Seminar on cloud computing buzzword or savior cloud computing challenges security issues
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Seminar on Cloud Computing: Buzzword or Savior ??? Cloud Computing Challenges & Security Issues. Agenda. Cloud Computing Challenges Cloud Security Issues Cloud Security Incidents Statistical analysis of Cloud Sec breaches Cloud Security Controls. Cloud Computing Challenges.

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Seminar on cloud computing buzzword or savior cloud computing challenges security issues
Seminar on Cloud Computing: Buzzword or Savior???Cloud Computing Challenges & Security Issues


Cloud Computing Challenges

Cloud Security Issues

Cloud Security Incidents

Statistical analysis of Cloud Sec breaches

Cloud Security Controls

Cloud computing challenges
Cloud Computing Challenges

  • Despite many opportunities there has been backlash against Cloud computing:

    • Dependence on others and that could possibly limit flexibility and innovation:

      • Monopoly of Bigger Internet companies (google & IBM).

      • Return to the time of mainframe computing ??

    • Security could prove to be a big issue:

      • Safety of out-sourced data

      • Uncertainty in the ownership of data.

Cloud computing challenges1
Cloud Computing Challenges…

  • There are also issues relating to policy and access:

    • If your data is stored abroad whose policy do you adhere to?

    • What happens if the remote server goes down?

    • How will you then access files?

    • There have been cases of users being locked out of accounts and losing access to data.

Cloud computing challenges2
Cloud Computing Challenges





Service Delivery & Billing

Abuse of Cloud Services


Usage Control



Bandwidth Cost


Lack of knowledge &


Shared Technology Issues

Insufficient due diligence

Toshiba july 12 2011
Toshiba -- July 12, 2011

Toshiba Database hacked and User accounts leaked by


Amazon july 29 2011
Amazon – July 29, 2011

Amazon Cloud hosts nasty Banking Trojan

Microsoft september 21 2011
Microsoft – September 21, 2011

Microsoft Cloud evaporated by 1 busted file

Service failed for hours

Apple december 22 2011
APPLE – December 22 ,2011

New Phishing attacks target iCloud,

MobileMe users

Cloud security challenges
Cloud Security Challenges

Data Locality






Network Security

Data Confidentiality

Access Control

Data Integrity

Data Security

Audit & Compliance

Incidents with un reported causes
Incidents with un-reported causes

Cloud breakdown due to unreported causes

Number of Incidents

Incidents at amazon over the years
Incidents at Amazon over the years

Cloud Security Threats

  • Abuse and Nefarious Use of Cloud Computing

    • Anyone with a valid credit card can register and abuse the relative anonymity to conduct their malicious activities with relative impunity.

  • Insecure Interfaces and APIs

    • The security and availability of general cloud services is dependent upon the security of SW interfaces and APIs.

  • Malicious Insiders

    • This threat is amplified for consumers of cloud services that are under a single management domain, combined with a lack of transparency.

  • Cloud related Malware

    • Attackers can use cloud-specific malware, such as bugs and Trojans, to either infiltrate or corrupt the network.

Cloud Security Threats-Cont..

  • Account or Service Hijacking

    • Attack methods such as phishing, fraud, and exploitation of software vulnerabilities still achieve results.

  • Data Loss or Leakage

    • Due to the increase in number of interactions between risks and challenges which are unique to cloud because of the architectural or operational characteristics of the cloud environment.

  • Hardware Failure

    • Hardware, from switches to servers in data centers, may fail making cloud data inaccessible.

Cloud Security Threats – Cont..

  • Inadequate Infrastructure Design and Planning

    • Providers cannot cater to sudden spikes in demand,

      • Insufficient provisioning of computing resources

      • Poor network design

  • Closure of Cloud service

    • Disputes with the cloud provider or non-profitability of the cloud service leading to data loss unless end-users are legally protected.

  • Natural Disaster

    • Based on the geographical location and the climate, data centers may be exposed to natural disasters which can affect the cloud services

Cloud security controls
Cloud Security Controls

  • Data Governance

  • Labeling & Handling

    • Retention Policy

    • Security Policy

    • Risk Assessment

    • Secure Disposal

    • Information Leakage

  • Compliance

  • Third Party Audits

Cloud security controls1
Cloud Security Controls

  • Information Security

  • Baseline Requirements

  • User Access Policy

  • User Access Reviews

  • Segregation of Duties

  • Encryption & Encryption key management

  • Vulnerability / Patch Management

  • Policy Enforcement

  • User Access Restriction / Authorization

  • User Access Revocation

  • Incident Management

Cloud security controls2
Cloud Security Controls

  • Security Architecture

  • User ID Credentials

  • Network Security

  • Data Security / Integrity

  • Audit Logging / Intrusion Detection

  • Application security

  • Remote user multi-factor authentication

  • Data Governance

  • Ownership / Stewardship

  • Handling / Labeling / Security Policy

  • Information Leakage