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FAA Update Airports Program. Western-Pacific Region. ACA. Robin Hunt & David Cushing. September 14, 2012. FAA Update. FY11 Program Highlights AIP Performance Metric FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 Are You Ready for FY13? Safety/Compliance Initiatives.

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FAA Update Airports Program

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FAA Update Airports Program

Western-Pacific Region


Robin Hunt & David Cushing

September 14, 2012

FAA Update

FY11 Program Highlights

AIP Performance Metric

FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012

Are You Ready for FY13?

Safety/Compliance Initiatives

FY11 AIP Projects Funded (Western-Pacific Region)

Total: $461M

AIP Funding for FY10 & FY11

FY11 AIP Program

(by State in millions)

AIP Performance Metric

  • Office of Management and Budget (OMB) outlay rates:

    • By end of year in which appropriated, disburse 18%

    • By end of 1st year after appropriation, disburse 60%

    • By end of 2nd year after appropriation, disburse 81%

    • By end of 3rd year after appropriation, disburse 91%

    • By end of 4th year after appropriation, disburse 96%

  • After the 4th year, all funds should be fully disbursed and the grant closed.

Current Grant Performance

Financial Report SF-425

  • SF-272 is obsolete

  • SF-425 replaced SF-272

  • Submit SF-425 to FAA within

    30 days after the end of

    each fiscal year

FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012

The President signed the FAA Modernization & Reform Act of 2012 on February 14, 2012

  • 4-year FAA reauthorization bill

  • Authorizes $3.35 billion for AIP (FY12 – 15)

    • $165 million less than previous years ($3.5 billion)

    • Still subject to annual appropriation bill

New Federal Share for AIP Grants

The federal share for development projects reverts back from 95% to the following rate:

  • Arizona – 91.06% (except PHX – 75%)

  • Nevada – 93.75% (except LAS – 75%)

  • Hawaii – 90%

  • Pacific Islands – 90%

  • California – 90.06%

    (except BUR, ONT, OAK, SMF, SAN, SJC, SNA - 80.59%, SFO & LAX – 75%)

Essential Air Service Airports in Economically Distressed Areas

  • US DOT determined the following airports to remain eligible at a 95% federal share:

  • Kingman (AZ)

  • Prescott (AZ)

  • Show Low (AZ)

  • Crescent City(CA)

  • El Centro(CA)

  • Merced (CA)

  • Visalia (CA)

Miscellaneous Provision

  • Construction projects with discretionary funds may begin before execution of grant agreements, due to climatic condition

  • Changes made to residential through-the-fence (TTF) and disposal of noise land requirements

    • TTF – adds language enabling a GA airport to enter into an agreement with a person to access airport with property adjacent to or near the airport

    • Disposal of noise land – allows designation of noise land as “buffer” land. Airports can lease without treating land as disposal.

New Electronic Grant Payments

  • Delphi eInvoicing is in operation. Call DOT Help desk if you have any registration issues.

    • 1 (866) 641-3500, Option 4, Option 3

    • 1 (405) 954-3000, Option 4, Option 3

  • Delphi eInvoicing manual payment will begin on November 1st.

Are You Ready for FY13?

Ready means that by 12/31/12 you have:

  • Planning complete

  • Project on an approved ALP

  • FAA environmental complete (FONSI, ROD, or submission of extraordinary circumstance form)

  • Airspace review and approval complete

  • Design complete and project ready for bid

FY13 Environmental Deadline

Environmental documents should be completed by December 31, 2012

  • Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) for Environmental Assessment (EA)

  • Record of Decision (ROD) for Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)

  • Submission of extraordinary circumstance form to support categorical exclusions

FY 2013 Grants Applications

  • Get your application is early

    • Ensure calculation adds up and are supported

    • Administrative cost and support services need to have back-up for all numbers

    • Force Account work must be approved by FAA

  • Bids should not include contingency – even by another name

Important Dates for FY13 (AIP Grants)

Vehicle Pedestrian Deviations

  • In FY11, there were 44 Vehicle/Pedestrian Deviation related Runway Incursions (VPD-RIs) in AWP. This is by far the highest number of all Regions.

  • To date in FY12, there have been 18 VPD Runway Incursions in AWP.

    • By this time last year, AWP had experienced 22 so we are doing better, but…

    • We need your vigilance as we move into spring and summer which are our peak times for V/PD RIs.

  • Nevada Airports are doing well.

    • NV Airports had 4 VPD-Ris in FY11.

    • There have been 3 VPD-RI this fiscal year to date at Nevada Airports.

    • 2 at LAS and 1 at VGT.

ASDE-X snapshot of HNL VPD Runway Incursion on 2/22/12. Aircraft overflew HNL Ops Vehicle by approximately 150 feet.

Wildlife Hazard Management

  • To date in FY12,

    • A total of 123 wildlife strikes have been reported at or near AWP Airports.

    • Of those, 116 occurred at Part 139 certificated airports.

    • The remaining occurred at General Aviation (GA) airports.

  • We strongly recommend all Part 139 certificated airports and busy GA Airports conduct a Wildlife Hazard Assessment and develop a Wildlife Hazard Management Plan even if they have not experienced a “triggering event.”

  • All wildlife strikes should be reported to FAAat http://wildlife.faa.gov.

Runway Safety Area Program

  • All practicable improvements to RSAs at Part 139 airports, including NavAids related actions, must be completed by December 30, 2015.

  • GOOD NEWS: Based on the information we have, all Part 139 Certificated Runways in Nevada meet current RSA Standards.

  • Not So Good News: We have 30 RSA projects to be completed by the deadline.

    • AWP program is faced with timing & funding challenges in meeting the 2015 deadline.

    • Our ACIP, includes over $400 million in AIP funding for RSA projects. This means that other, lower priority, projects must be deferred.

Safety Management System (SMS)

  • Airports implementation of SMS is limited to Large Hub Airport projects only until further notice.

  • FAA-Air Traffic Organization (ATO) implementation of SMS may include any project with potential to impact operation of the National Airspace System.

  • AWP has identified the following large hub airport projects that require further screening under the SMS process in 2012:

    • McCarran (LAS) Two Taxiway Rehabilitations (CSPP).

    • Honolulu (HNL) Rehabilitate Taxiway Z (design only).

    • San Francisco (SFO) Runway 10L-28R and 10R-28L Runway Safety Areas.

    • Los Angeles (LAX) Construct two aprons at Bradley Terminal and Taxiway “T”.

    • Phoenix (PHX) Rehab Taxiway “B8”.

  • Other SRMPs may be initiated by FAA-ATO.

Design Standards Update

  • FAA is working on update to Advisory Circular 150/5300-13, Airport Design.

    • FAA’s goal is to publish AC 150/5300-13A by the end of Fiscal Year 12.

    • Principal Changes are in the areas of:

      • Chapter 3, Runway Design

      • Chapter 4, Taxiway and Taxilane Design

      • Declared Distances and RSA Application

      • Runway Protection Zone (RPZ)

      • Taxiway Design Group (TDG) Concept for Fillet Design

      • Runway Design Code (RDC), Runway Reference Code (RRC) and Taxiway Design Group (TDG) designation

      • Minimum separation between non-intersecting runways

      • Runway incursion prevention geometry for new construction

      • Consolidation of numerous runway design tables to one design requirements matrix – Table 3-5

  • FAA is also working on updates to the Heliport Design AC and new standards for Parachute Landing Areas on airports.

National ADO Initiatives

  • Geographic Balancing (Geo-balancing)

    • National redistribution of resources to better serve our customers

    • New Phoenix ADO to serve AZ and NV

      • Phoenix office will initially report to LAX ADO

    • LAX and SFO ADOs will exclusively serve California

  • National SOPs under development to create consistency among ADOs


  • Talk to us.

  • Talk early.

  • Plan ahead.

  • Stay abreast of current regulation and guidance.

  • Please talk to us before an issue becomes a problem!

Contact Information

Mark McClardy, Division Manager

Western-Pacific Region (310) 725-3600

Debbie Roth, Deputy Manager

Western-Pacific Region (310) 725-3654

Mia Ratcliff, ManagerPlanning and Programming Branch (310) 725-3610

Brian Armstrong, Manager

Safety and Standards Branch (310) 725-3620

David Cushing, Manager

Los Angeles Airports District Office (310) 725-3644

Robin Hunt, Manager

San Francisco Airports District Office (650) 827-7601

Ron Simpson, Manager

Honolulu Airports District Office (808) 541-1232


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