towards a joint eu au strategy
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Towards a Joint EU-AU Strategy

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Towards a Joint EU-AU Strategy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Towards a Joint EU-AU Strategy. Nordic Africa Days (NAI) Uppsala 26 April 2007 Geert Laporte ECDPM. Structure of presentation. Context: Revival of EU-Africa dialogue Why a joint EU-Africa Strategy? Shared vision & Key Thematic areas Diverging perspectives Opportunities & Risks

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towards a joint eu au strategy
Towards a Joint EU-AU Strategy

Nordic Africa Days (NAI)

Uppsala 26 April 2007

Geert Laporte


structure of presentation
Structure of presentation
  • Context: Revival of EU-Africa dialogue
  • Why a joint EU-Africa Strategy?
  • Shared vision & Key Thematic areas
  • Diverging perspectives
  • Opportunities & Risks
  • Process of Joint Strategy
  • Conclusions
revival of eu africa dialogue
Revival of EU-Africa Dialogue
  • Cairo Summit (2000) with OAU
  • Emergence of AU as political interlocutor
  • Brussels/ Addis dialogue: AUC-EC Dialogue
  • More regular EP-PAP exchanges
  • ….Lisbon Summit 2007?
fragmented framework of au eu relations
Fragmented framework of AU-EU relations
  • 3 EU-Africa Agreements
    • Cotonou Partnership – ACP Group
    • TDCA – South Africa
    • Euro-Mediterranean Partnership- European Neighbourhood Policy
  • EC funding mechanisms + mgt structure
    • National, regional & continental level
  • EU Member States policies on Africa
why a joint eu africa strategy
Why a joint EU-Africa Strategy?
  • Adapt to new world context since 9/11 (security, migration, environment,…)
  • Deepening of democratisation and integration in Africa and EU
  • Emergence of Pan-African institutions
  • New players with strong interest in Africa (China, India, Arab World, Latin-America…)
  • Strengthening political dialogue
  • Need to make ‘joint’ strategy after ‘unilateral’ EU Strategy for Africa
shared vision
Shared Vision
  • Historic links and neigbourhood
  • Redefining common interests in changing context
  • Political partnership beyond aid requiring different dialogue and institutional mechanisms
  • Mutual accountability
  • Promote and cooperate in effective multilateral system
peace and security
Peace and Security
  • Sustained holistic approaches (crisis mgt, LT peace building, conflict prevention, governance,..)
  • Support to African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA- Peace Facility)
  • Capacity building in Africa to prevent and resolve conflicts
governance democracy and human rights
Governance, democracy and human rights
  • Support AU Governance Agenda/ African grown initiatives (e.g APRM)
  • Discuss issues of economic governance- return of illegally aquired assets
  • Mutual accountability instead of double standards
  • Enforcement of mutual commitments
trade and regional integration
Trade and regional integration
  • Trade = development oriented
  • Fully integrated pan-African market
  • Ensuring coherence between joint strategy and trade agreements (EPAs)?
key development issues
Key development issues
  • Health & Education for all
  • Migration
  • Debt cancellation
  • Sustainable development
  • Agriculture
  • Environment & climate change
  • Industrialisation, S&T
  • Cultural goods etc…
diverging perspectives africa europe policies
Diverging perspectives Africa-Europe (policies)
  • Trade/EPAs coherent with panafrican integration?
  • Different ambitions: traditional economic development versus industrialisation, S&T, KM?
  • Migration-security-brain drain?
  • Addressing debt in strategy?
  • Pan-african enveloppe beyond EDF10?
  • Return cultural goods
diverging perspectives africa europe process
Diverging Perspectives Africa-Europe (process)
  • Radical shift in partnership culture
  • Real and effective joint dialogue, monitoring & implementation
  • Joint dialogue on types of funding & management of resources
  • Mutual accountability
  • Openness to dialogue on all sensitive issues on equal footing
  • More balanced partnership because of strengthened bargaining power of Africa
  • New and stronger African institutions
  • Involvement civil society
  • EU ‘Business as usual’?
  • Will EU treat Africa as one?
  • Coherence with existing partnership frameworks?
  • Reluctance EU member states?
  • Will strategy reach grassroots?
process of joint strategy
Process of Joint Strategy
  • Institutional dialogue at Troika Commissions and Experts levels
  • Broad based public consultation process via internet and consultative meetings
  • ECDPM mandated by AU and EU to facilitate both processes
next steps in the process
Next steps in the Process
  • Drafting Outline by Experts Group (26-28 April)
  • Ministerial Troika (15 May) to decide on outline
  • Drafting Strategy & further consultation
  • Lisbon Summit (December 2007)
  • First time that attempt is made for genuine and joint and inclusive process
  • Openness in pointing out issues of consensus and divergence
  • Will Joint Strategy fundamentally change EU-Africa relations beyond aid ?
  • Ensure delivery of commitments and put emphasis on monitoring and implementation mechanisms!
Thank you for your attention…

Geert Laporte

[email protected]

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