Foundations chapter 4 prostart level 1
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Foundations Chapter 4 ProStart Level 1 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Foundations Chapter 4 ProStart Level 1. Part 4 AP/EP Key Terms: AP: As Purchased EP: Edible Portion. AP – As Purchased: The total weight or amount of a product before trimming. EP – Edible Portion: The weight or amount of product after trimming. AP and EP Yields.

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Foundations Chapter 4 ProStart Level 1

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Foundations Chapter 4 ProStart Level 1

Part 4 AP/EP

Key Terms:

AP: As Purchased

EP: Edible Portion

AP – As Purchased:

The total weight or amount of a product before trimming

EP – Edible Portion:

The weight or amount of product after trimming

AP and EP Yields

There is an amount of product that is lost during trimming – this is the difference between AP & EP

Percentage Yield Chart

Every food item has a percentage yield

  • To determine (How much to purchase): divide EP by yield %

  • To determine EP (How much to serve): multiply AP by % yield

How Much Do I need

I have 5 people coming for dinner and need to serve 3 oz of green beans per person. We need 15 oz (3oz x 5 servings) of edible portions so how do we solve for “as purchased”

  • Green bean yield is 88%

  • 88% means 88 per 100 or

  • The questions we ask now is “what number is 15oz 88% of?”

  • Set the Problem up like this:

  • Now Cross multiply

How many will this serve

  • You just bought 10 pounds of potatoes and you will be to serving 3 oz of potatoes to how many? So how do you set up the problem to determine EP

  • Potatoes have a EP of 80%

  • 80% means 80 per 100

  • The question we ask now is how many pounds are EP in 10 pounds.

  • So we set the problem up this way:

  • Now we cross multiply

Now how many serving?

8 lbs = how many ozs?

8 x 16 = 128 oz

We will be serving 3 oz portions

128 oz ÷ 3 oz = 42.67


  • In 10 pounds of potatoes we get 8lbs of EP and that will give us 42 3 oz servings.

Yield Percentage Formula

  • EP ÷ AP= Yield Percentage

  • Common Yield percentages are available in various reference tables.

  • If not available, do the RAW Yield Test: Weigh AP amount and then trim food and weigh it again. Use the formula above.

  • Cooking-loss yield test is used when the edible portion is based on something that is cooked. Do same as above, but cook it and weigh it.

Raw yield vs cooking-loss yield

  • Raw Yield —Yield percentage of a food item before the item is used or cooked in a recipe.

  • Cooking-loss Yield —Yield percentage for a food item that loses weight during cooking.

Two rules about ordering food and calculating number of servings for an amount of food:

  • When calculating amounts of food to order, always round up

  • Ex. If determined that 3.4 lbs needed to be ordered, the amount would be rounded up to 4 lbs so that the banquet wouldn’t come up short.

  • When calculating number of servings that can be made, always round down.

  • Ex. If yield percentage says that 10.2 portions could be made it would be rounded down to 10 servings because 11 full servings can’t be made.

How Much to Purchase

We need to have 3 pounds of iceberg lettuce to serve at a dinner party (Edible Portion). How much untrimmed lettuce do we need to purchase?


How Much Can Be Served?

We have 4 lbs of strawberries without the stem. What is the Edible Portion amount?


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