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REPORTED QUESTIONS. by. Ms. Shiu Chi-kuen, Teresa. Enjoy your lesson !. There are two types of questions:. a) Reported Wh- questions. b) Reported yes / no questions. Let’s see how we change the type a) wh-questions into reported speech.

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Reported questions



Ms. Shiu Chi-kuen, Teresa

Enjoy your lesson !

Reported questions

There are two types of questions:

a) Reported Wh-questions

b) Reported yes / no questions

Reported questions

Let’s see how we change the type

a) wh-questions into reported speech.

  • Peter asked Mary, “Who did you meet at the party

  • last night?”

Mary can report what Peter said like this:

Peter asked Mary whoshe had met at the party

the night before / the previous night.

Reported questions

When you report a wh-question into reported question, you will see that:

~ the introductory verb is asked, not said;

~ the question word who is kept;

~ the word order becomes subject (she) verb (met)

~ the substance ends with a full stop(.);

not a question mark(?) and

~ the verb tense, pronounand time expressionchange in

the same way as in reported statements.

Reported questions

Now, let’s practise some questions.

Exercise 1


Where is my


Dora asked Tom, “Where is my book?”

Direct question:

Reported questions:

Dora asked Tom whereher book was.

Reported questions

What are you

doing this



Direct question:

Mark asked Helen, “What are you doing this afternoon?”

Reported question:

Mark asked Helen whatshewasdoing that afternoon.

Reported questions

Here change the type b) yes / no questions into reported questions.

When you report a yes / no question, you need to use if. Don’t forget to change any verb tenses, pronouns and time expressions.

Are you ready to go


e.g. (a)

John asked Bill if he was ready to go swimming.

Reported questions


Did you take my

handbag yesterday?

Alice asked if I had taken her handbag the day before / the previous day.

Reported questions

It’s the time to practise!

Exercise 2:

Are you going to the

concert with your

brother next Friday?


Direct question:

Bob asked Mimi, “Are you going to the concert with your brother next Friday?”

Reported question:

Bob asked Mimi if she was going to the concert with her brother the following Friday.

Reported questions


Were you at Alice’s

party last night?

Direct question:

Ann asked Paul, “Were you at Alice’s party

last night? ”

Reported question:

Ann asked Paul if he had been at Alice’s party the previous night / the night before.

Reported questions

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Reported questions

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