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A) B) C) D). Constructing Objective Test Items: Multiple-Choice Forms. Linn and Gronlund Chap 8. Lee University was founded in the year: 1896 1916 1918 d) 1919. Stem. Answer. Distracters Decoys Foils. Alternatives Choices Options. Using MC to measure Knowledge.

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A b c d


Constructing Objective Test Items: Multiple-Choice Forms

Linn and Gronlund Chap 8









Using mc to measure knowledge
Using MC to measure Knowledge

  • Knowledge of terminology

  • Knowledge of specific facts

  • Knowledge of principles

  • Knowledge of methods and procedures

Using mc to measure understanding and application
Using MC to measure Understanding and Application

  • Ability to identify application of facts

  • Ability to interpret cause and effect relationships

  • Ability to justify methods and procedures

Pluses and minuses
Pluses and Minuses

  • Advantages

    • One can’t get credit for knowing that something is wrong

    • Higher reliability

    • Homogenous material isn’t necessary

  • Disadvantages

    • It’s hard to diagnose shortcomings

    • It’s limited by verbal ability

    • Doesn’t do problem solving skills

    • Can you find enough distracters?

12 suggestions from linn and gronlund
12 Suggestions from Linn and Gronlund

  • The stem should be meaningful and present a problem

  • The stem should be concise and poignant

  • Try not to use a negative stem

  • Alternative answers should be grammatically consistent

  • Make sure there is only 1 clear answer

  • Don’t make the stem too long…

The 12 cont
The 12 cont…

  • The distracters should be plausible

  • Don’t give it away in the stem

  • Keep lengths of alternatives consistent within the question

  • How many a’s, b’s, c’s, d’s?

  • None of the above, all of the above

  • Don’t force your material into multiple-choice

Knowledge of terminology
Knowledge of Terminology

  • Which of the following best describes validity?

  • Veracity

  • Anxiety

  • Truth

  • d) Reliability


Knowledge of specific facts
Knowledge of Specific Facts

  • What was the first man-made object to orbit earth?

  • Sputnik

  • Mutnik

  • Vladyvostok

  • d) Mercury I


Knowledge of principles
Knowledge of Principles

  • A body at rest will remain at rest until acted upon by

  • Itself

  • By an outside force

  • The scientist

  • d) Inertia


Knowledge of methods and procedures
Knowledge of Methods and Procedures

  • Before a bill can be sent to a conference committee, it first must be:

  • Passed by the House

  • Passed by the Senate

  • Passed by both the House and the Senate

  • d) Vetoed by the President


Applying facts and principles
Applying Facts and Principles

  • When supply is higher than demand:

  • Prices rise

  • Workers must work harder

  • Prices decline

  • d) Wages stagnate temporarily


Interpreting cause and effect
Interpreting Cause and Effect…

  • Putting a glass of water outside on a cold night in January

  • Makes the water freeze

  • Makes the water condensate

  • Makes the water evaporate

  • d) Makes the water molecules vibrate


Justifying methods and procedures
Justifying Methods and Procedures

  • One makes an outline before making notecards because:

  • The outline is more important

  • The outline dictates the topics on the notecards

  • Notecards are the final step in the research paper

  • d) APA style and MLA style dictate such