Report of caem president
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Report of CAeM President. Congress-XVI Geneva, Switzerland 16 May -3 June 2011. CAeM-XIV Top-level Priorities. Implementation of QMS Implementation of Aeronautical Meteorological Personnel Competence Standards Development of Meteorological Services in the Terminal Area (MSTA) proposal

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Report of caem president

Report of CAeM President


Geneva, Switzerland

16 May -3 June 2011

Caem xiv top level priorities
CAeM-XIV Top-level Priorities

  • Implementation of QMS

  • Implementation of Aeronautical Meteorological Personnel Competence Standards

  • Development of Meteorological Services in the Terminal Area (MSTA) proposal

  • Resolution of SIGMET deficiencies

  • (Development of MET support for Volcanic Ash)

Quality management system qms
Quality Management System (QMS)

  • Implementation of recognized QMS for aeronautical MET services – an ICAO Standard with applicability date of 15 November 2012 (recommendation is to obtain certification to ISO 9001:2008 standard)

  • Members encouraged to utilize documentation and recommendations of the Tanzania Pilot Project

  • Support provided by Secretariat and Members – additional requests suggested to be on “twinning basis”

  • WMO-49 Vol IV (final draft) & WMO-1001

Competency standards for aeronautical meteorological personnel amp
Competency Standards for Aeronautical Meteorological Personnel (AMP)

  • EC-LXII approved AMP Competency Standards (for inclusion in WMO-49 Vol I) developed by CAeM in response to ICAO requirement

  • Successful development of Competence Assessment Toolkit (CAT) by CAeM TT-CAT, with flexibility taking into consideration of regional and national differences

  • Requirement for MET services to achieve AMP Competency Standards by 1 December 2013

  • Members’ concerns relating to AMF ‘Meteorologist’ classification requirement recognized. Will be discussed at lunchtime side meeting on Thursday 19th (12:30 pm in Salle 8)

Meteorological services in the terminal area msta
Meteorological Services Personnel (AMP)in the Terminal Area (MSTA)

  • Deliver MSTA proposals to the next Conjoint WMO CAeM / ICAO MET/AIM Divisional meeting (2014) supported by ICAO and users

  • Support Global ATM, Performance Based Air Navigation (PBN), reducing weather delays

  • Standardization promotes Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) and avoids costly duplication of efforts

  • Regional and sub-regional cooperation encouraged – brings economies of scale

Deficiencies in sigmet
Deficiencies in SIGMET Personnel (AMP)

  • Long-standing deficiencies in SIGMET issuance resulting in serious concerns and user complaints

  • Trial being conducted by ICAO, involving three selected regional centres (China, France and South Africa)

  • Provides SIGMET advisories with a view to improving level of compliance of SIGMET

  • Initial monitoring show some improvements

Global SIGMET Monitoring Personnel (AMP)

Met support for volcanic ash
MET Support for Volcanic Ash Personnel (AMP)

  • Joint WMO-IUGG VA Scientific Advisory Group (VASAG) established, playing a key role in ICAO IVATF

  • Working with ICAO and the aviation industry to better understand VA impacts and user requirements in relation to (i) aviation safety and (ii) maintenance/airworthiness considerations

  • Members’ inputs required to review current VA forecasting and integrated observational capability best practices

Other aem developments
Other AeM Developments Personnel (AMP)

  • World Area Forecast System

  • Net-centric environment / System Wide Information Management (SWIM) / WXXM

  • Space weather services (with CBS)

  • Re-structuring of ICAO Annex 3 & possible development of new Procedures for Air Navigation Services, Meteorology (PANS-MET)

Resolution 11 6 1 cg xvi
Resolution 11.6/1 (Cg-XVI) Personnel (AMP)

  • AeMP is a high-priority programme that should be suitably resourced

  • Need to address requirements of aviation stakeholders

  • Need contributions from Members, EC and RAs (regional groups)

  • Multi-agency partnership and collaboration (including ICAO, ASCENA, IATA, IFALPA, IFATCA)

Thank you Personnel (AMP)