New High-Tech UE Roll
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New High-Tech UE Roll Small Speakers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Believe it or not, UE roll small speakers are so cool and available in 6 special colors for just 100 dollars.

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Presentation Transcript

New High-Tech UE Roll

Small Speakers

Are you one of those music lovers out there? If you are then you will

surely love this new device. These high-tech small speakers called UE

roll is one of the latest wireless speakers now in the market.

Therefore, it is powered by Bluetooth connection to stream music

anywhere you are.

As the competition in the market is getting stiffer every now and then; all

technology manufacturers as doing their best to top. Believe it or not,

UE roll small speakers are so cool and available in 6 special colors for

just 100 dollars.

This latest version of small speakers from UE’s Company is their 3rd

wireless Bluetooth speaker. As a matter of fact, they created these

speakers to replace its previews version of UE mini boom speakers.

Aside from being one of those Bluetooth powered small speakers, UE roll

small speakers are all water resistant/waterproof! Isn’t it awesome? It

is compact waterproof small speakers that are very handy. You can

carry it and play music anytime you want as long as it is full charged.

These speakers are made with a unique design and shape plus a


Take note, these amazing small speakers do not just have an ordinary

handle. They are integrated with a bungee cord. They are also packed

with an inflatable life preserver for every purchase. Hence, these

waterproof small speakers can float in water and perfect for pool

parties anywhere. The only pitfall in these small speakers is that, it

doesn’t have any speakerphone ability.

Its flat and round design makes it handier and looks sleek. While you lay

it in water or hang it around your place, you can ensure its long battery

lifespan for 9 hours. It is lightweight and its wireless range can reach

up to 65-foot. This makes it more efficient than your old Bluetooth

powered small speakers. Its volume controls can be seen on top

which can be handled well even if submerged in water. All ports are

perfectly protected by its efficient waterproof cover.

With these UE roll speakers, you get to buy a powerful audio device

which is wireless. You can get it at an affordable price the let it do its

job. You will be surprised once you buy it because it is very versatile

for just a small price. When it comes to its design and performance, it

certainly deserves applause.

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