Why are web browsers free of charge how do internet related enterprises compete
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Why are Web Browsers Free of Charge? How do internet related enterprises compete? PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Why are Web Browsers Free of Charge? How do internet related enterprises compete?. By Robert Richardson. What is a Web Browser. A software program that allows one to access information on the World Wide Web How it Functions:

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Why are Web Browsers Free of Charge? How do internet related enterprises compete?

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Why are Web Browsers Free of Charge?How do internet related enterprises compete?


Robert Richardson

What is a Web Browser

  • A software program that allows one to access information on the World Wide Web

    • How it Functions:

      Translates the coding language of a web page and displays it in graphic and/or audio form

How does a Web Browser Function?

  • URI (example: http://global.com/web_browser/info.html)

    • Can be classified as an URN (name), or an URL (location)

  • HTML- Hyper Text Markup Language

  • Layout Engine- Browser’s programming language. Converts HTML to pictures, words, videos, and audio

    • Plugins can be added to increase interactivity


Are the Internet and the World Wide Web the Same thing??

Show by raise of hands


They’re Different!!


Internet vs. World Wide Web



  • Global network of interconnected devices (anything that can access the internet). Contains the WWW

  • A “network of networks”

  • Supports online chat, file transfer, gamming connections, telecommunications, commerce, and social networking

  • Consists only of linked hypertext documents (web pages)

  • Only a portion of the internet. A network of web pages


Displays connections between networks and devices

Large Networks Private Networks  Individual devices

(computers, PDAs, gamming consoles, etc.

Each IP address number

is an individual device



Portion of the

WWW showing




and other web




  • 1980- 1991: Tim Berners- Lee Develops the WWW

    • 1990: Creates the first web browser, named WorldWideWeb

  • 1993: Mosaic Web Browser, developed by the National Center of Supercomputer Applications (NCSA), is released to the public.

    • Web usage explodes. Marc Andreessen, the leader of the Mosaic team, later founds the Netscape company and develops the Netscape browser.

  • 1993- Present: Other web browser are released: Opera Software- Opera (1994), Microsoft- Internet Explorer (1995), Apple- Safari (2003) Mozilla Corporation- Firefox (2004), Google Inc.- Google Chrome (2008)

    • 1990s: Internet Explorer vs. Netscape

Why are Web Browsers Free of Charge?

  • How do web browsers make money?

Affiliate Marketing

Why are Web Browsers Free of Charge?

  • Affiliate Marketing - Internet-based marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor

    or customer brought about

    by the affiliate's marketing

    efforts. (according to wikipedia.org)

    • Three players:

      • Affiliate

      • Brand/ Seller

      • Customer



Why are Web Browsers Free of Charge?

  • Affiliate- Any entity that has a commercial relationship with another, often larger entity

    • The Affiliate refers the Customer to the Brand/ Seller

      • Some web browsers make use of Affiliate Marketing concept to create revenue.

Why are Web Browsers Free of Charge?

  • 3 Ways for an affiliate to make money

    • Pay Per Click- Customer leaves the affiliate site by clicking on a link to the seller’s site

    • Pay Per Sale- Sale is made due to an ad on the affiliate site

    • Pay Per Lead- A client registers at the seller’s site

Why are Web Browsers Free of Charge?

  • Mozilla Firefox

    • Obtains search engine and advertisement

      royalties from Google

      (Google is the default Firefox search engine)

    • 2007- Mozilla Corporation and Mozilla Foundation make a

      combined revenue of $75 million. $66 million was from

      Google search engine royalties


Why are Web Browsers Free of Charge?

  • Other ways of Web Browsers making money

    • Donations, Sponsoring, and Development Grants

    • Operating Systems (i.e. Windows Vista or Mac OS X)

Why are Web Browsers Free of Charge?

  • Internet Explorer

    • Offered with computers installed with

      Windows XP or Vista

      • The operating system (OS) is priced high enough

        that one is practically paying for the web browser


Why are Web Browsers Free of Charge?

Web browsers are free of charge because….

They find other ways to generate revenue

How do internet related enterprises compete?

  • Internet Related Enterprise-

    • Any business that extensively utilizes internet in providing its services and/or goods.

    • Also known as a “dot-com company”

How do internet related enterprises compete?

  • The Three C’s of Internet Business

    • Commerce- Selling products

    • Content- News, blogs, social networks, etc.

    • Connection- Offering internet service



How do internet related enterprises compete?

  • Methods of competition:

    • Price

    • Advertising

    • Appeal

    • Products

    • Ease of navigation/use

How do internet related enterprises compete?

  • Facebook vs. Myspace

2008- Facebook overtakes

Myspace in popularity



  • How does the web browser and internet related business affect globalization?

    • Positive:

      • Near instantaneous communication

      • Easy exchange of ideas, information, etc.

      • Increased business efficiency

      • Large variety of goods available

      • Cultures and societies can exchange ideologies


  • How does the web browser and internet related business affect globalization?

    • Negative:

      • Gap between developed and non

      • developed countries

      • Info in hands of small minority

      • Some cultures can overtake another

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