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Coral research services
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Marketing consumer research is an integral part of brand development. We use it for planning promotional campaigns, improving communication, connecting with users and timely evaluation.

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How Marketing Consumer Research can help in Brand Developmen

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Coral research services

Coral Research Services

Marketing Consumer Research



Marketing Consumer Researchis an integral part of brand development. We use it for planning promotional campaigns, improving communication, connecting with users and timely evaluation.

Consumer research is usually viewed in terms of a company’s relationship with its consumers, specifically about its marketing and product. But consumer research can prove valuable for other functions like brand development.

Consumer research

Consumer Research

Brands are ultimately a matter of public perception.

Your brand is not just the logo and colors, it is about how people at large see you.

Marketing consumer research focuses on these very consumers.

Researchers use various methods, including interviews and observation to understand consumer behavior, their motivations and desires

Improving communication

Improving communication

In today’s hyper-connected modern space, communication with the user has become more important than ever before.

A brand that communicates frequently and effectively with its market remains relevant and easy to recall.

But what is it that people want to hear? How can we link our core product to the information flow all around us? What is the language that your users understand

its nuances and idioms? Not just the language, we are also looking at the right content.

Connecting with consumers

Connecting with consumers

The average consumer today is not walking around looking at pamphlets and hoardings.

Chances are they are working on or surfing the internet.

So, how do you connect with this new user, yet retain your old base? Researchers are today looking at communication patterns in social media, informal chatter to understand

how we can better relate to the average person, whether or not he/she is an existing consumer.

Test running ads

Test running Ads

  • Advertisements are undoubtedly the biggest means of brand promotion. No advertisement today can pass without some basic Marketing Consumer Research. This is conducted before and after a promotional event. Even before you get a creative agency to formulate an idea, you will need some basic data like the average age, occupation, income status.

  • Once we have the ad, we again use a simple survey or observation to see how the audience receives it. Does it communicate your product and brand effectively? Can people recall the brand hours after they watch the ad? Does the ad confirm to your brand’s core image or does it mark a stark departure?

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