Writing with slang
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Writing with Slang. Dialect. A form of language that is characteristic of a particular place or group of people Can take form in how you say something Aunt vs Ant Pin vs Pen Can take form in what you say Soda vs Coke vs Pop vs Soda Pop Hoagie vs Sub

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Writing with Slang

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Writing with Slang


A form of language that is characteristic of a particular place or group of people

Can take form in how you say something

Aunt vs Ant

Pin vs Pen

Can take form in what you say

Soda vs Coke vs Pop vs Soda Pop

Hoagie vs Sub

“Wicked Awesome”

Dialect is filled with slang

What is slang?

According to dictionary.com

  • very informal usage in vocabulary and idiom that is characteristically more metaphorical, playful, elliptical, vivid, and ephemeral than ordinary language, as Hit the road.

    2. (in English and some other languages) speech and writing characterized by the use of vulgar and socially taboo vocabulary and idiomatic expressions.

    3. the jargon of a particular class, profession, etc.

    4. the special vocabulary of thieves, vagabonds, etc.; argot.

When do we use slang?

With friends




When should we use formal diction?







Why is it bad to use slang in formal situations?

Affects meaning/sincerity

Reflects maturity level/education

Excludes others


How does slang age us?

2 ways:

1. The younger you are, the less formal diction you know, or you don’t know when to turn it off.

2. Language evolves FAST.

Some sweet 90’s terms

  • fauxadj. fake (from the French for "false")

  • fuglyAdj: Extremely ugly (i.e., f**king ugly)

  • hottienoun. someone, man or woman, who is very, very attractive (i.e., Natalie Portman is such a hottie!)

  • m'kaynoun; yes, okay, alright. Popularized by "The South Park Movie"

  • scrub1) Adj. A guy that girls mostly hate. Popularized by the TLC song, "No Scrubs"

  • sup1) Excl. What's up.

  • you go!excl. Good for you! More power to you! (usu. used with "girl": "You go, girl!")

  • Wangstaa fake gangsta

  • WellVery. "He's well rich"

  • Wellin'This means that you're lying. Ex. "I went to the sore last night and got some new shoes","Youwellin' 'cause you was over Mike's house last night".

  • WhassupAsking how someone is doing (usu. between two guys talking).. also might refer to asking if the other person is having a Bud. Popularized by Budweiser commercials during Super Bowl and others.

  • Oh snap..oh yeah, thats right

  • Old Schooladj./adv. old-fashioned, of the old style, etc. Usually a term of respect for the past greats of whatever discipline you're talking about (e.g., Do it old school like Elvis)

  • OoglyAs in very ugly. "She's so ugly, she's OOgly" popular in the eastcoast since around 1997

  • Open up a can of whoop-assExcl. to kick one's butt, you're in trouble now, etc.

  • Peace outBye

  • Phat!1) Adjective. Cool, awesome, you’re hip or pretty hot and tempting.

  • GankTo steal. I ganked these shoes from the mall.

  • Get Over ItGet Over It means exactly what it says - "Get Over It!". To tell someone to get over it is to point out that they are over-reacting to a situation or thing or is telling them that they need to shut up- e.g. "I can't believe I spilt cola on my new shirt!" "Get over it"

  • Get a Room!Excl. What you say to two or more people whose public displays of affection seem too inappropriate or risque. (i.e., make what you're doing private, not so public)

  • GettinJiggyverb. Can mean either dancing or putting the move on a member of the opposite sex. Popularized by the Will Smith song "Getting Jiggy With It"

  • Ghettoadj. unflattering, as in cheap.

Words that should not be used in formal writing

Substandard Diction: The good writer never uses these words in his or her formal writing.

a lot different thankid

thingalright guy

off of waycrazy

waysstuff good



  • Listen to the 90’s song “Getting’ Jiggy with It” by Will Smith.

    • Identify all examples of slang:

      • Circle the terms you still hear today

      • Cross out the terms that are no longer used

  • Choose one stanza and re-write it in formal language.

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