the renaissance
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The Renaissance

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The Renaissance. 1300-1600 Western Europe. What’s going on?!?. The Renaissance is a period of great change in Western Europe – The word Renaissance means REBIRTH. This period began right after the plague and war in the Middle Ages.

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the renaissance

The Renaissance


Western Europe

what s going on
What’s going on?!?

The Renaissance is a period of great change in Western Europe – The word Renaissance means REBIRTH.

This period began right after the plague and war in the Middle Ages.

People began to become more creative while simultaneously questioning the church.

change was everywhere
Change was EVERYWHERE!
  • As a result of death in the church, written language was almost lost and whole churches were abandoned.
  • Coffins had pictures of corpses on the lid, usually showing a very flattering likeness of the body inside wearing their best clothes. Some of these dated around 1400 showed bodies with about half of their flesh and shredded garments. A few of the sculptures showed worms and snails munching on the diseased.

The Renaissance began in Italy– Centered around City-States such as Florence

These big cities were the centers of new ideas!

merchants funded the arts
Merchants funded the arts…


  • Poor masses died during the plague

destroying much of the infrastructure of the cities.

  • Lack of people made business slow and merchants needed something to invest in…

The ARTS!!


Merchants + Money + Ideas = Renaissance

  • These merchants are called patrons.

“Patron of the arts”

The Medici Family in Florence supported and ruled the arts.

Funded the beginnings of the Renaissance


The Classics- Ancient Roman and Greek Text were studied and their ideas were passed throughout Europe.

~Humanism Evolved~

Humanism is the study of classical times- history, philosophy, and literature


Life is Changing!

Many upper-class women were


People were disgruntled with the

church after the plague.

Secular life began to develop

This separates God and everyday life.

‘eat, drink, and be merry’

God will not be mad.

even literature is changing
Even Literature is Changing

Prior to the Renaissance all texts were written in LATIN Now people are writing in their native language (i.e. French, English, German, and Italian) this is called VERNACULAR

literature art ideas spread
Literature, Art, Ideas SPREAD…

The printing press was created by Johannes Guttenberg in Germany.

The advent of the Printing Press in 1455 allowed for the spread of ideas and literature in the form of PRINTED BOOKS!

gutenberg s printing press

Check out my flow!

Text it in – Use 5 words or less to answer.

  • Why was the printing press so important to Western Europe during the Renaissance?
  • Why is it still important today?