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Introduction. Background. Benson Ho. Seagate Software Managed and launched enterprise software for Crystal Report 5.0 Crystal Info 1.0 -5.0 Microsoft Managed and launched enterprise software for Mailbox Cleanup Agent 1.x – 2.x (MS Exchange Resource Kit) Modem Media’s

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Benson ho l.jpg
Benson Ho

  • Seagate Software

    • Managed and launched enterprise software for

      • Crystal Report 5.0

      • Crystal Info 1.0 -5.0

  • Microsoft

    • Managed and launched enterprise software for Mailbox Cleanup Agent 1.x – 2.x (MS Exchange Resource Kit)

  • Modem Media’s

    • Headed HK technology department, providing tech solutions for best in class brands, such as Citibank, HKTB, and Swire


    • Managing Director: Operation and Technologies

Background4 l.jpg


    • Specialize in Integrate Communications Platform (ICP) applications

  • APACLINK Business Information Ltd.

    • Leading business information provider in Hong Kong for over 10 years

    • Fax and postal mail communications outsource services for Fortune 500 and HK SME’s

  • APACLINK Marketing Ltd.

    • Publishing a magazine for China-to-HK travelers

The purpose of our meeting today l.jpg
The Purpose of our Meeting Today

  • Background

  • Prepare yourself for the future

    • Internet Market

    • IT and You

    • Entry requirements

  • Tips

    • Resume

    • Preparation of interview

  • Employment Opportunities

Asian web users are shopping online from awareness to research to buying l.jpg
Asian web users are shopping online, from awareness to research to buying

Percentage of Internet users

Internet users who have shopped online or offline, or who will shop online in the near future

Internet users who have never shopped online, and who do not plan to shop online

Most cost effective medium l.jpg
Most cost effective medium research to buying

Mobile penetration l.jpg
Mobile Penetration research to buying

  • Over 81% penetration in Hong Kong in 2003 (NWM)

    • > 6.2M mobile users in Hong Kong in 2003

    • One of the highest mobile penetration rates in the world. (next to Korea & Japan)

  • Less than 7% in PRC in 2002

    • But 236 Million by the end of 2004 (Business Week) 20%

    • 60 Billion SMS in 2002, (Cambridge, August 5. 2002)

Mobile penetration cont l.jpg
Mobile Penetration (cont.) research to buying

Figure 1: Percentage of population owning a mobile handset, end March 2001

Figure 2: Percentage of penetration in APAC in 2002

Prepare yourself l.jpg

Prepare Yourself research to buying

Understand it u l.jpg
Understand IT & U research to buying

  • Not All High Tech

    • Simple logics, variables operations, conditions & loops (pointers)

    • Files/directories, database & programming design (e.g. object oriented design)

    • Algorithms & advanced arithmetic (e.g. AI)

  • India

    • Information Technology Experts

    • Western R&D

  • China

    • Localization

    • Asia R&D

  • Hong Kong

    • Mobile

    • Improve / Apply

    • Biz-Tech Bridge

Prepare yourself16 l.jpg
Prepare yourself research to buying

  • Interests

    • You have to love it

  • Qualified and improvement


    • Mobile Technologies, Networking Securities and Linux

  • Being proactive

    • Read News and understand the current market trends

    • What services can you provide? E.g. HTML/JavaScript and MS-NT

    • Must be at least good at one thing first

  • Professional

    • Procedural, organize and systematic

    • Error free after production

    • Prove and understand why

    • Learn while working

Tips for finding an it job l.jpg

Tips for finding an IT job research to buying

Employer l.jpg
Employer research to buying

  • Do you have a good attitude?

    • Team player (four dimensions)

    • Willing to learn

    • Willing to work hard for the company

  • Can you do the job?

    • Hands on tests

  • Are you smart and do you have potential?

    • IQ tests

    • Problem solving skills

  • Salary

    • Market standard / the-lower-the-better

Employee l.jpg
Employee research to buying

  • What services can I provide to help your business?

    • Understand how you can help the company

    • Understand why you are one of the good hire

  • Are you confidence in doing this job?

    • No one understand it better than you.

  • Are you looking for a job or looking for money?

    • Understand why the employer shall hire you.

    • If it does not fit, you shall not be hire.

Interview tips l.jpg
Interview Tips research to buying

  • Resumes

    • Goal #1: Eyes catching

    • Goal #2: Earn an interview

  • Interviews

    • Smiles

    • Sincere

    • Confidence

      • Through your eyes people needs to know whether they can rely on you

      • If you don’t have confidence, implicitly means you are not quality for the job

    • Understand you, the company and most important the job!

    • Definition of failure

  • Everything requires your selling technique

    • Do not sell less than what you truly worth!

Prepare yourselves l.jpg
Prepare Yourselves research to buying

  • Prepare

    • Understand the market

    • Studies the wanted skills

  • Plan

    • What you want to achieve in days, weeks and years

    • How are you going to achieve it?

    • Ask for senior advice

  • Action

    • Perform

    • Work for it! Loving it!

    • Become the ONE you want to be!

Job opportunities l.jpg

Job Opportunities research to buying

Apaclink hiring l.jpg
APACLINK Hiring research to buying

  • Opening Positions

    • 1 x Office Assistant

      • F.5 / F.7 graduates

    • 1 x Programmer

      • Diploma or above

      • HTML / JavaScript

    • 2 x Sales Assistant

      • F.5 graduates

  • If you are interested, please send you CVs / Resumes to