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Healthy Homes Detroit. The Goal: Make 120+ homes healthy and safe Aligning partner resources Build community awareness Develop a replicable model. 29 Healthy Homes Hazards (as defined by HUD). Lead Water Supply Asbestos Damp & Mold

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Healthy homes detroit
Healthy Homes Detroit

The Goal:

  • Make 120+ homes healthy and safe

  • Aligning partner resources

  • Build community awareness

  • Develop a replicable model

29 healthy homes hazards as defined by hud
29 Healthy Homes Hazards (as defined by HUD)

Lead Water Supply Asbestos Damp & Mold

Trips/Falls Excess Heat Excess Cold Pests

Indoor Air Quality Biocides Structural Collapse

Carbon Monoxide VOCs Uncombusted Fuel Gas

Radiation Fire/Hot Surfaces Crowding & Space

Entry by Intruders Lighting Pests/Home Hygiene

Food Safety Sanitation & Drainage Electrical

Entrapment Explosions Noise Ergonomics

What do we do in a home
What do we do in a home?

  • Meet family

  • Assess home

  • Create Family Action Plan

  • Education

  • Give health, safety & green products

  • Minor repairs

  • Align partner resources

What do we do in a typical home
What do we do in a typical home?

  • TIER ONE Products:

    • Asthma Prevention (mattress covers, HEPAvacuum, containers)

    • Lead (cleaning kit and instructions)

    • Mold/Moisture (dehumidifier)

    • Installed: Smoke Detector/CO detector/Fire Extinguisher

    • Safety: baby safety products; fire escape plan

  • TIER TWO Repairs:

    - Asthma Prevention: Carpet Removal; IPM

    - Mold/Moisture: Minor roof repair, gutters, caulking

    - Safety: railings, new windows, electrical repair, steps

What do we do in a typical home1
What do we do in a typical home?

  • TIER THREE: Partnerships Make the Difference

  • Lead Grants with Detroit Planning and Development & MDCH

  • Boarding up homes with WSU Center for Urban Studies

  • Weatherization with Michigan Community Action Agency Association

  • Home Energy Consultations with DTE Energy

  • Smoke and CO Detectors from Children’s Hospital

  • Home Repair Grants with Citizens Bank

  • Asthma Home Visits by the Asthma & Allergy Foundation/MI

Healthy homes detroit accomplishments
Healthy Homes Detroit Accomplishments

  • 69 families enrolled

    • 20 Skillman/Kresge funding

    • 49 HUD Grant

  • 63 homes assessed

  • 40 homes completed

    includes Kresge/Skillman Pilot & HUD to date

Healthy homes detroit accomplishments1
Healthy Homes Detroit Accomplishments

Number and Types of Repairs

~Moisture/Mold:Roofs/Gutters/Tubs: 26

~Safety/Stairs—Porches : 12

~Basic Weatherization: 11

~Safety/Electrical: 6

~Safety/Asbestos: 3

~Integrated Pest Management: 5

Healthy homes detroit accomplishments2
Healthy Homes Detroit Accomplishments

  • Referrals to Partners:

    • MCAAA Weatherization Program: 19

    • Asthma Home Visit referrals 16

    • Energy Visits: DTE & WARM 10

    • Lead: PDD and MDCH 4

And of note
And…of note…

  • 16 houses are Repeat Offender Houses (2 or more lead poisonings)

  • 3 CO Incidents

  • 2 fires prevented

Healthy homes detroit1
Healthy Homes Detroit


Physical Improvements

D uring

Asbestos remediation to prepare a home for weatherization

Photo courtesy of Majestic Contractors

And after
… and after…


Barriers to success
Barriers to Success

  • Leaking Roofs

  • Uncertainty of Weatherization Dollars

  • Large cost of Lead Fixes/Enforcement

  • Unpaid Property Taxes

  • High Cost of Repairing Units

Barriers to success1
Barriers to Success

  • Roofs and large houses in disrepair=


    ~No Weatherization Grants

Barriers to success2
Barriers to Success

  • Uncertain Weatherization Dollars=

    ~cold/high energy bills/shut offs/’dirty’ air

    ~No WAP grants if: asbestos, roof leaks, water

    in basement

Barriers to success3
Barriers to Success

  • Lead Issues

    • Costly

    • Some houses without kids under 6

    • Many houses behind on taxes

Barriers to success4
Barriers to Success

Lead Issues

  • Wayne County Prosecutors Office enforcing the Michigan Landlord Penalty Law

  • Since 2005, 244 properties have been remediated due to WCPO

  • Have 119 open files

  • Need funding to keep this effort moving

Barriers to success5
Barriers to Success

  • Unpaid Property Taxes

    • No Lead Fixes

    • Less mold/moisture repairs

    • More asthma

    • No PDD Lead Grants

    • No Citizens Bank Grants

    • Foreclosure and Homelessness

Thank you for helping to make homes in Detroit safer, healthier, and more energy efficient!