Mui dallas academic plan 2013 2014
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MUI Dallas Academic Plan 2013/2014 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MUI Dallas Academic Plan 2013/2014.

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MUI Dallas Academic Plan 2013/2014

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Mui dallas academic plan 2013 2014

MUI Dallas Academic Plan2013/2014

God says, "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it" (Proverbs 22:6). A child must be trained daily. To train means to exercise, to discipline, to teach and form by practice. When a child is trained, it becomes part of his character to do what he has been taught, and training must take place all through the day every day.

Mui dallas

MUI Dallas

  • Technology

    • Why?

    • Electronic devices (Staff & students)

    • Academic e-programs

    • Interactive board

  • Staff Development

    • Discovery Education

    • SimpleK12

    • Region 10

    • Local MUI staff development

  • Supplies

    • Copy paper

    • Classroom White boards

    • Commercial printer

Mui dallas1

MUI Dallas

  • Curriculum

    • Core curriculum

    • Global STEAM integration

    • Lessons plans

    • Grading System

    • Supplemental material

  • Funding

    • Donations

    • Sponsorship

    • Partnerships

    • Fundraisers

    • Marketing

Technological needs



  • MUI needs (10) ASUS tablets, including (4) laptops for staff and (4) desktop for staff/student use, approximate cost is $7320 (including LoJack tracking software)

  • Promethean 100 or 300 series plus ActivExpression Learner Response System, approximate cost is $3500 (includes 30 clickers)

  • Examples: Kinder

    • Math

Technology con t


Why technology….

  • Builds background knowledge

    • Classrooms of diverse learners can use technology and the internet to build knowledge of people, places, and things they may have never before experienced

  • Variety of accommodations

    • Screen size and print can be enlarged for students who have difficulty viewing printed text

    • Text can be read aloud to students as they follow along

    • Most programs contain activities that are interactive and allow students to manipulate objects while exploring new concepts

Technology cont


  • Empower students to take ownership of learning

  • It is vital because it teaches 21st Century work skills

    Cited: Benefits of technology in the classroom - and how to get started!

  • Benefits of Technology

Staff development and distance learning


  • Annual NOI Educational Challenge – TBA Total approximate travel cost including registration ($1600)*

  • Annual CAST (Conference for the Advancement of Science Teachers)-Houston November 7-9 (total approximate travel cost, including “early bird” registration $1080-$1330)*

    * Includes (4) MUI teachers/staff & air travel

Staff development and distance learning1


  • All teachers will obtain Texas state certification

    • Equal on status of licensure as compared to other schools

    • Enables school, teachers, and students to have access to several THOUSAND dollars of FREE resources

  • Region 10 – Richardson and various Dallas sites

    • Teachers will attend (1) workshop per semester and (4) during the Summer months

    • ALL workshops are FREE with membership (Thanks Sis. J’Sheanea)

Staff development and distance learning con t


  • Discovery Education

    • Webinars and distance learning for staff/students throughout the school year

  • SimpleK12

    • Webinars held throughout the school year and viewed during our staff development meetings

  • Local presenters at MUI

    • General staff meetings to be held twice per month



  • Standard supplies (stapler/staples, sticky notes, correction tape, tape dispenser/tape, paperclips, dry erase markers, permanent markers, hand sanitizer, etc.)

  • School supplies (construction paper, butcher paper, pencil sharpener (handheld/electric), 1-subject composition books, latex gloves, etc.)

  • Copy Paper (10 reams per teacher per semester-annual cost $240)

  • (3) Classroom White Boards 6’ x 4’ – Total cost $600 at OfficeMax

  • Commercial Copier (Leased)



  • Core Curriculum

    • MAIN FOCUS - Religious studies throughout all subjects (per Minister Farrakhan)

    • Study of Islam (working on curriculum)

    • Math, Science, ELAR, Social Studies

  • Extended Studies

    • Foreign Languages –Spanish (future offerings - French, Arabic)

    • Womanhood/manhood class

    • Journalism

Curriculum c on t


  • Global STEAAM3D Integration

    • Teachers will incorporate the four disciplines of Art-visual, dance, drama, and music into the lessons of all subjects as applicable

    • Students will complete project, problem, and inquiry based products or creations every 6-weeks while utilizing the 3Ds-Discovery, Design, and Developing

    • Students will participate in extended studies in Agriculture (working on partnership with local universities and Bro. David)

    • Relevant monthly field trips

    • Teachers and students will collaborate with other classrooms around the country to complete various projects

Curriculum con t


  • Online Programs

    • Discovery Education & Discovery Science

    • Connect2Texas, live interactive virtual field trips

    • Edmodo, educational social media

    • Moby Math

    • STEMScope (Rice University)

    • Tentative Programs

      • iCore

      • Penda Math/Science

      • BrainPop

  • Lesson Plans

    • All teachers will submit lesson plans weekly (prepared two weeks in advance)

    • Lesson plans will be posted for parents to view via online

    • CSCOPE (Public Access)

Curriculum con t1


  • Grading System

    • MUI will use Jupiter Grades as mandated by MUI headquarters with an annual cost of $160 – ($40 per core teacher)

    • Teachers will post grades weekly for parents to view via online, email, or cellphone

    • MUI will use a 9-week grading period

  • Supplemental Materials

    • Teacher website & maintenance ($80/yr)

    • District website, maintenace, and hosting ($200/yr)

    • Curriculum supplements (approximate budget-$2000)



  • Donations

    • May be made via PayPal, mail, or in-person

    • Needed technology equipment and listed supplies may be purchased directly for MUI (please retain all receipts for product warranty purposes)

  • Fundraisers (Sis. Jeanne)

    • Will be held throughout the school year to support the daily operations of the school

    • Volunteers are needed



  • Grants

    • Creation of grant committee

    • Seeking grant writers/researchers

    • Formation of 501(3)(c) “Torchlight”

      • Develop after school program

      • Establish lunch program (Sis. Lajuanta)

      • Qualify for non-profit, academic & technology grants

Funding con t

FUNDING, con’t.

  • Marketing (Sis. Nakeesha)

    • Creation of MUI brochure

    • Advertisement to recruit students/investors

    • Presentation of MUI services and accomplishments

  • Sponsorship

    • Student tuition sponsorships by private individuals

    • Professional endorsements and mentoring

  • Partnerships

    • Local businesses, organizations, and private individuals

Final remarks





  • 21st Century Education

  • Total starting funds needed for 2013/2014 school year is $16,790 (not including leased commercial copier, standard/school supplies, field trips, teacher salaries, and general operating costs-will be discussed at a later time)




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