International deception
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International Deception PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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International Deception. Charles F. Bond, Jr. Texas Christian University . International Deception. Behavior. Judgment. Belief. American and Jordanian Lies. 60 Americans 60 Jordanians English Arabic Lie about acquaintances. (Bond et al, 1990).

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International Deception

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International Deception

Charles F. Bond, Jr.

Texas Christian University

International Deception




American and Jordanian Lies

60 Americans60 JordaniansEnglish Arabic Lie about acquaintances

(Bond et al, 1990)

American and Jordanian Behavior

Eye Contact

Head Movements

Judgments across 3 Nations

(Bond & Atoum, 2000)









Three Nations, Three Modalities







Accuracy of Lie Detection

% Correct Judgments

Audio Video AV

Audio Video AV

Own Nation

Other Nation

Perceived Honesty

% Truth Judgments

Audio Video AV

Audio Video AV

Own Nation

Other Nation

Beliefs about Deception

(Global Deception Research Team, In progress)

  • 75 nations

  • 4800 residents

  • 42 languages

Beliefs in 75 Nations

How can you tell?




Move Body


% of Respondents

How can you tell?

Differing Beliefs about Eye Contact

% of respondents

Questions about Behaviors

More eye contact

Less eye contact


More shifting

Less shifting


More self-touching

Less self-touching


Longer stories

Shorter stories


% Responses

More eye contact when lying?

How many per week?

Taiwan Portugal . . . USA . . . Pakistan Algeria

How many per week?

How many do you detect?

% Detected

Sweden Norway . . . USA . . . Armenia Turkey

How many do you detect?

How many of yours succeed?

% Detected

Moldova Botswana . . . USA . . . Argentina Chile

How many of yours succeed?

% Not Detected


Algeria R. Messili

Argentina S. Tifner

Armenia H. Datevyan

Australia K. Williams

Austria M. Voracek

Belgium B. Rimé

Bolivia M. Schulmeyer

Botswana M. Munyae

Brazil M. Pereira

Burkina faso D. Donatien

Cameroon T. Tchombe

Canada K. Lee

Chile M. Koljatic

China Y. Zhang

Colombia O. Rodriguez

Croatia I. Sverko

Cyprus A. Kapardis

Czech Rep. I. Stuchlikova

Domin. Rep. C. Matuk

Egypt R. Ahmed

Estonia T. Aavik

Finland M. Niemi

France P. Banton

Georgia G. Nizharadze

Germany G. Koehnken

Ghana S. Reynolds

Pakistan F. Ahmad

Paraguay M. Basualdo

Peru D. Herrera

Phillipines C. Conaco

Poland B. Pawlowski

Portugal F. Neto

Romania I. Roxana

Russia D. Khalturina

Samoa M. Kerslake

Serbia A. Kostik

Slovakia L. Lovas

Slovenia V. Rus

South Africa C. Tredoux

Spain J. Masip

Sri Lanka R. Gunawardhane

Swaziland P. Mngadi

Sweden M. Hartwig

Switerland R. Wright

Taiwan T. Huang

Togo V. Talwar

TrinidadTobago D. Chadee

Turkey M. Ker-Dincer

U.A.E. M. Abu-Hilal

United Kingdom A. Vrij

U.S.A. S. Rao

Greece F. Kukkinaki

India V. Giri

Indonesia N. Hasanat

Iran H. Bahrami

Ireland J. Horgan

Israel J. Kurman

Italy L. Caso

Japan T. Oka

Jordan A. Atoum

Kenya R. Rono

Korea H. Han

Kuwait R. Ahmed

Lithuania R. Simulioniene

Malaysia R. Ismail

Malta R. Holland

Mauritius U. Bhowon

Mexico C. Benjet

Micronesia R. Churney

Moldova C. Platon

Morocco A. Ghayur

Nepal S. Niraula

Netherlands H. Merckelbach

New Zealand L. Johnston

Norway A. Melinder

Best Cues for Lie Detection

(DePaulo et al, 2003)

Audible distancing


Lack of detail


50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%

Percentage Accuracy

(Bond & DePaulo, In progress)

Mean % Correct

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