontiac, IL. Download Gimp from 3 Part Assignment. Color Wheel Study Warhol Portraits Value Portraits. Color Wheel Study. Paint a Color Wheel Paint a Gray Scale.

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Using Free GIMP Software to Create Value Portraits Juli Fraher Pontiac District #429 Pontiac, IL

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Using Free GIMP Software to Create Value PortraitsJuli FraherPontiac District #429Pontiac, IL

Download Gimp from

3 Part Assignment

  • Color Wheel Study

  • Warhol Portraits

  • Value Portraits

Color Wheel Study

Paint a Color Wheel

Paint a Gray Scale

Have students paint a color wheel. This one works for me.

Paint primary colors first

Paint primary colors first

Use the tip of the brush to paint clean corners

Carefully fill in the area

The finished color wheel

Grey Scale

Use only black and white

Paint one solid area of black and one of white

To begin, use more white than black

Blend the two colors well and paint a square

on a recycled piece of paper

Continue adding a tiny bit more of black each time.

When dry, place a ruler on top of the swatches,

and draw a line on each side of the ruler

Place the ruler at a right angle to the first lines

and repeat

Carefully cut out the squares. Be exact!!

The finished grey scale

Warhol Portraits

“File” then “Open” and select a picture.

The picture name will appear at the bottom.







  • Mask Radius- 40.99(Somewhere around 40)

  • Sharpness- 1.000

  • Percent Black- 0.202

  • Percent White- 8.850

Select all, copy and paste on a Publisher document.

You can put 2 pictures on one 8 1/2” X 11” page.

Print Photocopy in WordYou can put 2 on a page.Print 9 copies (Keep 1)

Warhol Portraits

A series of 8 self-portrait paintings with the following color schemes:

1.2 complementary pairs (either: red and green or blue and orange or yellow and violet- pick 2 of these 3 groups)

2.These same colors in the same place mixed with white to create tints.

3.The same colors in the same place mixed with black to create shades

4.4 analogous colors (4 colors next to each other on the color wheel)

5.A monochromatic color scheme (1 color plus black and white and all the tints and shades in between; such as white, light blue, blue, dark blue and black)

6.The 3 warm colors

7.The 3 cool colors

8.The 3 primary colors

Paint one portrait using 2 pairs

of complements adjacent to each other.

Use the same

color placement

as the first

painting, but

use white to

make tints

Use black to make shades

4 analogus colors

4 monochromatic colors

3 warm colors

3 cool colors

3 Primary Colors


Don’t paint the eyes. Divide your portrait into 4 or 5 areas depending on the color scheme. You only need to paint part of each picture. They will be trimmed to 4” X 6”. Use the cardboard template. Fold a 12”X18” piece of colored paper in half like a book. Center one of the portraits on the fold. Leave a ½” gap between it and the next picture. Glue down all 8 paintings and label each one.

Value Portraits

Set Posterize Level to 12

Place the transparency over the copy. Start by outlining the lightest values first with sharpie.

Transparency with values outlined.

Place transparency face down on copier. Increase size to 121%.

Center xerox copy on 9 X 12” watercolor paper. Tape down. Use old lesson plan carbon paper to transfer the outline drawing to the watercolor paper.

Set up a palette with 3 white, 3 of the base color and 1 black.

Add small amounts of the base color to the three white colors to create the values. Add black to 2 of the base colors.

The finished palette

Begin by painting

the lightest values first

Thank you!Copies of student handouts and presentation power point are available on the conference site.Thanks to Linda RobinsonOxford Middle School.

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