the road t o the common core
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The Road T o The Common Core

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The Road T o The Common Core - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Road T o The Common Core . ACE 2013. Are you prepared for this journey?.

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are you prepared for this journey
Are you prepared for this journey?

The key to promoting professional learning lies in the procedures adopted and the culture within which the framework is used….Principals must promote a culture of inquiry. Professional learning requires both time and support for teachers to work together to improve their skill as well as the setting of a tone of inquiry that emphasizes teachers’ obligation to engage in ongoing learning—and the resulting joy in doing so.

--Charlotte Danielson

what s in your suitcase
What’s in your suitcase?

Take it…

  • Collaborative environment
  • High level instructional goals
  • High expectations for all teachers and all students
  • Shared accountability and support
  • Team spirit/joint effort
  • Status Quo attitude
  • Low expectations for teachers and students
  • Acceptance of mediocrity
  • Anti-CCSS Rhetoric
  • Things you can’t control

Leave it….

Take 60 to think and share….

What is some of the baggage you need to drop in the road as you start this next part of the CCSS journey?

did you pack the essentials
Did you pack the essentials?
  • Know the CCSS
  • Know the Shifts
  • Know the Domains
  • Know Webb’s Depth of Knowledge
  • Know the Elements of Effective Teaching
at the first turn in the road
At the first turn in the road….

Common Core Climate



People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. People will never forget how you made them feel.--Maya Angelou
how will you
How will you….
  • Build morale?
  • Celebrate success?
  • Keep drama from undermining progress?
  • Recognize initiative?
  • Encourage the discouraged?

Take 30: Pick one and pack it

at turn 2
At turn #2…

Common Core Learning Environment


Classroom Management

ccss demands
CCSS Demands…..

Learning Environment:

  • Collaborative
  • 21st Century Goals
  • Creative/Innovative Design
  • Encourages hands-on exploration
  • Not the “Sage on the Stage” anymore
  • Teachers have strong Classroom Management systems in place
  • Demonstrates gradual release strategies
  • Climate of mutual respect and ownership

Classroom Management:

fix a flat
Fix a Flat…
  • What triage systems do you have in place to support teachers who struggle with classroom management? With CCSS concepts? With Instructional Design?

Take 30: Brainstorm what a Triage Team could look like at your site?

Who do you have on your staff that could head up a Triage Unit?

approaching turn 3
Approaching turn #3…

Common Core

Best Practices

major intersection
Major Intersection…
  • CCSS and Evaluation are NOT separate entities.
  • CCSS are the Curriculum APS (and the State of NM) has chosen and expects schools (and teachers to use)
  • Content Areas (Science, History, Social Studies, Fine Arts) should be able to provide evidence of CCSS standards integration.
  • MOU between APS and ATF stands as the basis for our CCSS expectations
the wisdom of practice
The Wisdom of Practice

If you were to walk into a classroom, what might you see or hear there (from the students as well as the teacher) that would cause you to think that you were in the presence of an expert?

Take 30: At your table come up with a brief list of criteria/evidence

that illustrates teaching expertise.

how will you know when you are there
How will you know when you are there?
  • Administrator as CCSS “Expert”
  • Effective and rigorous evidence of CCSS in every classroom
  • Rise in PLC/Collaborative planning, data-driven conversation, CCSS Lesson Planning with suggested templates
  • Gradual Release in instructional practice (teacher as facilitator & student-driven)
  • Data begins to turn on an upward trend

Take 30: Pick one element that you will set as a benchmark for yourself, your staff and your students to work on for this year.

how was your trip
How was your trip?

The most powerful use of the framework… is for reflection and self-assessment.

--Charlotte Danielson

check your pressure
Check your pressure…
  • Take a temperature reading every 6 weeks.
  • If a teacher is not showing evidence of CCSS, find out why and take the next step (informal or formal)
  • Do you need help from an outside source?
    • Admin peer support
    • C/I Triage
    • Human Resources
    • AFT (Invoke the MOU)
a final word for travelers
A final word for travelers…
  • Don’t be afraid to drive with the top down
  • Stop to smell flowers and look at the scenery
  • Check your engine, make sure it’s healthy
  • If things aren’t running smoothly, call roadside service:
    • C/I
    • Professional Learning
    • AFT
    • Human Resources
    • LACE
    • SPED

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and I,I took the one less traveled by,And that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost