From colonies to country
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From Colonies to Country. A Massacre in Boston Chapter 13. Summary.

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From Colonies to Country

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From Colonies to Country

A Massacre in Boston

Chapter 13


The Boston Massacre highlighted the rabble-rousing that fueled revolutionary sentiment. The conduct of John Adams in the trial that followed and the weighty questions pondered by the Continental Congress showed the caliber of the leaders destined to shape the new nation.



Quartering Act





Patriot (Whig)

Loyalist (Tory)



Terms to define:


a massacre is a gruesome killing.


Quarters are houses where soldiers live.

Quartering Act

The English Parliament passed a law that said American citizens had to provide quarters for British soldiers.


English soldiers who were called redcoats because of the color of their uniforms.


Soldiers who run away are called deserters. British deserters who were caught were shot.


information that is spread for the purpose of promoting some cause


A congress is a group of delegates who get together for discussion and action.


Patriots were Americans who wanted to be free of British rule. Sometimes Patriots were called Whigs.


Americans who supported the king were called Loyalists and sometimes Tories.

They remained loyal to the existing government.


civilians trained as soldiers but not part of the regular army

Based on information in the text, do you think massacre was an accurate description of the shootings in front of the Boston Custom House?



  • Sam Adams named it

  • Paul Revere engraved a picture of the scene

What did John Adams mean when he said, “the revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people”?

  • He was referring to the colonists’ radical ideas on self-government.

What six things were accomplished at the meeting of the First Continental Congress?

  • Representatives from every colony except Georgia met and shared common problems.

  • Passed 10 resolutions that stated colonists’ rights, including “life, liberty and property.”

  • Wrote a petition to King George

  • Decided to boycott English goods

  • Decided all colonies would start a militia

  • Made plans to meet again.

What split in opinion developed at the Continental Congress?

Think Political continuum:


Who fit where?

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